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Author Scott Wyatt’s ‘Thompson Road’ – A Novel set in Yelm

Author Scott Wyatt in India
Photo credit: Scott Wyatt

– Author Scott Wyatt about his novel “Thompson Road”:
“Thompson Road” is set in the rural Pacific Northwest before, during, and after World War II [set in the Yelm area in the 1930s and 40s]. Two young people, Mona and Raleigh, grow up on the same country road near Yelm, Washington. Mona has severe learning disabilities. These were not diagnosed (or understood) at the time, and she is labeled “slow” and held back year after year. Raleigh is the high school quarterback. Their lives and fortunes unfold against a backdrop of war and prejudice… and the power of first love.

– From the back cover:
“A sweeping, coming of age romance set in the Pacific Northwest on the brink of WWII. Rejected by classmate and accomplished swing dancer Sally Springs, high school quarterback Raleigh Starr remains desperate to win her heart. While walking home on Thompson Road, Raleigh catches sight of Mona Garrison, dancing at her bedroom window. He is mesmerized. Still determined to dazzle Sally, Raleigh asks the shy sixteen year old to compete with him at the state fair swing dance contest, and she agrees. Swept up in the war, Raleigh realizes too late what Mona has always known: that they are perfect for each other… but he is unware (sic) of the terrible price she has paid for his attention. Thompson Road is a poignant, tender story that reminds us of the power of first love.

– “Thompson Road” is available in paperback:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Thompson-Road-Scott-Wyatt-ebook/dp/B014Q5VMM4

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/thompson-road-scott-wyatt/1122599085

Author Scott Wyatt’s book “Thompson Road”
Photo credit: Scott Wyatt

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