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NVN does not endorse candidates, what instead?
Democratic candidates ‘hit pieces’ every election cycle,
targeting JZ Knight’s donations to intimidate voters.
Yelm Blog lists ‘Independent’ candidates’ large donors

* NVN commenters called for fair and balanced reporting if listing Knight’s donations.
* Newspaper omits large contributors to “Independent” candidates’ campaigns.
* NVN perennial election cycle “hit piece” again targets Knight, Klein.
* NVN poll and commenters get it – NVN’s “lynch mob attitude won’t work.”
* Yelm Community Blog provides balance, lists Yelm donors to Independent candidates.

– Editor’s note:
I received a phone call on October 26 from NVN reporter Graham Perednia asking me why I contributed such a large amount to Commissioner candidates Kelsey Hulse and Jim Cooper. I responded with my reasons, and reading the NVN as I have for 28 years, I knew this question indicated the story was their perennial election cycle “hit piece” attempting to denigrate Democratic candidates.

I told Mr. Perednia this, which he omitted from his story:
If his newspaper is going to focus on my donations and that of JZ Knight’s to Democratic candidates, then to provide balance, he should list the contributions of Yelm’s high-dollar donors to the “Independent” candidates’ campaigns. Omission of details lacks fair and balance reporting [and not serving the public interest].

The Yelm newspaper does not outwardly endorse candidates, so as RSE Spokesman Mike Wright said,
“This is an old story of Republican operatives swiftboating a very liberal, politically progressive donor, and attempting to scare Democratic candidates and progressive voters. The lynch mob attitude won’t work.”

NVN commenters to their Facebook page called for fair and balanced reporting in listing contributions to others’ campaigns if the newspaper singles out Knight. Since the NVN did not do that, the following list to Independent candidates is provided as a public service:

* Top Yelm donors to “Independent” Commission candidate Gary Edwards
(includes Primary & General Election donations):

Keystone Masonry $1,000
Michelle Borman $950
Steve Borman $950
Jeanne Carlson $950
EJ Curry $950

The Schornos
Cynthia Schorno $100
Dan Schorno $250
Glenn Schorno $500
Gayla Schorno-Duerr $950
Schorno Farms $1,900
Schorno Real Estate/Yelm Real Estate $1,800
Total = $5,500

The Clapp Family
Margaret Clapp $1,900
Elizabeth Williams $1,900
Joseph Williams $1,900
Total = $5,700

Read more

* Top Yelm donors to “Independent” Commission candidate John Hutchings
(includes Primary & General Election donations):

Keystone Masonry $1,000
Michelle Borman $1,000
Steve Borman $2,000
Joseph Williams $1,000
Read more

_ “JZ Knight Gives Support to County Dems”
“Channeler of Ramtha Supports County Democrats With Large Financial Contributions”

“Democratic candidates for county commissioner have accepted $6,000 in campaign contributions this election cycle from Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment founder JZ Knight.

Knight also has donated $50,000 to the Thurston County Democrats and $54,000 to People for Thurston County, a local PAC, according to the Public Disclosure Commission.”

“Former Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment spokesperson and local blogger Steve Klein has contributed $1,300 to Hulse’s campaign as well. He said he supports her because of her new ideas and understanding.

‘She has a vision and passion for the environment and social issues,’ he said. ‘She is committed to support and listens to all constituents. … That is a stand I wholeheartedly support.’

Klein has also contributed $350 to Cooper’s campaign. Other Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment students have contributed money to both campaigns. However, the only two individuals to contribute more than $1,000 are Knight and Klein,” by Graham Perednia, Nisqually Valley News.
Read more

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  1. The bias and imbalanced reporting is systemic in the conservative Lafromboise Communications family run business, owner of the Nisqually Valley News.

    As a candidate for public office during the primaries this election season, I was misquoted, always last in the line-up and generally given minimal column space as a viable candidate alongside my four male opponents. I grew up in a conservative family and easily recognize this deeply ingrained gender bias.

    Recently, I had requested equal editorial space as given to conservative Glen Morgan and others in the NVN. I was delighted when my request was accepted. When published last week, my op-ed was printed as a letter to the editor, deliberately conflicting intent and diminishing impact.

    In my mind, this smacks of political bias and misrepresentation that supports your criticism about imbalanced reporting in the NVN.

    Comment by Diane on October 28, 2016 at 1:05 pm

  2. JZ Knight stated that Jew’s are responsible for the holocaust. She has no business having any influence over Thurston County or State elections and anyone accepting money from her personally, her businesses or schools should never be considered as an elected official. Whether it came from her mouth or the mouth of who she is said to “channel”… “it” has no place in our government. Vote against anyone not willing to give her money back.

    Comment by Jennifer on November 6, 2016 at 10:05 am

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