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DeSmogBlog Commentary on National Geographic being sold to Rupert Murdoch

Editor’s Note:
National Geographic has covered stories from our state many times, including this awesome piece last December about Superfund sites, highlighting Hanford.
This is a sad turn of events to see them now under the Murdoch/Fox umbrella.

Jane Goodall said this to Jen Zoratti, Winnipeg Free press:
“I thought it was a joke.”
“I truly thought it was a joke. This can’t be true. National Geographic, the National Geographic, being owned almost entirely by Fox News, which is filled with climate deniers and almost flat-world science. I’ve had this long, long relationship with National Geographic. It was the magazine and documentaries that brought the chimpanzees out into the living rooms of the world.”

– “Why Sale of National Geographic To Fox Signals Perilous Times For Photojournalism”
By Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog:
“When the news broke that National Geographic was sold to Rupert Murdoch, fans of the magazine gasped.

A magazine known for its photo essays paired with reports often based on scientific research being under the control of an outspoken climate change denier worried them.

As a photojournalist, it is to difficult for me to imagine that the sale of National Geographic to Murdoch won’t contribute to the decline of photojournalism, because it is one of the few publications left whose brand is connected to original, visually-oriented content.”

“Photojournalists are often the first to go. The Chicago Sun eliminated its entire photo staff in 2013. And in January, this year Sports Illustrated let go all of its staff photographers.

The photographs and video that photojournalists created have been replaced with pictures taken by writers with smartphones, images lifted from other web sources (sometimes authorized, other times not), user-submitted content, work commissioned by freelancer photographers, and photos from photo agencies that offer lower and lower prices available by subscription.”
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