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JZ Knight interviewed as “Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed” guest
A narrative of a wondrously grand life, 36 of 71 her years dedicated in Yelm

“Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed” interviewer Steve Craig with guest JZ Knight.
Photo courtesy: Rory Sagner Photography, Copyright © 2017. Used with permission.

– Updated, July 6, 2017, 3:54pm.
Story Highlights
* ‘Who’s Who’ interviewer Steve Craig’s guest JZ Knight, July 5th, Yelm’s Triad Theater.
* JZ was asked about her life, her awareness, her vision for the world and our community.
* Best to hear about one’s life experiences directly from the source and Knight was stellar.
* Knight’s profound insights provide a glimpse into her truly great mind, truly grand life.
* Knight loves having her home here and added, “Like it or not, I am an artifact of Yelm.”
* JZ is proud of all who moved here, said Yelm will thrive if citizen diversity is embraced.
* Knight’s resounding message: “Anytime you worry, you are squandering your life. We are here ‘to make known the unknown,’ as dreamers, as creators adding to the whole of human continuity.”

– JZ Knight kicks-off Summer/Fall “Who’s Who in the Nisqually” 2nd series of interviews
“Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed from Mt. Rainier to Puget Sound”

– Introduction
The evening began with an introduction and welcome by Interim Mayor JW Foster. He described how Yelm’s community theater has played a part in his family’s life because his children were participants in theater performances, saying the community is brought together via the arts.
Triad Theater owner Jayne Cameron introduced other officials in-audience including: Yelm City Administrator Michael Grayum, City Councilor and mayoral candidate Joe DePinto, 2 Nisqually Valley News reporters, and Triad Theater Board member Cindy Schorno. [Inadvertently omitted from her introductions was Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall.]

Interviewer Steve Craig welcomed guests to the first of the 2nd “Who’s Who in the Nisqually Watershed” monthly interview series. Craig explained the Nisqually watershed covers a large area from Mt. Rainier to Puget Sound with Yelm located centrally in the region. Additionally, Yelm has been long-considered the historical gateway to Mt. Rainier. “The Who’s Who relates to people who are notable and interesting” in this region, Craig stated.

In turning to introduce his guest JZ Knight, he noted that she has lived here almost 40 years and this is the first time she has sat down to meet with our at-large community in an open forum. Craig began by asking JZ to share her life from the beginning to put in perspective.

– Questions from interviewer Craig
Craig: Were you destined for what you have become in this life?

Knight: Every life is a destiny and precious – each life is purposeful for one to evolve and own, which means to become at peace within ourselves.

Craig: How did you come to this understanding so early in your life?

Knight: Born to a cotton-picker’s daughter in Roswell, NM. in 1946, so having nothing and not knowing anything was wrong with that, was one of the healthiest things to have been aware as a child. Having nothing taught me not to expect anything.

Craig: Please share more.

Knight: Referenced this line of questioning was “elementary” because JZ had clearly enunciated her life in The New York Times 1987 best-selling book, A State of Mind, which she showed to the audience and shared about the vignette of a balloon on the cover photo, a red balloon her first toy as a child. Knight continued by saying she learned to accept things as they were, that was natural to her. She realized at an early age that having nothing allows one to have everything. Being ignored and expendable was a blessing because nobody cared. “I loved God, always prayed to God and through that, knew people were uniquely distinguishable as a God in their presence.”

Craig: With this being the 70 anniversary of the first UFO sighting as well as the UFO crash at Roswell, NM, what are Knight’s views of UFOs.

Knight: They are visitors that come to see us from our future. The craft that crashed at Roswell was not a disc, rather a triangle. Knight made a distinction between aliens and extraterrestrials in that extraterrestrials share our DNA, aliens do not. Extraterrestrials are our progeny who went through great cataclysms in our future. They built the Great Pyramids in their past and our past to prevent a timeline that was coming to pass. In Quantum Physics, one can read the science to learn that all timelines exists simultaneously: the past, the future, and the now. Our history is not a line of time, but has been re-created to this now. They will not allow nuclear war to occur here. Why do you think they turned-off the nuclear arsenal that our military witnessed, and turned them back on. That was a message. We have had these visitors throughout humanity’s existence, written about in Sumatra text, symbols of alien spacecraft on cuneiform in ancient walls, on clay tablets, in the Navajo cliffs of the Southwest, and elsewhere. There are pyramids around the world, Mexico, South America.

