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Pastor Adams violates church’s tax-exempt status –
Now in the hands of the IRS, since the NVN does not intervene & condones Adams’ “Religious” intolerance, now newspaper become the news

Jeff Adams
Photo: Jeff Adams on his Twitter page, July 2014

* Pastor Jeff Adams used his newspaper column to endorse candidates
* In violation of church’s tax-exempt status, separation of church and state
* A Pastor is not permitted to use his church affiliation in election advice
* Pastor Adams conveys impression his election counsel is church policy
* NVN letter writer says Adams’ insults are not Christ-like

– This is the key point of violation:
Pastor Adams identifying himself from Paramount Christian Church conveys the impression he is not speaking as an individual, rather as a church spokesperson and that his comments reflect church policy.

While Pastor Jeff Adams has been critical in the local newspaper of me and what he calls the “cult” since he arrived on-scene here in 2004, Adams crossed the line in propriety by using his “Religious” column to endorse candidates on the ballot in this Autumn’s election. Since the NVN condones Adams’ activities in their newspaper by doing little to reign him in, I contacted the IRS and have been directed to their website. I was instructed that the content of Pastor Adams’ October 20, 2016 column [“Reflecting on Matthew 22:15-22, the Elections“] falls under activities not permitted for Tax-Exempt Organizations such as churches, and especially when the church leader’s name and his church affiliation is clearly used, as Adams did in his NVN column.

– These statutes uphold the policies of Separation of Church & State in the United States:
Sec. 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organizations
IRS Revenue Ruling 2007-41

Therefore, I formally filed the IRS Form 13909 Tax Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form along with Adams’ column, which will prompt an investigation.
Now, Pastor Adams has crossed-the-line bringing on the embarrassment of an investigation to him and his church.

– NVN letter writer this week summed-up Adams’ column perfectly:
“No Inspiration” from Pastor Adams’ “Religious” column
I did not find this column spiritually uplifting, but I did find it to be a demonstration of the sin of pride. Mr. Adams begins his column with, ‘Jesus said to beware when everyone speaks well of you.’ To me, insults are not Christ-like and the quotation does not excuse this behavior.

I do not know the history of this conflict [with RSE, ], but I do know that when I turn to the Valley Religion page, I would like to see positive, spiritual leadership.
Read more

– Bottom Line: The NVN does not adhere to their own rules of conduct
I do find interesting that the Nisqually Valley News (NVN) and their owner Lafromboise Communications, Inc. have allowed Adams to continue his “Religious” column, though I suppose his belligerence garners website hits and sells newspapers. However, their stated policy for readers to submit online comments must follow certain “Rules of Conduct” (i.e. Keep it Clean, Don’t Threaten or Abuse, Be Truthful, Be Nice.), yet the NVN does not adhere to those rules themselves in allowing Adams to continue his tirades. Pastor Adams can deride me all he wants as that is his right, yet such comments should be properly placed as a Letter to the Editor. Pastor Adams is allowed by the NVN to use what is supposed to be an uplifting “religious” column to rail against folks he personal does not like or finds the need to evangelize, regularly putting-down a segment of his church’s own neighbors, about whom he knows nothing nor has ever met.

– Bullying defined
“Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.”
Read more from Wikipedia.
Adams has been practicing bullying against me, JZ Knight, and RSE students in the NVN for 12 years.

– UPDATE: November 17, 2016
“Former RSE Spokesperson Files IRS Complaint Against Columnist”
“Klein Claims Adams’ Column in NVN Violates Church Tax Exempt Status”
By Graham Perednia, Nisqually Valley News.
Read more

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