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Yelm Farm and Pet reminder about our pets’ heat stress

Symptoms of and Treating Heat Stress in Your Pets
Signs of heat stress are:
– Heavy panting
– Glazed eyes
– Anxious expression
– Refusal to obey commands
– Rapid pulse
– Unsteady, staggering gait
– Vomiting
– Purple tongue

If your pet becomes overheated, it is a true medical emergency. Take charge. Move your pet to the shade immediately and apply cool (not cold) water in order to lower core body temperature. Let your pet drink small amounts of water or lick ice cubes. Even if you succeed in cooling the animal, relapses are common. You must still get your pet to the veterinarian immediately to prevent shock, organ damage and brain damage.

Source material for this blog article was provided by Purina Mills, Inc. © 2007
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