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These items should never go down your drain –
Tips for your own home and to assist Yelm Public Works

Kitchen Sink Drain

Why is this important for Yelm Community Blog readers?
To save your own home’s plumbing and for City of Yelm readers, to assist an over-burdened and inadequate Public Works system (more on this to come!).

– “10 Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain”
* Most of the plumbing in your home is out of sight, beneath your sink or behind walls; however, these bits of pipe can be costly when not cared
* Specific items down your drain may increase pollution and costly plumbing repairs, such as grease, flushable cat litter, paper towels and coffee grounds
* Not only will you make a significant difference to your plumbing when you stop using it incorrectly, but there are simple ways to keep those pipes draining smoothly without harsh chemicals

Never put these items down your drain:
1. Grease
2. Egg Shells
3. Coffee Grounds
4. Expandable Foods
5. Flour
6. Produce Stickers
7. Paper Products
8. Biodegradable or ‘Flushable’ Products
9. Paint and Cleaning Products
10. Medications
By Dr. Mercola.
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