January 31, 2017

Port of Seattle on Trump Administration Immigration Ban

– “Statement by the Port of Seattle in Response to Trump Administration Immigration Ban”
“President Trump’s decision to ban immigrants from seven countries immediately impacted Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the community that it serves. As the Port of Seattle Commission firmly expressed on Saturday, January 28, this executive order runs counter to our values.

Federal officials first briefed our aviation leadership on the federal government’s plans to implement the executive order around midnight on Friday, January 27, long after affected travelers had already begun their flights, and just hours before the first affected travelers arrived at the airport.

We respect the exercise of free speech as long as the airport can continue routine operations in a safe manner. The implementation of this order created severe operational challenges for our airport.

Over the following 36 hours, the Port of Seattle took a number of steps to serve travelers, accommodate protests and maintain a secure airport.”
* Traveler and Community Service
* Public Safety at Sea-Tac Airport
* Law Enforcement Response
* Sound Transit Request
*First Amendment Activities
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January 31, 2017

Yelm receives Cullens Road upgrade grant – FINALLY
This blog advocated Cullens improvements since 2010 Loop opening

SR 510 Yelm Loop – Stage 1, opened October 20, 2010.
Photo courtesy: WSDOT

– Yelm recipient of Cullens Rd. improvement grant
– City diverts Mosman Rd. project funds to pay for required ADA ramps
– Cullens Rd. had only had “band aid” improvements since Loop opened Oct. 20, 2010
– Loop’s feeder truck/commuter traffic have used unimproved Cullens Rd. for 6+ years
– Cullens truck/commuter traffic parallels housing developments with children playing
– Former Mayor Harding never wanted Loop ending at Cullens Rd. to be noted on Comp. Plan
– FINALLY, this heavily traveled arterial road will be brought to proper standards!

– In-depth report:
Public Works Manager Maryanne Zukowski presented the Yelm Council the opportunity to accept and match a grant to repair/upgrade Cullens Rd., a major component in connecting the inner loop to Stage 1 of the SR 510 Yelm Loop. The council accepted the Washington Improvement Board grant for $559,000, also approving a required 10% match by the city. Also approved was the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement by the city to also pay for compliant sidewalk ramps improvements bringing the total authorized expenses to Yelm of $93,000. The city will fund this project by redirecting monies from phase three of the Mosman Road project, not set to begin until later in 2017.

This Blog has been on-the-record for over 7 years that a Cullens Rd. upgrade should have been a top priority. With Stage 1 of the SR 510 Yelm Loop completed to Cullens Rd., a hefty increase in commuter and truck traffic would be transiting a burgeoning housing development with children, via an unimproved 2-lane road, with no proper shoulders nor sidewalks.

During the Public Hearing with the Yelm Planning Commission & Yelm City Council in early 2010, I requested the 2010 to 2015 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Map be amended to show:
– Stage 1 of the Bypass (the 1.1 mile stretch from Mudd Run Rd. to Cullen) to be competed by 2011.
– Stage 2 (3.4 mile section from Cullen to Wal-Mart) to reflect as unfunded.
This would provide the true picture for planners in the city, county & state.
Yelm City Community Development Director Beck responded that was unnecessary and declined, leaving the map with showing a whole Y3 Bypass

Getting rebuffed by Mr. Beck, then-Mayor Harding, and the city council, I brought this issue to the attention of then-County Commissioner Sandra Romero at her Yelm Coffee Chat on April 26, 2010, who was joined by County Associate Planner Jeremy Davis. Mrs. Romero asked if I would meet with County officials to discuss my suggestion, since part of Stage One of the Bypass and Cullens Rd. are outside city limits in the county and she found my comments valid for review with the joint Comprehensive Plan Updates of the city & county. I agreed.

That meeting occurred with Thurston County officials and as this is a joint plan, they concurred with my reocmmendations & revised the “City of Yelm 20 Year Transportation Plan (2005-2030)” with a note at the top saying,
“Joint Plan Only – Y3 SR 510 to SR 507 (SR 510 Loop): As of 2010, improvements beyond Cullens Road are not funded, aside from right-of-way acquisision (sic). These Improvements are expected to be funded within the 20-year planning horizon.”

While Mayor Harding bristled to County officials at this change because of implications that could make the City of Yelm liable should any incident occur on Cullens being used as a feeder to/from a state highway, the revisions to the “City of Yelm 20 Year Transportation Plan (2005-2030)” remained. Remember that Harding was the one that requested WSDOT to divide the Loop into 2 Stages. Harding never made a Cullens Rd. upgrade a priority, taking a stand that the city’s lobbyist to the legislature would obtain funding quickly to complete Phase 2 of the Bypass, once Phase 1 was open, his plan for the 2 stages.

