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“New Puget Sound climate study” – Yelm area residents should read this report

“The impact of the record heat and lack of precipitation has made Mount Rainier
much less snow covered in recent years.” Photo: Lee Giles III, Puyallup Herald file

– “New Puget Sound climate study: Older projections coming true, more changes ahead”

“2005 climate-change projections fulfilled and some exceeded
Slow, steady rains replaced by intense storms, flooding
Snow shortage affects water supplies, salmon”

“Closer to home than the thousands of world leaders in Paris to discuss how to limit the scale of human-caused global warming, the consequences of climate change underway around Puget Sound have been detailed in an in-depth scientific study.

The report, issued in November by the University of Washington’s Climate Impacts Group, found projections in a 2005 study on potential warming effects have come to pass, its authors said. The consequences threaten cornerstones of South Sound life with worsening floods and droughts, and diminishing salmon stocks and snowpacks.

Possible consequences include changes to lifestyles perhaps difficult for previous generations to conceive. Consider: a mostly snowless Mount Rainier looming over a population battered by intense rainstorms,” by Derrick Nunnally, Tacoma’s News Tribune.
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– “Global Impact of Transportation”
This is an excellent graphic from Truck Locator online.com
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