July 18, 2018

Prairie Luxe Boutique grand opening July 19-21 –
Open to the public!

Photo credit: Yelm Chamber of Commerce

July 17, 2018

Yelm brush fire highlighted city’s access vulnerability

– Editor’s note:
While en-route to Lacey today at approximately 2pm, westbound traffic was turned around at the 510 Bypass traffic circle due to a brush fire. The only access was via Rainier and there was an accident on Rainier Rd. through JBLM at Spurgeon Creek Rd. from eastbound detoured Yelm-bound traffic, which backed-up for miles. Drivers form Lacey and Red Wind Casino could not get to Yelm and traffic through Yelm could not get to Red Wind and Lacey. Yet another Achilles Heel was revealed about Yelm’s constricted surface streets access, which a ocmpleted Bypass would not have aided, as the Bypass was not accessible at the traffic circle.

– “Crews fighting brush fires in Rochester and Yelm”
“Southeast Thurston Fire crews, plus other fire districts, are fighting a brush fire in the area of state Route 510, Mud Run Road Southeast and Anderson Lane Southeast near Yelm.

Fire crews responded about noon to the Yelm area blaze.

The Yelm area fire also blocked eastbound state Route 510 at Church Kalama Road, near milepost 11, according to the state Department of Transportation,” By Rolf Boone, The Olympian.
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July 17, 2018

The New York Times: Pacific Northwest’s orcas are threatened further

“Orcas from pod J in Puget Sound just west of Seattle.
The number of orcas in the area, listed as endangered
since 2005, has dwindled to a 30-year low.”
Photo credit: Elaine Thompson, Associated Press

– “Northwest’s orcas are starving and disappearing.”
“For the last three years, not one calf has been born to the dwindling pods of black-and-white killer whales spouting geysers of mist off the coast in the Pacific Northwest.

Normally four or five calves would be born each year among this fairly unique urban population of whales — pods named J, K and L. But most recently, the number of orcas here has dwindled to just 75, a 30-year-low in what seems to be an inexorable, perplexing decline.

Listed as endangered since 2005, the orcas are essentially starving, as their primary prey, the Chinook, or king salmon, are dying off.”

“The orcas are also facing a new threat. The recent agreement between the Canadian government and Kinder Morgan to expand the Trans Mountain Pipeline would multiply oil tanker traffic through the orcas’ habitat by seven times, according to some estimates, and expose them to excessive noise and potential spills. Construction is set to begin in August, despite opposition from Governor Inslee and many environmentalists,” by Jim Robbins, The New York Times.
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July 16, 2018

Congressional District 3 Candidate Forum this evening in the Bald Hills area

Photo credit: Congressional District 3 Candidate Forum FB

– Congressional District 3 Candidate Forum this evening in the Bald Hills area
Bald Hills Fire Department
16306 Bald Hill Rd SE, Yelm, Washington 98597
Monday, July 16 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Clearwood neighbors would like to invite Bald Hills area residents to a Congressional District 3 Candidate Forum.
All seven Congressional District 3 candidates for the primary have been invited.
They are:
Jaime Herrera-Butler (R)
Dorothy Gasque (D) confirmed
Michael Cortney (R) confirmed
Martin Hash (D)
Earl Bowerman (R) confirmed
David McDevitt (D) confirmed
Carolyn Long (D) confirmed (proxy)

The format for the event will be an ask of three to four prepared questions to be answered in a timed fashion by all candidates in an impromptu setting. Subsequently, questions will be asked of specific candidates or of all candidates in general from the audience of voters. As time allows, any of the other candidates on the neighborhood ballots (Legislative District, County Auditor and County Prosecutor candidates) who may be in attendance to hear the forum will be given short time slots to introduce themselves to voters at the end of the evening.

This event is being held as a bi-partisan sponsored forum by both Republican and Democratic Precinct Committee Officers in Clearwood, Bill Owen (R) and Suzie LeFurgey (D).

July 15, 2018

Yelm’s Pastor Sylvia Peterson: “Today’s Misjudgments May Look Silly Tomorrow”

– Editor’s Note:
I thought Pastor Sylvia Peterson’s column this week so exceptional, brilliantly articulated and poignant that I asked her if I could publish an excerpt today to share with Yelm Community Blog readers.

– “Today’s Misjudgments May Look Silly Tomorrow”
By Pastor Sylvia Peterson, co-pastor for Bald Hill Community Church,
used with permission of author.

There is only one area in the Universe where God has voluntarily limited His omnipotence– in the area of our will. He won’t violate our ability to choose whether or not we want to be amazed by Him. God offers us many good things, but He won’t force us to accept them. The choice is always ours.”

When it comes to the things of God, we should be careful about the familiarity that leads to misjudgments. It’s easy to get into the rut of perceiving people as they were and not as they are. We see only what we want to see and don’t take time to discover why God has placed them in our lives.

“Like Jesus, the place where that happens to most of us is in our families and the community where we choose to reside.

It’s an unfortunate truth that we live in a culture that values well-articulated disdain, especially toward people we think are different from us. We forget that everyone is different from us, and each has a life-purpose that is unique and amazing. It isn’t our familiarity that blesses us; it’s the beauty of our God-ordained diversity.”
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July 15, 2018

USA’s explosive debt contribution to world’s debt under Trump is concerning

Growth of debt chart in developed and emerging markets.
Photo credit: Institute of International Finance

– Editor’s Note:
Storm clouds are rising on the horizon for the pocket books of American citizens as prices rise for fuel, food, and transportation, augmented by interest rate rises that must follow to fund America’s borrowing to pay interest on the country’s debt.

