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Renowned UFO researcher Dr. Michael Salla coming to Yelm –

Photo credit: Copyright © 2016 JZ Knight. Used with permission.

Click here to register for the live-stream from Yelm or register at the door.

Click here to purchase “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances,”
the book by Dr. Michael Salla, PhD.

– Noted from JZ Knight’s Facebook post:
This week [January 22, 2016], two Caltech scientists announced that an unseen giant planet some 10 times the mass of Earth may lie beyond the Kuiper belt, the icy ring of debris where dwarf planet Pluto resides. If true, it would become the first planet found in more than 150 years, since Neptune was discovered in 1846,” quoting the Los Angeles Times, January 22, 2016.

Ramtha described in 2001 that the planet of the beings who came to Earth and had a hand in jump-starting our genetic evolution has an extremely long elliptical orbit, as the research of the Caltech scientists shows. Ramtha explained that it takes 25,000 years for that planet to complete one orbit around our sun.
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