October 23, 2018

Council approves 2 of 3 Salary Commission members who serve another Board,
A majority of Salary Commission is from one org., not good optics for city!

– Editor’s note:
2 of 3 Salary Commission members who both also serve on the Chamber’s Board can unduly undermine trust of the commission’s recommendations, as they can always have the majority say.

The October 2nd Yelm City Council approved three citizens who applied for the 3 positions on the Yelm Salary Commission: Denise Hibbeln, Ken McCulloch, Line Critchfield. While I applaud these citizens for committing to public service and all being outstanding givers in the community, I e-mailed City Administrator Michael Grayum for his comment on the poor optics of having 2 of 3 Salary Commissioners who currently serve on the Board of the Yelm Chamber of Commerce. Summarizing his response; the city had advertised extensively and only received these three people as respondents. I replied that a majority of 2 persons out of 3 from a singular organization can unduly influence the vote/decisions based on their relationship between the city and the Yelm Chamber, either positively or negatively. I received no response from Mr. Grayum to that observation.

To just accept only these folks on the committees just because they were the only applicants, full well knowing there was at best an appearance of a conflict of interest, is not in the public’s interest.

In a city of almost 10,000, the staff can get more interested persons to serve if only they would make an effort, i.e solicit business owners and managers to apply at the Yelm Chamber Forum, Yelm Real Estate Network, Yelm Schools (teachers, administration), and non-profit Boards in our community, etc. Where there is a will, there is a way to attract talented individuals to participant.

Further, other entanglements between the Chamber and city require reconsideration:
* Denise Hibbeln, Line Critchfield also serve on the city’s Hotel/Motel Tax Committee directing tax funds,
* The Chamber website lists Tracey Wood and Terry Kaminski as Board members. If Wood and Kaminski are both still members of the Chamber Board, having 2 councilors on their Board is another questionable entanglement, as the Yelm Council votes to provide annual taxpayer funding to the Chamber for tourism support, which necessitates Wood and Kaminski recusing themselves on the council’s funding discussions and vote to disseminate funds to the Chamber. One city rep. on their board is sufficient.
* The Chamber has been receiving extensive use of the Community Center gratis from the city for their forums under the proposition that the Chamber provides promotional opportunities for the center. I “get it,” however at what point is “enough is enough” of this freebie and the Chamber pays rent for the facility like other organizations? My point is simple you see – what if that freebie ends and the 2 Chamber board members would have an issue that could affect their Salary Commission decisions and be perceived as being tainted?

– Additionally, the three female councilors were not present even though the council had a quorum for their Oct. 2nd session, so the four male councilors approved the vote. A quorum vote with all of the female councilors absent should be avoided in the future. Again, while following the rules, the optics of this just don’t look good! Action items should be postponed out of erring on the side of caution whenever this occurs.

– Bottom Line: The Yelm Council should direct that two persons from the same organization’s Board can not serve on the Salary Commission, and request more pubic participants to apply. Otherwise, every decision from the Salary Commission can be called into question as being partisan – not a good place for a Commission where 100% trust in their recommendations is a requirement.

The City of Yelm leadership was advised twice previously in the last 10 years by the state auditor’s office that they should avoid any and all appearances of a conflict of interest. Yet the perception of cronyism that has been the hallmark of Yelm’s mayors for the last 13 years continues unabated!

October 23, 2018

Intercity Transit’s Prop. 1 deserves your vote consideration!

Photo credit: Intercity Transit

– “Intercity Transit Says Proposition 1 Would Avoid Cuts and Expand Services”
“On the ballot this November is a public transit measure called Intercity Transit (IT) Proposition 1 which would expand and improve transit services in our community. The measure is the result of a two-year public engagement effort, called “IT Road Trip”, which collected over 10,000 suggestions and turned them into a plan for the future of public transportation. Intercity Transit Proposition 1 would fund the community’s expectations for public transit.”

“People who live within the service area, which includes Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, Yelm, and their surrounding urban growth areas, will get to decide whether or not these community-identified service priorities will be funded when they vote on Intercity Transit Proposition 1. The measure proposes a four-tenths of 1 percent sales tax increase, or 4 cents on a $10 taxable purchase, to improve and expand public transportation services. This would cost the average household between $2 and $5 per month, depending on spending habits. If Proposition 1 is rejected, Intercity Transit will need to cut services by 15 percent that is roughly equivalent to eliminating all Saturday and Sunday service,” by Kelsey Norvell in Thurston Talk.
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October 22, 2018

Blake campaign supporter Glen Morgan under scrutiny by McClatchy Newspapers,
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show reported on his “dirty tricks” in WA state

– Story highlights
* Annual election provocateur Glen Morgan again crosses boundaries,
* Morgan’s conservative PAC Conscience of Progressives sends deceptive mailers,
* A coalition has filed a formal complaint with the PDC,
* Mailers were sent in Thurston Commissioner race and other state contests,
* The Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS) covered The Seattle Times story tonight,
* McClatchy Newspapers’ sister paper The Olympian had a story, too,
* Thurston commissioner for re-election Bud Blake is intended beneficiary here,
* Blake condemned Morgan’s tactics on his FB post at 6am Oct. 22,
* Why so long when The Olympian published the story @ 5pm Oct. 20?
* This was not helpful to Blake nor the state of our county’s politics.