– “USA debt has grown to more than 100% of GDP.”
“The amount of debt held in the world rose by the largest margin in two years during the first quarter of 2018, growing by $8 trillion during the first three months of the year, the Institute of International Finance reported Tuesday [July 10, 2018].

“Global debt has now risen to more than $247 trillion, which is 318% of the world’s gross domestic product. Additionally, IIF found that global debt has risen by $30 trillion since just the fourth quarter of 2016.”

“With the increases in spending from President Donald Trump and Congress (i.e. tax cut and war spending), the U.S. will now have funding needs of 25% of its GDP. WOW!

“Gibbs [Sonja Gibbs, Institute of International Finance’s senior director of the global capital markets department] added that the United States’ debt growth was particularly worrisome, given that it has now grown to more than 100% of GDP. With the increases in spending from President Donald Trump and Congress, the U.S. will now have funding needs of 25% of its GDP.

“‘The U.S. really stands out here because … a lot of that is the expanding budget deficit as well as maturing debt,’ Gibbs said. ‘That’s a lot of financing need affecting the market,'” by Dion Rabouin, Financial Markets Reporter, Yahoo Finance.
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July 14, 2018

Thurston County’s annual Burn Ban goes into affect Sunday, July 15

– Quoting the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA):
“As of July 15, no outdoor burning is allowed in Thurston County due to elevated risks of wildfire. The Thurston County Outdoor Burn Permit application will be available again shortly before the Oct. 1, 2018 start of the new burn season (weather permitting). In the meantime, consider utilizing one of the many Alternatives to Burning available to residents of Thurston County. These include:
* Curb-side pickup service for yard waste material exists throughout most of Thurston County. Contact Thurston County Solid Waste.
* Composting turns your yard waste into a great soil additive, at NO COST.
* Chipping woody materials creates an effective ground cover that blocks weed growth and improves drainage.
* Dropping off yard waste at composting facilities and transfer stations is easy and cost effective.”
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July 14, 2018

Intercity Transit seeks Thurston public input on future via survey

Photo credit: Intercity Transit

– “‘What Matters Most to You?’
Intercity Transit Requests Your Input on the Future of Transit in Thurston County”

“Just over a year ago, Intercity Transit invited you on a Road Trip. Although you didn’t need to pack a bag or take time off work, those who accepted the invitation to take Intercity Transit’s 2017 Road Trip helped define the way our public transit system will operate in the years to come.

“If you missed the first trip, there’s still time to get onboard by providing your input between now and July 31 with a final 2018 Road Trip Survey,” by Jessie Sordahl, ThurstonTalk.
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July 13, 2018

Yelm’s extended forecast is for upper 80s to low 90s through next week

– Editor’s Note:
Take precautions for an extended streak of hot weather here!
Click here for Yelm’s forecast.

– “Western Washington could hit 90 degrees this weekend”
“Try to stay cool this weekend! Some areas of Western Washington could reach 90 degrees.”

“Get ready for more hot, sunny, and dry weather across Washington.

“Sea-Tac Airport hit 89 degrees Thursday, making it the warmest (or hottest) day so far this yea,” by Jordan Wilkerson, KING-5 TV News, Seattle.
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– “What to Know About Next Week’s Weather Across the U.S.”
“A ridge of high pressure will bring above-average temperatures early next week to the Pacific Northwest.”

“The National Weather Service noted that Seattle could see a stretch of six consecutive days with highs of 85 degrees or higher and there have been only four longer streaks in more than 120 years of records. Highs at or above 85 degrees began this past Thursday and could last through Tuesday,” by Linda Lam, The Weather Channel.
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July 13, 2018

Councilor DePinto sets the record straight about the Yelm
Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Photo Courtesy: City of Yelm

– Editor’s Note:
I suggest utilizing the City of Yelm Government FB page and/or city’s website to put notices when Public Hearings are scheduled, in the spirit of transparency and getting public involvement. This TIP’s Public Hearing had little advance notification.

From Yelm City Council member Joe DePinto’s council Facebook post
Used with permission of the councilor:

“At the last Yelm City Council meeting a few days ago, we approved the Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), with a unanimous vote. This formalized plan allows the city to apply for state and federal funding and the city council can amend this list at any time with a majority vote.

“The Nisqually Valley News covered the meeting and on their front page listed “Sidewalks at Top of List For Yelm Transportation Plan.” While I think sidewalks are a portion of this plan I feel they omitted so much from the meeting. First of all SR 510 (The Yelm Bypass Loop) is literally at the top of the list. Plus there are many other projects of great importance including street projects at Mosman Ave, a feasibility study for the flooding out on Bald Hills road (I’m a huge supporter of this), and other transportation projects.

I also suggested studies for two other projects both near the Yelm Middle School. One being a need for either a roundabout or some other traffic solution on that blind corner off of Crystal Springs St and Coates Rd.

Lastly the NVN failed to mention the city asking for the city council to consider new revenue for transportation projects including a $20 vehicle fee. This is the maximum amount allowed by a vote of the city council under WA state law (under what is called a transportation benefit district that has taxing authority). Any more would require a vote of the people. I believe taxes and fees in Yelm have grown tremendously over the past few years and you have my word that I will vote against this new fee. I would support allowing the people to vote on this and would respect the will of the people.

“Also note that this increase that is authorized by RCW (which I have linked here) would allow for an increase to $40 after 2 years of the original fee increase, and $50 after 2 years of the $40 increase.

“Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think and what projects you would like to see happen in Yelm. Also linking the agenda that includes the TIP so you view the projects yourself.”