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Mayor’s State of the City Address today –
Yelm citizens deserve many questions answered!

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant,
Yelm Mayor Ron Harding looking on.
Thurston Republicans Lincoln Dinner.
February 12, 2016, Olympia

The Yelm Chamber of Commerce has announced that Mayor Ron Harding will present his annual State of the City talk to members today, followed by a question and answer session. Yelm citizens deserve answers to these questions and more:

1. Public Safety budgeting and proper staffing
Steven Wyble did an excellent story in this week’s Nisqually Valley News about lack of proper staffing at the Yelm Police and Public Works Departments
The citizens deserve direct answers to this issue.

2. Why is a Public Documents Requests by a Councilor necessary?
Councilor Molly Carmody told the Yelm Community Blog that the Department Heads’ budget requests are not made available to city councilors, she had to obtain them through a public records request. Carmody stated, “We’re being asked to make decisions completely blind, which I think is completely improper.”
Good point – why does a City Councilor have to complete a public documents request to get information on which they are to vote, and subsequently be held responsible?
The citizens deserve direct answers to this issue.

3. Why is the City Administrator position not filled?
Nine months have now passed since former City Administrator Shelly Badger gave notice of her intention to leave the city effective September 1, 2015. The City Administrator is the daily operations leader of this city, designated by ordinance. The Mayor does not have the authority or education and experience to also carry this job effectively.

Mayor Harding is quoted saying he, “would develop the budget with the assistance of department heads and the city administrator,” yet speaking of staffing issues, the 2016 budget process did not have the necessary input from the primary city hall employee – the City Administrator. Even though interviews have occurred, March 1st officially marked 6 months this city has not had a City Administrator on-the-job, relying solely on the mayor in this role. The Department Heads need to exchange ideas, views, and dialogue with a hands-on City Administrator to effectively do their jobs, and to be more free to bring up issues, suggestions and recommendations without the mayor’s intimidation, whether outright or implied.
The citizens deserve direct answers to this issue.

Mr. Harding owes his constituents answers to these questions and more!

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