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A new era in Yelm governance starts today –
Yelm City Council election results certified at 9am –
Stillwell to be sworn in tonight

Public Safety Building housing Council Chambers, Yelm

Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall will certify the November 3rd election results at 9am this morning. At that time, Tad Stillwell is expected to retain his lead over Jen Littlefield for Yelm Council Position 4. If Stillwell is the certified winner, he will be sworn-in as an official Councilor because he is filling the unexpired term of Mike McGowan, who resigned when he moved outside of Yelm. Council winners Molly Carmody and Joe DePinto will be sworn-in this January.

– UPDATE: 9:06am Auditor Certifies results
Stilwell leads by 7 votes, 462 to 455 votes.
When less than one-quarter of 1 percent (.0025) separate the candidates in a race, the ballots are recounted by hand. This position has a much broader gap, not requiring an automatic recount.

– All three of these new Councilors ran on platforms of:
1. Open government, and a reduction of closed-door, in-secret Executive Sessions,
2. Following the process as directed by the city’s ordinances, statutes and procedures,
3. No more “end-runs” around the citizens.
(Only former Councilor Mike McGowan declined to vote or voted against issues before the council when he felt the public was excluded, even if he was personally “for” that issue.)

– Editor’s Note:
I thank and applaud Jen Littlefield and all of the Councilors for their public service.

I am a champion for the people & the public interest, first and foremost.
For the 12 years that I have followed Yelm’s local government, I have been an advocate for following the process in the city’s statutes and ordinances, or to change them.

I am no enemy to Mayor Harding, City Hall or the City Council – I personally like these individuals and always say hello to them in-public. However, I do speak-up when the process is not followed, when the public is circumvented to fulfill personal agendas, and when constituents feel they are not heard, even after voting down 2 ballot measures for the Community Center, as an example.

To the new Councilors, I add my “Congratulations!”
All I ask of the new Councilors is that they keep their word and do what they said they would do during their campaigns – support the public interest.
As Joe Depinto’s campaign slogan said, “This is OUR town.

And perhaps the time has come to officially end the council’s April 13, 2005 Moratorium on Moratoriums by the public presenting any suggestions for a moratorium to the Council. This is no longer a town led by a dictatorship with minions following their directive, as demonstrated with greater than 70% of city staffers recently voting for union representation.

– Like Mary Poppins (1964), the winds are a changin’ here, too!
“Winds in the east, there’s a mist comin’ in
Like somethin’ is brewin’ and ’bout to begin…”
Click here for the video clip.

And last:
The approximately 930 voters that cast ballots for Yelm City Council positions is a low voter turnout in a city of 8,200 for representatives of our local governing body, who will affect Yelm citizens directly. Thurston County voter turnout was also a low 36.96%.
Perhaps with three new Councilors aiming to have more interaction and open government for their citizens and with the public feeling their voices ARE heard and matter, more people will take an interest and vote!

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