– “Groups file complaint over ‘misleading’ mailer in Thurston County commission race”
“A coalition has filed a complaint with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission over campaign mailers sent to voters in Thurston County and elsewhere in recent days, calling them a “blatant attempt to mislead voters.”

The mailers urge voters to write in the names of progressive officials and former candidates instead of voting for the Democrat on the ballot. They include the logos of groups that previously endorsed the proposed write-in candidates.

In Thurston County, the mailer suggested voters write in Port of Olympia Commissioner E.J. Zita for Thurston County Commissioner, instead of voting for Democrat Tye Menser,” by Abby Spegman, The Olympian.
Read more.

*** This is the story referenced by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC’s TRMS tonight ***
– “‘Blatant voter suppression’? Conservative group’s mailer touches off furor in Washington’s 19th District”

“The campaign mailers recently sent out in at least two Washington’s state legislative districts look like a pitch to Democratic voters to elect a progressive candidate. But they come from a conservative political action committee [Glen Morgan’s Conscience of Progressives], and ask voters to write-in alternative candidates in close races that will help determine the margins of power in Olympia,” by Joseph O’Sullivan, Seattle Times staff reporter.
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October 22, 2018

Report: Evergreen State College’s economic impact is substantial

Evergreen College campus
Credit: South Sound Business

– “Evergreen State College Essential to Regional and Statewide Economy, Report Shows”
“The Evergreen State College contributes substantially to the local and state economy, according to an economic impact report released by the Thurston Economic Development Council this month.

“The report indicated that Evergreen was the source of $201.7 million in local economic activity, 1,637 jobs, $109 million in direct spending in Thurston County, and a return of $4.68 into the region for every $1 invested. According to the report, the college’s alumni have earned a collective $535 million.”

According to annual research by the EDC, the Olympia-based college has grown 25 percent since 2012 in local economic contribution.”

“To review the full report and executive summary, visit The Evergreen State College’s website,” by South Sound Business.
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October 21, 2018

45 years ago this weekend, Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” began his demise,
Now the world anticipates if this is Trump’s direction, too!

Pres. Richard M. Nixon in the Oval Office
Credit: MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Oct. 19, 2018.

– Editor’s Note:
On Saturday, October 20, 1973, I was a Sophomore at college and remember that night very well. As Manager of the University of Miami (FL.) Football Team, the school had an unusual schedule that year requiring some games to be played in the home stadium’s Orange Bowl on Friday nights instead of Saturday, due to scheduling conflicts. Miami lost to Univ. of Houston the previous night, so we had a Saturday night off. With the team away from campus the previous Thursday and Friday, Saturday, October 19 was a night to catch-up on homework and missed class assignments. One of our roommates was watching TV when a Special Report broke into the broadcast with news of what became known as President Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre. When this occurred, there was no question in the minds of fellow students and much of the country (except Nixon’s base), that this was the action of someone who was hiding something. Nixon resigned as President 10 months later.

With Trump signaling he may fire his Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rob Rosenstein because he does not like the Muller investigation, is he following the same path as Nixon, and for the same reasons; that he is hiding something? History IS prologue after all, politicians never learn from history!
Stay tuned!

– “Tom Brokaw looks back at the Saturday Night Massacre
“NBC News’ Tom Brokaw looks back at the 1973 Saturday Night Massacre [Oct. 20, 1973] involving President Nixon and Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox,” from MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Oct. 19, 2018.
Click here for the video.

– “What Is the Saturday Night Massacre?
Decades Since Pivotal Watergate Event, History Could Repeat Itself Under Trump”

“It is 45 years since one of the most shocking days in American political history: The Saturday Night Massacre.

Today, with President Donald Trump, his campaign, family and friends under the microscope of special counsel Robert Mueller, will we witness history repeating itself?” by Shane Croucher, Newsweek.
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October 20, 2018

Lots of options for a fun day of pumpkin shopping in Thurston County!

