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Yelm City Council Public Hearing Tuesday on Transportation Plan

Public Safety Building housing Council Chambers, Yelm

From the City of Yelm City Council Agenda:
Yelm City Council Notice of Public Hearing 2015 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program

The Yelm City Council has scheduled a public hearing to receive comments on the 2015 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program and updated Transportation Facilities Charges.
The hearing is scheduled for 6:00 PM on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, and will take place in the Council Chambers/Court Room at the Yelm Public Safety Building, 206 McKenzie Street SE.

The Six Year Transportation Improvement Program is the capital facilities document that guides transportation funding for a six year cycle. The STIP is based on the Yelm Comprehensive Plan and
Transportation Plan and is the ‘implementation’ document for the overall plan. Projects that are not on the STIP are not eligible for State or Federal funding, or the use of local Traffic Facilities Charges (TFC’s).
Although it is a six year plan, it is required to be updated annually as projects are completed and new priorities arise.
The Transportation Facilities Charge is a fee charged to new construction in Yelm to ensure that the impacts of new development is assessed to that development and not current residents.
For additional information, please contact Ryan Johnstone, at 360-458-8406.

Written comments will be received up to the close of the public hearing. Written comments may be submitted at the hearing, or may be mailed to Ryan Johnstone, City of Yelm, 105 Yelm Avenue West, Yelm, WA 98597.”

The proposed 2015 list includes:
* Bald Hill Rd to SR 507/SR 510 Loop Intersection – New Connection Y2C,

* Killion to Coates – New Connection Y4A,

* 103rd Ave. SE Bridge Replacement & East Approach Y4C,

* Burnett/93rd Intersection – Realignment & Traffic Signal Y5A,

* Longmire/SR510 Intersection – Traffic Signal Y5B,

* Central Business District – Cullens to 4th Y5C,

* Mill Road SE – 107th to 104th Y6B,

* Mill Road SE Sidewalk – 104th to Cochrane Park Y6C,

* Mill Road SE Sidewalk – Cochrane Park to SR 507 Y6D,

* Connect Prairie Line to Tacoma Rail Y7A,

* Rail Trail – Power Canal to Roy Y7B,

* Mosman Ave. – Railroad to Longmire Y8A/Y8C,

* Mosman Ave. – 2nd to 4th Y8E,

* Mosman Ave. – 4th to Clark Y8F,

* Bald Hill Road – City Limits to 5 Corners Y9,

* Cullens Street – Yelm Ave to Van Trump Y15A,

* Cullens Street – 94th to 450′ north Y15B,

* 100th Way – Middle Rd to Green Acres Y16,

* SR 507 Sidewalk – Mill to Mosman Y17A,

* SR 507 Sidewalk – Mosman to Washington Y17B,

* Railway Road SE Sidewalk – 1st to Middle Y18,

* Middle Road Sidewalk – Railway to 300′ east Y19,

* Creek Street Sidewalk – 103rd to Algiers Y20.
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