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Colder weather coming to the Pacific Northwest

Photo credit: The Weather Channel

From The Weather Channel:
“Perhaps the biggest change as the calendar flips to November will take place in the West.

The first nine months of 2015 were the hottest January-through-September period on record in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.”

As November begins, this pattern will be flipped.

The jet stream will plunge into the West, ushering in colder air. Like spokes in a wheel, upper-level disturbances rotating through that jet stream dip will lift moist air and wring out valley rain and mountain snow much of the week ahead.”

“Mountain snowpack is also of critical importance for water supply in the West, particularly in California. Some snow is also expected in the Sierra, Siskiyous, Cascades, and possibly the Tehachapis and San Gabriels of Southern California in the week ahead.

Some rain is expected, as well, in northern California, but given the orientation of the jet stream, it is not expected to be heavy. The more soaking rain will target the Pacific Northwest into the upcoming weekend.

Then, there’s the cooldown.”

“Highs may struggle to get out of the 40s in lower elevations of the northern Great Basin and the Pacific Northwest, including Salt Lake City, Boise and Seattle.”

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