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“Coverdale Drops Lawsuits Against JZ Knight, JZK, Inc.”

Virginia Coverdale sued in Thurston County Superior Court
Photo by Scott Roberts/Freedom Foundation in the Nisqually Valley News.

“Coverdale Drops Lawsuits Against JZ Knight, JZK, Inc.; Doesn’t Have Enough Money to Keep Fighting”
Virginia Coverdale posted the following Letter to the Editor in today’s Nisqually Valley News saying in-part:

“While my attorneys in the case against me will continue on and ask the State Supreme Court to weigh in, I would very much like to get back to my life.”

“At this point I would prefer to focus on the beauty in the world and my wonderful family than spend any more time in that sphere. Our appeal [to the Washington Supreme Court] may be accepted or rejected. Either way I am moving on.”
“I do not walk away empty handed.”

Editor’s note:
Coverdale is correct in that she does not walk away empty-handed, as the court imposed $600,000 on her in attorney’s fees and court costs (plus interest).
She also walks away with losses in both the Trial and Appellate Courts.

Coverdale was joined by many with political and/or emotional motives.
This lists those entangled in her case who also lost in the Courts or settled with JZK, Inc.:
including and not limited to the Freedom Foundation, Glen Morgan, David McCarthy, Enlighten Me Free, Melissa Genson, Pastor Jeff Adams, Coverdale’s former Olympia attorney Shawn Newman, former Yelm attorney Breckan Scott, former co-counsel and Washington Bar Association president Anthony Gipe, and now high-profile, current Seattle attorney Stephen Pidgeon.

In my experience, clients are not well-served when their counsels are not even and take these type of cases with their own agenda. The only one of Coverdale’s attorney’s that seemingly did not e fit into that category was Newman, who withdrew.

Additionally, the Nisqually Valley News has presented Coverdale’s case in high-profile front-page stories, yet surprisingly did not do a story on Coverdale dropping her case against JZ Knight, JZK, Inc., instead letting Coverdale’s Letter to the Editor be the only word on this. Hmmmmm.

Blogger Klein is a retired employee and current adviser for special services to RSE and in his 30th year as a continual student of Ramtha.

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