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Harding’s “Grow, Grow, Grow” policies for Yelm set to end –
City of Yelm reaching maximum use of water rights

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* Yelm citizens realize “Growth” is THE major issue facing Yelm
* Yelm population doubled during Harding’s 11 1/2 year tenure
* Yelm has increases in crime, traffic, school overcrowding, and city infrastructure issues
* Hearing Examiner conclusions note Yelm lacks water rights for subdivision construction
* Yelm has no future acquisition of water rights currently foreseen

– “Yelm has a new Mayor in JW Foster. Which is the most important issue facing Yelm today”
Growth garnered 56% in the Nisqually Valley News poll three week ago, three times more than the nearest, next category.
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– The City of Yelm lacks water rights for subdivision construction
Significant Hearing Examiner Conclusions for Tahoma Terra Phase II subdivision construction
6.2 “The Construction of Phase II of this subdivision shall not be allowed until the applicant provides water rights sufficient to serve the roaming Master Plan or the City retains water rights through the Department of Ecology which are sufficient to serve the projected density of the City, its urban growth area and the subject property.”

14. “The City Council has the ability to declare a [permit issuance on building] moratorium.”
Read more of the Hearing Examiner’s Finding and Conclusions.

Editor’s note:
The City of Yelm noted in this case that no new water rights acquisitions are currently forecast.

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