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Yelm Community Blog begins 11th year –
Now accessed @ www.YelmNews.com

– Yelm Community Blog celebrates 10th anniversary today.
The Yelm Community Blog began coverage quietly on March 29, 2006, ten years ago today, with this story still pertinent today:
“5000 pupils in Yelm Community Schools”
“Yelm Community Schools announced at the March 14, 2006 Chamber of Commerce Forum that they just enrolled their 5,000th pupil, which doubled their student numbers in 25 years. What they did not say is that student enrollments could double again in as little as 5 years with new housing developments approved by the Yelm City Council.”
[Editor’s note: The Thurston Highlands development of 5,000 homes went bankrupt in 2008, so Yelm Community Schools reports 5,400 pupils enrolled today.]
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Editor’s note:
The Yelm Community Blog was begun at the insistence of a supporter to my 2005 Yelm mayoral campaign, who said I had garnered so much knowledge in the year that I ran for mayor, that to just walk away would be a travesty to the community. I heard this supporter’s message and with his encouragement, began this Blog.

I am very proud to announce that on this 10th anniversary of the founding of the Yelm Community Blog, that Yelm News dot com is the new access portal for the Yelm Community Blog.
Please update your URL to www.YelmNews.com.
As always, you can e-mail this blogger at info@yelm.com.

While most newspapers have Blog reports associated with their online editions, I have extended this Blog to Nisqually Valley News (NVN) former Editor/Publisher Kevin Graves and current Editor/Publisher Michael Wagar, who both have not accepted my outreach. My offer to Mr. Wagar become a blogger for the Nisqually Valley News (NVN) still stands.

Thank you for your support.

Steve Klein
Host, Yelm Community Blog

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