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Mark your calendar for Wednesday, Sept. 19, 6-8pm:
County Commission candidate Tye Menser’s public forum in Yelm!

Tye Menser (D-Olympia)
Photo credit: Tye for Thurston

– Editor’s note:
In my desire to bring county candidates for public office to Yelm for an exchange of ideas with SE Thurston voters, I am pleased to announce that candidate Tye Menser, County Commission District 3, will be at the Yelm Community Center for a public forum on Wednesday, September 19, 6:30pm-8pm. Tye is involved in the local music and arts community playing the banjo in a traditional bluegrass band. You are invited to come and listen to three musicians, including a mandolin player, joining Tye in Yelm playing their music prior to start of the session.

– Candidate Menser shared this for the Yelm community:
“Tye wants to mobilize community resources to solve problems, not just monitor them. He believes we can plan for growth, use innovative approaches to criminal justice that will save money, and tackle homelessness and addiction/mental health issues. Let’s put a dedicated problem-solver on the county commission.”

WHAT: Tye Menser, County Commission Candidate’s Yelm Public Forum
WHEN: Wednesday, September 19,
6-6:30pm Registration, enjoy listening to the bluegrass band
6:30-8pm Public Forum
WHERE: Yelm Community Center

– From Tye Menser on why he is running
“I want to help Thurston County prepare for its future. That’s why I have chosen to become a Democratic candidate for Thurston County Commissioner, District 3. With careful planning and smart investments, we can continue to develop our economy and protect our environment at the same time. We can promote fairness and justice for all our citizens. We can meet the challenge of providing adequate affordable housing and mental health services to our community.

“I want to work every day as your County Commissioner to move Thurston County toward its future. Together, we will meet the coming challenges posed by population growth, climate change, advancing technology, shrinking financial resources, and endangered natural resources. I humbly ask for your vote in November — a vote for Thurston County’s future.”
Read more

– Candidate Menser’s “Priority Issues for 2018 and Beyond”
1. Plan for the impact of 100,000 projected new residents to Thurston County by 2040
2. Ensure the fiscal health of Thurston County
3. Build partnerships with our cities and local organizations on key regional issues
4. Provide timely, predictable, and sustainable land use policies
Read more

Blogger Klein is sponsoring the Yelm meet and greet for candidate Menser.

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  1. christine hartman
    Are you planning to bring Bud Blake?
    • Steve
      He was asked and responded his willingness, however I never heard back from him or his campaign. Quoting California's Alan Watts decades ago, "When you get the message, hang up the phone." May I recommend you invite and sponsor a Town Hall for him.
  2. christine hartman
    Would you be willing to co-produce an evening with Bud Blake with me?
    • Steve
      At this point, no, as I invited Commissioner Blake to Yelm for a public forum months ago and while he responded positively, I never received any follow-up from his campaign. To quote famed Marin County, CA. writer Alan Watts, "When you get the message, hang up the phone." Therefore, you should sponsor a forum here.

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