Then-Governor Gregoire said Yelm Loop funds would not be allocated until the 2021-2023 biennium, meaning once Phase 2 of the Loop was subsequently completed on that timetable, Cullens Rd. would carry very heavy traffic for 14-15 years, requiring the City of Yelm to then be aggressive in upgrading this road immediately. Harding and the council upgraded Killion Rd. via a L. I. D. bond, which I was on-the-record as being against in placing an undue burden on Killion area property owners. Harding did not make Cullens upgrades. Now halfway through that period of time with every-increasing car and truck traffic, this grant is very important to complete this upgrade, for the safety of our children playing in the now-large housing developments along Cullen Rd.

WSDOT reports the current status of Stage 2 as follows:
Stage 2 construction was funded by the Connecting Washington revenue package.
State 2 construction is scheduled to begin during 2021.
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– Selected Blog entries on this issue:
* July 6, 2010
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* September 12, 2010
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* December 8, 2010
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* June 27, 2013
Yelm Council approves’ band-aid’ road surfacing projects [includes Cullens Rd.]
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January 31, 2017

Gaylord Strand on his 43 Years as YHS’s Wrestling Coach

YCS Coach Gaylord Strand, Dillon Harris
Photo courtesy: Yelm Community Schools

– “Gaylord Strand Reflects on 43 Years as Yelm High School’s Wrestling Coach”
“During his 43 years as a wrestling coach, Strand has built a dynasty, a competitive team year after year. His teams have won 14 league championships, six regional championships and a state title in 2010. He’s coached 95 state placers – he’s anticipating 10 more will make it this year – and 15 state champs. Additionally, he’s been named the league coach of the year 12 times.

Strand’s commitment and his team’s accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. He was recently inducted in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame,” quoting Thurston Talk.
Click here to read Coach Strand’s reflections.

January 30, 2017

President Trump’s ‘muslim ban” put in perspective –
Kim Kardashian provides the facts/sources

– “Kim Kardashian challenges Trump’s ‘muslim ban’ with statistics”
“Kim Kardashian has responded to President Trump’s refugee ban with statistics showing the number of deaths at the hands of ‘Islamic jihadist immigrants’ in comparison to people who are killed by lightning or gun violence in the United States,” quoting Twitter.
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January 30, 2017

SmileMobile returns to Yelm February 2-9

Photo credit: SmileMobile on Facebook

The Washington Dental Service Foundation SmileMobile coming to Yelm:

February 2-9: Yelm Middle School. 402 Yelm Ave. W.

Feb. 2, 9am-4pm, Feb 3, 9am-12n, Feb. 6, 1-4pm, Feb. 7-9, 9am-4pm.

About the SmileMobile:
“The SmileMobile, a modern three chair dental office on wheels, brings oral health services year-round to low-income children with limited access to a dentist. Since it first hit the road in July 1995, the mobile clinic has treated more than 25,000 children throughout Washington, an average of 60 children each week. In 2010, with the help of 96 volunteer dental professionals, the SmileMobile examined 2,006 children, provided treatment to 1,238 and 3,695 preventive Services.

SmileMobile services range from examinations and preventive care to fillings and minor oral surgery all provided at little or no cost to patients. The SmileMobile is a partnership between Washington Dental Service, Washington Dental Service Foundation, and Seattle Childrens Hospital.”
For more information, call contact 1-888-286-9105.
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January 30, 2017

UPDATE: Grant to extend Yelm-Tenino trail matched by Tenino

The Yelm-Tenino Trail
Map credit: Thurston County Parks

– The following is an update from the January 17, 2017 Blog story:
“Tenino Grant Benefits all South Thurston and Northern Lewis Counties”
The City of Tenino will be the recipient of a Regional Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant in the approximate amount of $64,875 to examine potential trail connections to both west Tenino and Bucoda, with a view toward eventual extension into north Lewis County, where the trail could connect to other new or existing trail systems. The City is committed to matching these grant funds in the approximate amount of $10,125 for a total amount of approximately $75,000,” by the City of Tenino, posted on Thurston Talk.
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Tenino Grant Benefits all South Thurston and Northern Lewis Counties

January 29, 2017

Rainier’s Phoenix Rising School Board announces changes

– From The Phoenix Rising School’s January 27th Newsletter:
We would like to keep you informed of a shift that is happening at The Phoenix Rising School. Our Board has been working diligently this past year on identifying the way forward to a brilliant, academically sound, sustainable school. After much consideration, we have decided that the school must have an experienced Principal and Educator as The Head of School. This addition to our team will insure programs are rigorous, educationally relevant and that all children are appropriately challenged to bring out their greatest potential. Our school’s C.R.E.A.T.E program will be further supported with a school wide, cohesive curriculum. Our children’s bright minds and their future are of utmost importance and the reason this school exists.

