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Roger Erskine resigns at Thurston County Democrats Chair

Roger Erksine
Courtesy: Thurston County Dems

– Roger Erskine resigns as Chair of Thurston Democrats
“Thurston County Democratic Chair Roger Erskine has resigned for health reasons. He will remain closely involved with the party‚Äôs Executive Committee and is helping with party business and a leadership succession plan. Your good wishes are much appreciated,” quoting the Thurston County Democrats.
Read more about Erskine’s role.

Editor’s note:
I have had the sincere pleasure of being approached several years ago by Mr. Erskine to expand the Thurston Democrats reach into the Yelm area. I have sponsored forums here for Democratic candidates, leading to Rep. Denny Heck coming to Yelm in support of then-candidate Auditor Mary Hall, who was successfully elected. The Yelm area districts’ support led to Hall being the first Democratic County Auditor in 71 years.

I wish Roger and his family well. I all-ways found him a man of backbone and integrity in a sea of politicians where what I heard then-Presidential candidate Bo Gritz say in Puyallup in the early 1990’s is mostly true:
“I have only two things to say abut politics – “poli” means many and “tic” is a blood-sucker.

Erskine’s passion, charisma, morals and ethics propelled Thurston Democrats to achieve new heights not seen here in decades. He will have huge shoes required to be filled.
Godspeed you kind and humble man.
You are remembered and loved!

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