Craig: Were you self-aware at an early age?

Knight: Absence of things like self-importance, being catered to, etc., the absence of the good life made my life the great life. Knight said she thrived in an environment of desperate poverty. The totality of a person way surpasses this life. We are a conglomerate of many lives’ experiences. Adversity is the engine of evolution causing us to grow outside of our bounds. “Peace itself is at odds with adversity, which is evolution. I would not have changed a thing in my life. It was all adversarial and a struggle. When you are not in an ‘ism,’ you are free to change. When you are in an ‘ism,’ you’re too worried about what people will think. “Learning to make mud pies and eat it is evolving.”

Craig: Yet you did not get stuck. What do you account for that?

Knight: “I did not know to. You’re a free entity to develop yourself when you are not on the ‘in’ list.”

Craig: How do you see our society today, which is so in flux?

Knight: When artificial technology has taken over, that does not evolve society. Cell-phones, social media are all-encompassing. People have become lazy. The ethic of work and achievement has been lost on so many. People are blocked in their own problems because they do not solve their own problems. It would never occur to me to sacrifice my intellectual mind for mindless activities/causes.

This is an environment in flux, yet it’s never been anything but in flux through the ages. Nothing changes in the human drama, except the human.

Craig: Do you have insight on our planet’s future, where is this “train” going?

Knight: Being direct to Craig, she asked, “You want to ask me what I see in the future?” Craig responded, “Yes.”

We are a living organism amongst a much bigger organism. The [human] bodies may die yet life continues. You see, there is no guilt in nature, there is no good and bad in nature, only evolution. We are wearing a genetic body, and yet are eternal in it.

Knight said she disagrees with the concept of “fade to black” – the destruction of Earth. Life has always been in flux, the surface of earth has always been changing via volcanoes, tectonic plate movements, etc. Yet life will continue. Anytime you worry, you are squandering your life. We are here to make “known the unknown,” as dreamers, and as creators to add to the whole of human continuity.

Craig: What about all of the politics today?

Knight: Our nation’s leaders should not sign Trade Agreements (i.e. NAFTA) with other countries that put millions of people out of work, without first advancing the knowledge base and re-training of your people. We don’t, as politicians, do the irresponsible and take actions that cause people to suffer. I would rather see training schools in the trades, in artificial intelligence. That is laying the groundwork for the future.

Craig: What about your participating more in our community now that you’re semi-retired?

Knight: “I couldn’t wait to join the UFO Symposium (July 28-30)!”
Adding she has lived in Yelm 36+ years, yet while Yelm was not her ideal place, she moved here at Ramtha’s request 36 years ago and started a horse farm for Arabians, which housed world champion horses. The horse arena was converted to house our school, RSE, here [in Spring 1989] after an event in Colorado. Knight said she is a country girl, so a town then with one stop-light and little traffic except for logging trucks in the early 1980s had an appeal. Subsequently, Yelm attracted people from all walks of life when this little school was established here in 1988 (Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment – RSE). RSE has been represented here by students from 70 countries from around the world. “I was never allowed to get involved here. I was called vastly insidious names by people who never even met me.” Knight stated that she was “disserviced” from all of the hate, and some was from Christians.

Craig: How did you deal with all of that?

Knight: She gave back and contributed to the education of the next generation here, our town’s future. Knowledge is the great reliver of ignorance. Her 2 sons were in Yelm Community Schools back in the 1980s-1990s and had friends that had little opportunity to go to higher education, so she gave back to the community. Knight and her Humanities Foundation have disseminated over $1.5 million in scholarships to high school seniors to for a college education. “I knew if I could get these students out of Yelm and exposed to the world, they would come back and enrich the community in the future. If we do not support our town’s children, the future here dies [children are the future she has previous stated.]. RSE students and their families also moved here, brought innovation, culture, and added a life blood of fresh ideas for Yelm’s future. One of the key points of commerce in Yelm has been RSE and [parent-company] JZK, Inc,” she said.

The more the community realizes, embraces, and supports the assets here, the more it can be helpful in embracing the diversity of its citizenry. Divisive people have got to go. I see Yelm with “fresh-blood,” grown-up people, and see the gifts maximized here for all to be proud, not afraid to stand-up for any one class, but to embrace all of the people here. The community is headed for alot more growth and innovation if all are welcome.

Craig: Yelm is close to many assets, like Mt. Rainier. Shouldn’t those figure in our town’s future?

