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Rainier’s Marian Clements introduces the Center for Self Governance –
What citizens can do to get involved in the process

Marian Clements

Marian Clements and several other citizens approached me at the elected officials swearing-in ceremony in Olympia on December 29, 2015, to share their involvement in the campaign of a Rainier Councilor. Clements story is inspiring in how public involvement in the process at the local level has tremendous effects.
This is her story:


In the fall of 2013 I began to wake up to the political scene in Thurston County with the passing of a plan that had all the makings of tighter restrictions on property rights, water rights, gun rights and more. I contemplated deeply my role in this, to allow and focus or to get actively involved. I heard my beloved teacher Ramtha address the very issue I was contemplating. I recall him saying that we should never allow a loss of rights to our property, our water and our bodies. That we should fight with our last breath to maintain these freedoms.

I still puzzled over this because I did not know what I could do, how to get involved in a way that would be effective. And soon thereafter I learned about the Center for Self Governance (CSG). CSG is non profit and non partisan, designed to train citizens towards self governance. It is civics classes for citizens who wish to exercise individual liberty, personal responsibility and civic authority over instituted government. So I began attending these classes locally and found many paths to the desired outcome — taking back my own power. And in the process making known the unknown.

In the most recent Fall 2015 event with Ramtha in Yelm, again my teacher reminded us that we have lost our self governance and become enslaved by democracy. I know that many fellow students and local citizens are hungry for ways to participate effectively and efficiently. I want you to know that the training is available, classes are local and throughout the U.S., and a strong working team awaits you.
Together we can make a difference towards keeping the Republic.

– “The solution for Keeping the Republic.​”
“CSG teaches citizens proven techniques in how to rediscover, own, and preserve their civic authority, and gives hands-on instructions in how to exercise that authority to keep the Republic.”
Learn more

– A first level class will be held in Rainier, Wed., Jan. 20, 5:30pm – 10:30pm.
There will be another beginning class Sat. Jan. 23 in Gig Harbor, 10:00am to 4:00pm.
Click here for more information and to enroll.

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