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Consumer Food Waste and Loss –
A pertinent topic after Thanksgiving Day

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– “If Everybody Hates Wasting Food, Why Do We Do It and How Can We Stop?”
“Like it or not, when it comes to food waste, it’s not just industrial farms or supermarkets or restaurants or caterers or other people who are to blame: It’s all of us. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, more than twice as much food is wasted at the consumer level than at the retail level in the US,” by Mary Hoff, Ensia.
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– “Innovative Approaches to Solving the Massive Food Waste Problem”
“Americans discard 34 million tons of food every year — that’s like tossing a quarter of your groceries into the trash. Nearly half of all food grown in 2013 was thrown away, while 49 million Americans experienced “food insecurity” and hunger.1

The food waste problem is not limited to America’s home kitchens but also occurs in restaurants, grocery stores, and on farms.

A 2013 report entitled “Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not”2 by the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) found that more than 2 billion tons of food are wasted annually.

It reports that up to 30 percent of perfectly good vegetables are not harvested simply because they aren’t pretty. Thirty to 50 percent of the 4 billion tons of food produced around the world each year never reaches a human mouth.

Food Forward TV episode “Make Food, Not Waste” explores this massive problem of food waste and features a few innovative individuals and organizations who are transforming organic scraps into an ecological goldmine,” by Dr. Mercola.
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– “How to Stop Wasting Food”
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– From Thurston County Public Works Department
“Each year, about 40 percent of edible food in the United States gets tossed out or left to rot. This waste has huge environmental, social, and economic consequences. Learn more about the problem and easy ways businesses and residents can reduce wasted food.”
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