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Yelm Business Assn. on Community Center naming for Kathy Wolf

– Naming the Yelm Community Center for former mayor Kathy Wolf and to honor the Wolf Family
Last June, the Yelm City Council heard a suggestion on behalf of the Yelm Business Association (YBA) read by Executive Director Dan Crowe, with the entire YBA Board present, to name the soon-to-be-completed Yelm Community Center for former Mayor Kathy Wolf. The proposal has the approval of the Wolf Family and the formal written letter was also presented to Mayor Harding and the Yelm City Council.

After hearing nothing from the Yelm City Council, the YBA submitted a second request to the Yelm City Council to name the community center for Kathy Wolf when opened next month.
Read more of the full letter.

– Yelm Business Association Reschedules Art Show
As reported in the Nisqually Valley News September 18, 2015, “Yelm Business Association Reschedules Art Show”
“because of the city’s initial determination that each artists participating in the art show be required to have a business license, may artists declined to participate.”
The City of Yelm finally changed their requirement after checking with other nearby cities and discovered none of them required a business license from art show participants, which limited participation.
Read more from the full YBA letter that was printed verbatim in the NVN.

Yelm Blogger Steve Klein is a Yelm Business Assn. founding Board member.

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