April 30, 2017

Yelm couple’s sea-faring life highlighted, Ann and Dan Dow

“Dan and Ann Dow pose before their boat
before launching into their next adventure.”
Photo courtesy: Dan & Ann Dow, via Thurston Talk

– Editor’s Note:
What a wonderful story to read!

– “Neighborhood Notes – The Extraordinary Life of Dan and Ann Dow”
“Every life is different. Some, however, are extraordinary. Ann and Dan Dow of Yelm, for example, decided to eschew a land-lubbing retirement and opt for a sea-faring existence aboard their 52-foot vessel, the Morning Star. This unusual decision has brought the couple many extraordinary experiences,” quoting Andrea Culletto, Thurston Talk.
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April 29, 2017

Introducing ‘Rainier Community Cares’

– About Rainier Community Cares
Rainier Community Cares is a coalition of community members coming together to work on the problem of underage drinking and drug use in Rainier.
* Youth
* Parents
* Local businesses
* Media
* Schools
* Youth-serving organizations
* Law enforcement
* Faith communities
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April 28, 2017

Cellphone news:
“Brain Hacking” – why you should care,
“California Tries to Cover Up Cellphone Hazards,”
“Is Social Media Driving Americans Insane?”

Photo credit: Consumer Reports

– “What is ‘brain hacking’? Tech insiders on why you should care”
“Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked, says a former Google product manager. Anderson Cooper reports”

“Have you ever wondered if all those people you see staring intently at their smartphones — nearly everywhere, and at all times — are addicted to them? According to a former Google product manager you are about to hear from, Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked. He is one of the few tech insiders to publicly acknowledge that the companies responsible for programming your phones are working hard to get you and your family to feel the need to check in constantly. Some programmers call it “brain hacking” and the tech world would probably prefer you didn’t hear about it. But Tristan Harris openly questions the long-term consequences of it all and we think it’s worth putting down your phone to listen,” by Anderson Cooper correspondent and Guy Campanile, producer, broadcast by CBS News April 9, 2017.
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– “California Tries to Cover Up Cellphone Hazards”
“Judge Orders Papers Released”
“To protect public health from the risks of cellphone radiation, California’s Environmental Health Investigations branch developed a set of recommendations and warnings.

However, no formal copy was ever publicly released. Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California (UC) Berkeley, requested access to this information.13

When his request was denied, he sued the state under the California Public Records Act and won. Moskowitz explained his actions to local CBS station in San Francisco:

“I would like this document to see the light of day because it will inform the public that there is concern within the California Department of Public Health that cellphone radiation is a risk and it will provide them with some information about how to reduce those risks.”

However, while the document was released, it was stamped ‘Draft and Not for Public Release,’ which essentially negates the ruling from the Supreme Court Judge,” quoting Dr. Mercola.
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– “Is Social Media Driving Americans Insane?”
“It’s only been a little over a decade since Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were created, and 10 years since the launch of the iPhone. The iPad, Pinterest and Instagram have only been around for seven years, Snapchat six.

Yet in this short timeframe, Americans’ use of technology and social media has grown at a striking pace.

The American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2017 Stress in America survey reported that only 7 percent of U.S. adults used social media in 2005. By 2015, that had grown to 65 percent (and 90 percent among 18- to 29-year-olds, up from 12 percent in 2005).

Every month, more than 2 billion users sign on to Facebook and Instagram, revealing their massive following. Also revealing, 86 percent of U.S. adults own a computer, 75 percent an internet-connected smartphone and 55 percent a tablet, according to the APA survey.

What’s more, today about half of U.S. adults say they can’t imagine life without their cellphones, yet their ability to keep you online and connected 24/7 has its downfalls, especially if you’re a “constant checker,'” by Dr. Mercola.
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– UPDATE: May 23, 2016
“How Cellphones Can Cause Brain Tumors and Trigger Chronic Disease”

Story at-a-glance –
* Exposure to cellphone radiation may or may not increase your risk of brain tumor formation, but this is a minor risk compared to damage done by free radicals from peroxynitrites that radically impair mitochondrial function,
* Science has linked exposure to peroxynitrites from low-frequency microwave radiation emitted from cellphones and Wi-Fi networks with chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity and inflammatory bowel disease,
* You can reduce your exposure by shutting off your Wi-Fi at night, keeping cellphones in airplane mode unless using them, using the speaker phone and using a selfie stick when talking on it.
By Dr. Mercola.
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April 27, 2017

Special showing in Yelm: Sirius Disclosure’s ‘Unacknowledged’ –
Open to the public!

Click here for theater showtimes and to download the mobile app.

Click here for the trailer.

April 27, 2017

Yelm Food Co-op recognized for 10 year anniversary here

– The Yelm Food Co-op celebrating 10 years of service today
Congratulations to the Yelm Food Co-op on their 10 year anniversary serving Yelm. This writer was a founding member of the Cooperative and has covered Yelm Food Co-op news since inception. The following are some story highlights:

* November 12, 2006

* July 6, 2008

* September 14, 2009

* March 29, 2012

* June 23, 2014

* December 15, 2014

* December 1, 2016

* January 27, 2017

April 27, 2017

WA & OR waters set to be polluted by Navy exercises

“US Navy helicopters fire flares alongside a US aircraft carrier, August 2, 2012.”
Photo credit: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Zachary A. Anderson / US Navy

– “Naval Exercises Add Trillions of Pieces of Plastic Debris to Oceans”
“For the next two decades, the US Navy will inject hundreds of thousands of pounds of flares and billions of metal-coated glass fibers into ocean waters off the coasts of Washington and Oregon.