Knight: Yes,and Knight added that we are blessed with a wonderful quality of life here. This is the only place I ever want to be when I am away – to come home here. The first thing I do when I return home is to drink in the air and kiss the ground. We have wonderful rivers with fish, the mountains, shore, meadows all within close proximity.

Craig: Are you willing to share your vision and thoughts on participating more in the community?

Knight: “I’ve never been asked. I never was because people don’t like me here. Like it or not, I am an artifact of Yelm. There are so many negative things said about me and RSE students, yet we’ve never been Zombies, just beautiful people are here. I’m enjoying my retirement. I have a broad mind. I have contributed when allowed. I am a lady who’s 71 years of age and I don’t like to be abused. We have all of these extraordinarily talented people that moved here, they should have been resourced! Look who’s in your community and draw on those resources, the talented minds.”

“I have been channeling Ramtha for 41 years, since I was 30. All of those years took me from a full tire to a flat tire. I’m resourcing being lazy and not being so frenetic with my energy. My dedication and my work, my mind, my destiny I have given full-throttle, [which is] the full measure of my life for 41 years. [Now is my time in] being a little old lady.”

I am a hometown girl, a legendary enigma, but not any greater than all of the people who came here to make this their home.

Craig: Does this mean you no longer going to channeling Ramtha?

Knight: Ramtha and Knight are inseparable, however Knight described again that her “tire is flat,” and she just does not have much energy left to do more. The next time she is scheduled to channel Ramtha is in August 2017 and will have to see what will follow that. She said no one out in the world is hostile to her, they know and have read about Ramtha. She is treated with respect away from here, adding a pilot on one of her flights told her he was familiar with Ramtha and respects his teachings.

Knight added, “Sometimes the world gets thick, when they just can’t solve the problems, they re-create it. The school (RSE) is going to go on whether I pass or not. Ramtha has appointed excellent teachers and I enjoy being able to sit back and watch them teach.”

Knight then took questions from the audience.

As Craig and Knight were departing the stage:
Craig: Introduced City Administrator Michael Grayum, Interim Mayor JW Foster, and Councilor [and mayoral candidate] Joe DePinto in audience.

Knight: “Fresh-blood” in our town’s leadership is needed here and needs to be embraced. She indicated the old rigidness from city hall must come to an end.

Triad Theater owner Jayne Cameron graciously closed the evening with her appreciation.
Knight received a standing ovation as she departed.

– Bottom Line:
This most marvelous evening can best be summarized that JZ Knight’s life was brilliantly presented by her, and in the opinion of this RSE student, friend, and writer, there is no one better to tell her story than JZ herself. No finer recounting of this life of destiny can be stated than what was presented to the Yelm community last night in sincerity and authenticity.

The video recording will be posted here at date to be announced.

Blogger Klein is a JZK, Inc. emeritus employee and in his 32nd year as a Ramtha student.

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  1. It was a phenomenal evening….inspiring is putting it mildly. This woman has lived a truly remarkable life…..her knowledge and insight a gold mine of unlimited depth. Many thanks to Jayne of the Triad Theater, Steve Craig, all who helped to make this happen and of course to JZ Knight for sharing her time to enlighten us all.

    Comment by Rory Sagner on July 7, 2017 at 11:05 am

  2. Having been a student of RSE from 1985 to 1992 and now rereading Ramtha’s Love Yourself Into Life, it’s the most useful book I’ve ever owned.

    Comment by Tusan on July 7, 2017 at 2:44 pm

  3. I love listening to JZ Knight interviews. She is so calm and self assured and makes me feel she is talking directly to me. The world is a better place because of what she sacrificed to deliver Ramthas message. It was a narrative that she lived as a human having a human experience which makes the message relatable. I would love to hear further dialog on the role of AI as I think that will make humans lazier but I’m sure there is sound logic behind the statement. Best wishes in retirement, you deserve it and thanks again for all you have done!

    Comment by Kent Drake on July 11, 2017 at 5:58 am

  4. It was very enlightening.

    Comment by Edward Eugene Smith on July 12, 2017 at 6:02 pm

  5. thank you for bringing truth about our wonderful brilliant channel…..sincerely Judith (no relation to JZ)

    Comment by judith knight on July 15, 2017 at 10:47 am

  6. Can you love and appreciate another human being without really “knowing” them?….Yes, yes you can. Thank you JZ.

    Comment by Shannon on July 23, 2017 at 9:07 pm

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