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Mayor Harding violated Yelm City Council protocol

Mayor Ron Harding

Editor’s note:
I do get that citizens do not like to hear when their leader has crossed a line.
However, no one seems to be willing to take the heat in reporting this information, not even the local newspaper, who has a reporter sitting in-house for these meetings.

– Yelm City Council Agenda protocol violated by Yelm Mayor Ron Harding on Tuesday, September 22, 2015:
The Yelm City Council Agenda clearly states, from where I quote:
“Comment topics should not appear elsewhere on the agenda.”
The purpose of this is to not influence the council’s decisions in that session.

Yet, Leo Painton, Labor Specialist from the Fraternal Order of Police, was allowed by Mayor Harding to speak during the Public Comment section of the Council’s Agenda. That NOT ONE CITY COUNCIL MEMBER questioned this, when clearly a Fraternal Order of Police contract was on the Yelm City Council Agenda’s Executive Session, followed by a vote in the same Council session, is an outrage and travesty of City Council procedures.
[“Executive Session – A 30 minute Executive Session is scheduled for the purpose of discussion of the Fraternal Order of Police Collective Bargaining Agreement (RCW 42.30.140 4 (a)(b)”]

Bottom Line:
I support all challengers to the current City Council office holders in their election to replace this bunch of, yes, inept City Council members that do not stand-up in following proper procedures they took an oath to uphold!

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