When the last two decades are added in, the Navy will have left behind more than half a million pounds of flares and trillions of microfibers of chaff (a radar countermeasure dropped by aircraft) by the year 2037.”

“The Navy claims its ramped-up activity will have no significant impacts.

However, Karen Sullivan, a retired endangered species biologist who cofounded the West Coast Action Alliance, which acts as a watchdog of naval activities in the Pacific Northwest, disagrees with that claim,” by Dahr Jamail, Truthout.
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April 26, 2017

Yelm’s 21st annual Arbor Day this Friday

Credit: Arbor Day Foundation

Yelm’s Arbor Day Celebration
Friday, April 28th, 2PM
Yelm City Tree Advisory Committee and the Yelm High School Landscape Management class will celebrate Arbor Day 2017, honoring beloved Yelm High School teacher, Ed Bergh.

The tree planting will be at the entrance of the Yelm High School campus. The Landscape Management class chose the Autumn Gold Ginko tree.

Students chose the Ginko tree because it would be a perfect tree to represent Mr. Bergh. The tree symbolizes longevity, love and unity. In appearance the tree is tall, full of life and colorful. Mr. Bergh was one of the most compassionate and caring teachers they had. He was willing to help anyone and truly cared about his students.

From the City of Yelm:
“The City of Yelm has been recognized by the Washington Department of Natural Resources and the National Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City since 1997. To achieve the recognition, four standards must be met each year, one of which is a proclamation and observation of Arbor Day.

Yelm’s Arbor Day is organized by the Tree Advisory Board, representing civic leaders, educators, and private citizens. The Arbor Day celebration is an event involves presenting Yelm’s sister city, Lacey, a tree, recognizing local students talents, and local school bands and choirs. Yelm’s Arbor day is one of the largest in the State and is held the last friday (sic) in April at Yelm City Park.”
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Photo credit: Yelm Community Schools Newsletter

“Beautiful tribute to Mr. Bergh by teacher Tasha Johnson at the City Arbor Day Celebration. Mayor Foster and the Tree Advisory Board dedicated the Golden Ginkgo Tree selected by the Landscape class which the students thought best symbolized the character of Mr. Bergh,” quoting the Yelm Community Schools Newsletter, The Highlighter.

April 25, 2017

Don’t miss the Nisqually Valley Home, Garden & Trade Show this weekend!

– The annual Nisqually Valley Home, Garden & Trade Show April 29-30
Over 100 vendors. Speakers, demonstrations, kids entertainment.

Free Parking and Free Admission! Yelm High School.
Co-sponsored by the Yelm Chamber of Commerce and the Nisqually Valley News.
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April 25, 2017

Sir Richard Branson calls for modern workfoce improvements

Virgin Atlantic Founder Sir Richard Branson and staff
inaugural 787-9 service to Seattle, March 27, 2017.
Photo courtesy: Port of Seattle

– Editor’s Note:
This is wise counsel for Yelm, in businesses and government.

– “Sir Richard Branson Challenges Business Leaders to Put People First”
“Sir Richard Branson has challenged business leaders to improve the critical state of the modern workforce. His call comes at a time when 87% of employees are disengaged and sedentary office culture is being linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

With the annual cost of disengagement at $550 billion in the U.S. alone, Sir Richard Branson will personally lead the shake-up, committing 100 days of his time to the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.

The global wellbeing program – part of the Virgin Group Portfolio, whose members will also take part – sees companies in 185 countries sign employees up to a journey that transforms their health, wellbeing and engagement levels.

Sir Richard Branson is now urging business leaders, in companies large and small, to show the same commitment to their workforce,” quoting Business Wire.
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– About Virgin Pulse
Virgin Pulse, the leading provider of technology solutions that promote employee engagement and wellbeing and part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, helps employers create workforces that are happier, healthier and ultimately more productive. The company’s modern, mobile-first platform delivers a personalized user experience that utilizes gamification to engage users in building habits that inspire meaningful and measurable change across individuals and the businesses they serve.

By helping employees thrive at work and in all aspects of life, Virgin Pulse is helping change lives and businesses around the world for good. More than 2,200 global organizations representing many of the Fortune 500 and Best Places to Work, have selected Virgin Pulse’s solutions to engage their workforces and drive their businesses forward. For more information about Virgin Pulse, visit virginpulse.com.
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April 24, 2017

Why ‘buy local’ food is more important than ever –
Yelm Farmers Market opens May 28

Photo courtesy: Yelm Farmers Market

– Yelm Farmers Market opens May 28
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– “Strawberries, Spinach Top Dirty Dozen List of Produce Containing Pesticides”
“Report finds pesticide residues often remain on fruits and vegetables even after they are washed”

“For the second year in a row, strawberries topped the “Dirty Dozen” list of pesticide-contaminated produce that the Environmental Working Group complies every year. Spinach was a close second on the list of fruits and vegetables to avoid released by EWG last evening.”

“The analysis also found that nearly 70 percent of the 48 different conventional produce samples tested by the USDA were contaminated with residues of one or more pesticides. In all, USDA researchers found 178 different pesticides and pesticide breakdown products in the thousands of fruit and vegetable samples tested in 2016.

The pesticide residues remained on fruits and vegetables even after they were washed and, in some cases, peeled.”

“‘Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential no matter how they’re grown, but for the items with the heaviest pesticide loads, we urge shoppers to buy organic,’ Sonya Lunder, EWG senior analyst and lead author of the guide said in a statement. ‘If you can’t buy organic, the Shopper’s Guide will steer you to conventionally grown produce that is the lowest in pesticides.’

The Shoppers Guide also includes “Clean Fifteen” — a list of produce least likely to contain pesticide residues,” Maureen Nandini Mitra, Earth Island Journal.
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