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Nisqually Valley News (NVN) readers comment on their “bias”
NVN polls on JZ Knight’s donations to Dems, omits all others
The Olympian Editorial Board endorses Hulse and Cooper

* NVN poll question “piles-on” in singling-out JZ Knight’s Dems. donations.
* NVN commenters wonder why NVN omitted other campaigns’ contributors.
* Large local contributors to other campaigns identified here, providing balance.
* Women rally in Olympia to protest robocalls against Jim Cooper.
* Glen Morgan’s political committee’s robocalls may violate fed’s election laws
* JZ Knight adding to Dems “broadside” in filing lawsuit against Glen Morgan.
* The Olympian Editorial Board sees thru murk and the mire, endorses Cooper and Hulse.

– Nisqually Valley News (NVN) “piles-on” – polls only on JZ Knight’s campaign contributions.
The NVN posted a poll question last night on their Facebook page:
“JZ Knight raised criticism in the past for political donations. She has again donated money to the Thurston County Democrats in this election cycle. Do you have any objections to her financially supporting candidates? Why or why not? Some comments might be included in an upcoming Nisqually Valley News edition.”

– NVN Facebook readers sum-up in their comments the NVN showing bias :
* “And? She can donate to anyone she wants. I don’t understand what the issue is here? Do you question everyone who raises money for political parties or just JZ Knight? Is this a backhanded slap at the Democrats? This is just weird. I don’t have anything to do with JZ Knight but some of your coverage seems to be biased. Is she a citizen of the United States? Then she can donate money to any candidate she wishes. Weird.”

* “Why single out just one person? If you want to discuss the donations of noteable (sic) residents, then report more than just one.”

* One commenter went even further:
“The NVN has become nothing more than a rag-mag in the past few years. They have no interest in providing real news; they only have interest in selling papers. They wouldn’t last a year if it wasn’t for their ridiculous claims on JZ Knight, Dr. Matt Martinez, or the assinine coverage of Virginia Coverdale. Their current editor should be ashamed of himself. Unfortunately, honest journalism died a long time ago. Just my two cents, none of which I’ll ever spend supporting this feeble attempt of a ‘paper'”
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– Since our Yelm newspaper won’t, let’s balance in listing other large Yelm campaign contributors
Largest donors to the campaigns of Thurston County Commissioners, running as Independents:
Gary Edwards, District 2 candidate:

Mark Schaffer (Olympia Master Builders), Affordable Housing Council of Olympia Master Builders (TAHC), Thurston County Realtors, Waste Connections, Inc., Cushman Law Offices, P. S.
* Large contributors of local note prior to the August Primary:
Michelle Borman, Steve Borman, Keystone Masonry, Margaret Clapp, Schorno Farms, Elizabeth & Joe Williams,EJ Curry (now Yelm City Councilor), Schorno Real Estate (Yelm Real estate),
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John Hutchings, District 1 candidate:
Michelle Borman, Steve Borman, J.R. Setina Mfg Co. Inc. (Olympia), Keystone Masonry, Inc (Yelm)., RH Resources (Governmental Policy Group), Mark F. Shaffer (Olympia Master Builders), Affordable Housing Council of Olympia Master Builders (TAHC), Washington Association of Realtors Political Affairs Council, Waste Connections, Inc.
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About 60 women gathered at the Olympia water-front Saturday afternoon to show their support
for Jim Cooper, candidate for Thurston County Commissioner, subject of a hateful “robo” call that
alleged he ill-treats women. Photo credit: Thurston Democrats

– JZ Knight spoke with the Yelm Community Blog Monday – filing lawsuit against robocalls
Political committees led by property rights activist Glen Morgan have been robocalling against Democratic candidates disparaging JZ Knight’s donations.
JZ Knight told the Yelm Community Blog on October 24, 2016, that she is filing a lawsuit against these Glen Morgan-sourced robocalls. Coupled with the aggressive response of the Thurston Democrats to Glen Morgan, Knight said “A big broadside is coming to Mr. Morgan yet again.” She added, “Since when does one’s opinion of another disqualify them as a constituent and from participating in the democratic process…in donating to the candidates of their choice.”

– Morgan’s robocall rants on Dem. candidates accepting Knight’s donations, says she is a “cultist & racist”
While this is one man’s opinion, since when does one person’s views of another disqualify them as a constituent and from participating in the democratic process…in donating to the candidates of their choice.
Knight is a declared liberal, politically progressive donor, yet every election cycle Morgan attempts to scare off Democratic candidates with this same, tired rhetoric. This time however, he may have violated federal election laws in utilizing Thurston Democrats phone number for the robocalls.
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– The Olympian Editorial Board endorses Democrat candidates Cooper and Hulse
“We favor forward-looking candidates who can smarten up the county’s response to the pocket-gopher issue, find resources to fix roads and hire more sheriff’s deputies, and mend relationships with residents in the south county rural zones. A careful revamping of the permitting system could help enormously.

That is why we think Kelsey Hulse, a Democrat from the north county, is a better choice to replace Romero in the District 2 seat. Hulse runs the nonprofit fund-raising foundation for The Evergreen State College, and she strikes us as thoughtful, eager to base decisions on data, and willing to listen and learn from those who hold opinions different than her own.”

Unfortunately, the former lawman [Sheriff Edwards] is basing his campaign on old resentments over land use regulations and the jail, as well as longstanding complaints about staffing in the Sheriff’s Office, poor decisions championed by people who are no longer on the commission, and an economic platform built on wishful thinking.”

In the other race, Olympia City Councilman Jim Cooper, who leads a United Way regional organization, is the better of the two candidates. Also running is John “Hutch” Hutchings, a former Olympia police officer and former interim Tenino police chief, who is campaigning as an Independent.

Cooper is a former county Democratic Party chairman who played a role shaping the city’s successful parks levy campaign last year. In the past year, he stirred the pot with a $15 minimum wage proposal and talk of drafting a city income tax proposal that could have competed with the one on the ballot.

“But in hopping onto the anti-gopher parade, Hutchings is more likely to pick fights than solve thorny land-use issues.”
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– Editor’s note:
The Olympian Editorial Board exquisitely laid-out why they support Commissioner candidates Hulse and Cooper!

While I stand-up for the constituents that have had their donations and support disenfranchised in the democratic process, Thurston Democrats Chair Katie Nelson is turning to the police, the Attorney General’s office, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), indicating the unauthorized use of their phone number by Morgan’s group for robocalls may have violated federal rules.

Enough of Glen Morgan’s charade in disenfranchising Knight’s or any voter’s participation in the democratic process. The time has come that the media giving Morgan their ear must cease!

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