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30 years ago today, I arrived to meet Ramtha and never looked back!
“I have thrown my bags in with him” ever since

Steve Klein greeted by Ramtha, March 3, 2012
Photo by Melissa Peizer, Ramtha’s official photographer,
Copyright © 2012-2016 JZ Knight, used with permission.

– On Nov. 23, 1985 in Tucson, Arizona awaiting a delayed flight
while headed to Kentucky for the Thanksgiving holiday, I purchased Shirley MacLaine’s then-latest book “Dancing in the Light” (after reading her “Out on a Limb“). I still have the TWA Boarding Pass in that very book, where I read about and was touched by her brother in another life:
Ramtha – The Enlightened One.

I was subsequently invited to attend a videotape recording of his teachings December 23, 1985 in Berkeley, CA, and when the “Hawaii” event video started and I heard his voice, tears welled-up from with me, as I KNEW that I knew him like a brother from some other life, too. I didn’t know how, when or where, I KNEW this entity. His “channeling” through the body of a woman, JZ Knight, did not bother me in the slightest, as I cared not if I heard him through a bullfrog, Ramtha’s sermon is what lit my soul on fire that night – “Behold God!” which he subsequently explained means that God lives within me (the greatest Temple there ever was is within each of us, our human body is where God resides, not some man-made church, synagogue, or mosque). I always thought that if the Universe is infinite, then I must be infinite as well and when Ramtha taught that we have never died, that was “manna from heaven” and I was “home”!

– Now I am not some fanatic seeking a guru,
for I am an educated man raised in a banking family with fine training, garnering Bachelors and Masters Business Degrees and being hired to work in a then-Fortune Top 50 company, in which I became a leading executive. Yet, I have known since a 3rd grader learning about the Universe and going out to contemplate the night sky that I had lived before and my soul never died. Though a 1967 Bar Mitzvah and 1970 Confirmant in the Jewish religion under the tutelage of wonderful Rabbis, I could never quite ascertain or correlate what I knew as a truth within me in any study with the grand, learned scholars of the day, or in any book – I had lived before.

– Yet, I knew I wanted to meet this being in-person, Ramtha.
In what would be called an unusual set of circumstances, a fellow “est” student (now Landmark Forum) told me in mid-February 1986 about an upcoming Ramtha seminar in Phoenix, AZ the weekend of February 22-23, 1986. Of course, I immediately enrolled and flew from my then-San Diego home to arrive after dark at the event location, The Ramada Hotel, Phoenix Airport. At that time, I was the overall Assistant Director of Sales for Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) and on arrival, I commented to the hotel management that I had never seen a corporation change their logo for a group prior to this – that the lighted letters A-D-A in their “Ramada” sign were dark. I was then told the transformer that controls those letters had failed that afternoon and one would not be available for repair until Monday, after the Ramtha group left. The sign would remain all weekend: RAM HOTEL.
WOW, I then knew for certain I was in the “right” place.

– That was 30 years ago today!
I have been with Ramtha ever since, exactly 50% of my life.
I was with Ramtha when he formed a school in 1988 and have always been a “current student”.
And his school has been marginalized by society, by each of us students, by our relatives, and by me, so nobody would find out about it. Because when people are given back their power, everything changes. This school teaches that each of us are creators of our own reality, and to be self-inspired, as responsibility lies in our own hands. Our choices then trump fate. That is frightening for many. So I stand tall for truth found here.

As I told Ramtha last year, “I threw my bags in with you and have been with you ever since, I will never leave you, for your teachings are truth within me.”

– I acknowledge Ramtha and his channel, JZ Knight, for what I have been given.
Ramtha showed me the path to raise myself from the abyss that was leading me to an imminent death and answered so many of life’s questions I found no religion, no university, no political persuasion, and no government to be able to adequately and/or honestly address. JZ Knight has been my mentor, my friend, my employer, and my fellow student on a similar path.

That Ramtha chose the Yelm area for his school was one of the reasons I moved here 27 1/2 years ago, along with my love for the Pacific Northwest, first shown to me by my very good friend Jim Walden and his then-wife Janice (deceased), Jim being the well-known former Head Football Coach of Washington State University (WSU). I care not what anyone else says, a follower I am not, for I have integrated Ramtha’s teachings into my own life to become a greater human being as his student, enriched my life, been blessed to give so profoundly to others, and am filled with the love of God. I now know that I AM my own Redeemer.

– Thanks to Ramtha and JZ Knight, this day, I am home!
May everyone know this kind of fulfillment for themselves.
Onward TO THE FUTURE, for the next 30 years await my creation.

For more info: Ramtha dot com

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