We are pleased to announce that we have hired as our new Head of school, Ms. Jorge-Ayn Riley (Ms. Jay), a Principal/Educator with over 30 years’ experience (please click here for her resume). She has recently moved to the area and has been introduced to our community by her niece Cozette Fyrst. Her first day with us in this position was Monday January 23rd. We have been blessed to have her the past few months working with members of the Board and on campus mentoring staff. She has already seen our children in action and notes their high level of capability. We are confident in Ms. Jay’s ability and commitment to strengthen our school’s culture and academic programs, continuing to make our school a place where our outstanding children’s minds can shine.

We are excited to be able to share with you, our community, this next chapter in the life of The Phoenix Rising School!

Additionally, we will be holding an early spring appreciation event for all of our community to come and meet Ms. Jay and see what the children have been up to (details coming soon). The Board and Staff look forward to seeing you there. We want you to know that we would not be here without you. If you have any questions, please reach out, our Board is always happy to connect with you. We have all been touched by the incredible amount of support and talent that has been offered to our school. We thank you and look forward to the future together.

The Phoenix Rising School Board
Cozette Fyrst (Chair), Lucy Ryan (Vice Chair), Nicole Wakley (Business and Marketing Adviser) and Jenny Bossick (Secretary)

Click here to learn more about The Phoenix Rising School.

January 29, 2017

Friends of the Yelm Library – providing local non-profit support

– Friends Of The Yelm Library (meeting) first Wednesday of the month
With their monthly meeting upcoming Feb. 1, this is the perfect opportunity to again highlight this fine organization.
Click here for the meeting dates.

– About Friends of the Yelm Library
“Friends of the Yelm Library is a non-profit support group who work locally with the staff and the Yelm Library Board to promote the goals and objectives, as well as the full range of services and resources offered by the Timberland Regional Library.”
Learn more

January 28, 2017

Orwell’s landmark book “1984” surges in sales –
Every American should read this landmark book!

Credit: Kevin Siers, Charlotte Observer, January 25, 2017

– Editor’s note:
Every American should read George Orwell’s landmark book “1984” and especially in 2017!
This was required reading in my 9th grade 1968-1969 English Class and left an indelible impact on me then.

– “Sales of Orwell’s Dystopian Classic ‘1984’ Soar After Trump Claims, ‘Alternative Facts’”
“After incorrect or unprovable statements made by President Donald Trump and some White House aides, one truth is undeniable: Sales of George Orwell’s “1984” are soaring.

First published in 1949, Orwell’s classic dystopian tale of a society in which facts are distorted and suppressed in a cloud of “newspeak” topped the best-seller list of Amazon as of Tuesday evening.

The sales bump comes after the Trump administration’s assertions that the president’s inauguration had record attendance and his unfounded allegation that millions of illegal votes were cast against him last fall.

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway coined an instant catchphrase Sunday when she called his claims about crowd size’alternative facts,’ bringing comparisons on social media to ‘1984,’” by Associated Press via NBC News.
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January 28, 2017

Introducing Mari’s Farm – fresh locally grown produce, locally available

Mari’s Farm booth at Yelm Farmer’s Market

– From Mari’s Farm to Yelm Community Blog readers:
For several years now, we have provided limited quantities of [locally grown] veggies to several outlets including: Yelm Co-op, Yummy Local Foods, several people buying directly along with Ricardo’s restaurant and Yelm Farmers Market.
This year we have started a GoFundMe campaign to help kick us off into our new adventure. Click here to contribute.

We currently have under cultivation 0.04 acre including our greenhouse. For this year’s growing season, we have made an arrangement to hire two acres from Glenn Schorno in which we will be able to grow for the large demand we have had and maybe even reach out to other outlets – 50X more area to grow in! wow.
Click here for Maris’ Farm on Facebook.

– About Mari’s Farm
We are a local producer of fresh and clean produce that puts out some of the best veggies in our area. Our produce is featured annually at the Yelm Farmer’s Market.
Read more from the website.

– Editor’s note:
Won’t you consider patronizing Mari’s Farms locally grown products available at the Yelm Food Co-op?


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