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Following Monday’s San Francisco earthquake – Are you prepared? –
Is Yelm prepared?

This Letter to the Editor in The Olympian on August 10th is very astute and timely, after Monday’s earthquake epicenter in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area:

– “Washington is not ready when the Big One comes”
By Carlene Spitler, Olympia:
This is one of the most SCARY things I have ever come across. The “New Yorker” had a July article about the Big One. I then saw the expert on Fox News stating the facts of the next Big One. I was shocked when he said that everyone thinks that the California Coast will be the next one to suffer a earthquake disaster.

The facts show that the next disaster will be an earthquake when the plate below the ocean at Juan de Fuca slips. The expert said that it will create a 9.0 to 9.6 earthquake at that point causing a tsunami. The tsunami will cause a 100-foot wave that will split in half going to Japan and the other 100-foot wave will hit the West Coast from Seattle down to Eugene, Oregon. This wave is estimated to come inland up to nine miles.

The study also showed when calculating other tsunami’s across the world that most of Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia will be absolutely devastated. They predict 13 million people will die. The Olympian ran an Associated Press article that downplayed the event that is now more than three decades overdue. The experts are saying it is not a question of if but when!

The scary thing is that it said while Vancouver, B. C., and Oregon have asked Congress for money for a warning system, Washington state has not. I find this unbelievable. Call your congressmen and senators. Demand a explanation.”
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– “Is Yelm prepared?
Pacific Northwest in the news for earthquake potential and lack of water”
Covered here July 24, 2015.

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