Credit: Crossroads Community Covenant Church

– Editor’s Note:
Yelm’s pumpkin patches are located at:
* Four Corners, Crossroads Community Covenant Church. Click here
* Nisqually Springs Farm, adjacent Stewart’s Meats. Click here

– “Searching for the perfect pumpkin? Here’s where to look in Thurston County”

“A listing of regional pumpkin patches also can be found at http://www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org/WApolympiaarea.php

* Hunter Family Farm, 7401 Yelm Highway SE, 360-456-0466.
* Pigmans Organic Produce Patch, 10633 Steilacoom Road SE, 360-491-3276.
* Rutledge Corn Maze, 302 93rd Ave. SE, 360- 357-3700.
* Schilter Family Farm, 141 Nisqually Cutoff Road SE, 360-459-4023.
* Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm, 9402 Rich Road SE, 360-491-7328
From The Olympian.
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October 19, 2018

Orionid meteor shower’s best views tonight and tomorrow night!

– “Look up! The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend”
“The Orionid meteor shower should be visible both Friday and Saturday nights, and the best viewing will be between midnight and dawn,” by Craig Herrera, KING-5 TV News, Seattle.
Read more

October 19, 2018

Fabulous Autumn outing idea in our own ‘backyard’ rain or shine –
Limited, last of the season Sunset and Bioluminesence Tour openings!

Kayak Nisqually

Story Highlights
* Kayak Nisqually, a south Puget Sound eco-tourism company, offers various tour options,
* All skill-sets welcome – you do not have to be an experienced kayaker,
* Owner-operator Sam Kaviar is a dedicated biologist and experienced sea kayaker,
* Tours paddle near wildlife, dynamic scenery in the South Sound.
* No better way to experience the marvels of our region than on the water’s surface.
* Read this great Kayak Nisqually article published last May in South Sound Talk.

– Editor’s note:
As a repeat customer, I joined a Sunset and Bioluminesence Tour last week on an evening with clear skies and a half moon waxing above a mirror-glass surface on Puget Sound.

The patrons met at the assigned location at the Boston Harbor boat-ramp in Olympia, where we met Kayak Nisqually owner/operator Sam Kaviar, who is from my hometown, Louisville, KY. After a very thorough technique and safety demonstration, we were ready to go for our paddle. This kayaking experience is very different from canoeing in that one must paddle and use a rudder to turn the boat, where paddling is only used to turn in canoeing. Seeing the luminescent plankton sparkle in the dark waters was spectacular, something I had never seen so close-up. The 3 1/2 hour trip passed by way too fast, yet everyone left with wonderful experiences viewing the stars without distracting light, variety of birds, fog forming on the waters surface, and the beauty of the Olympics. We’re looking forward to our next tour on the South Sound with Sam during the misty, rainy Autumn.
What an outstanding kayaking tour guide!

– Limited Availability remain on the Sunset and Bioluminesence Tour!
An evening tour as the day transitions to an impressionist painting and Mt. Ranier illuminates in orange and purple.
Last of the season available dates = Nov. 5-10.

Kayak Nisqually
Puget Sound Adventures
Sam Kaviar, owner/operator
Email: adventure@kayaknisqually.com


Steve & Yael Klein in the Billy Frank, Jr. National Wildlife Refuge. Sept. 28, 2017.

October 18, 2018

Introducing 2 area authors recently published books:
* “Knappy and Jas in the Unifield Generator” by Neil Kaber,
* “Parsing the Dragon: A Memoir…” by Susan Lampe.

Credit: Neil Kaber

– From author Neil Kaber:
“I am happy to announce that I have just published a humorous children’s book, Knappy and Jas in the Unifield Generator, about the end of pollution on Earth utilizing the Unified Field Theory and Free Energy. The book is available in Yelm at JZ Rose and on Amazon.”

“I have had an active interest in science, in particular electronics, since age five. Over the years I have done many experiments. In 1970 I was introduced to the concept of Free Energy, creating usable power from the Quantum Field . From then on I was driven by the excitement of this discovery to learn as much as I could.

“Most of my inspiration came from the experiments of Wilhelm Reich, Edwin Gray, Stanley Myer, Troy Reed, Nikola Tesla, the Testatika Machine from Methernitha, fifty other inventors, and the Unified Field Theory of Bruce Cathie, and Ramtha. I understood that the same mechanism for gathering power from the Quantum Field was present in both the micro and the macro, in humans and machinery. A superconducting atom has the same spins as a person in a focused state of mind. Both are Free energy as they feed themselves and have no entropy.

“I wanted children to have knowledge of this discovery and have a fun adventure reading about it. Then I discovered the fabulous artwork of Kyoko Nakano on Facebook. She is a fellow RSE student with art that draws you right into that child within. I couldn’t have found a better match. We spent many months on Skype from Yelm to Japan conquering our language barriers to complete this beautiful and inspiring book.”
Read a description and order.

Credit: Susan Glenn Lampe

– From author Susan Glenn Lampe:
About Parsing the Dragon: A Memoir, The Butterfly ChaSu, Tiny Shooting Stars, and Butterflies and Other Dimensions.

“The author’s world shifts in 2006, when her father’s illness summons her back to her hometown, Decatur, Illinois, from her current home in the Pacific Northwest. She finds her father on the mend but his illness unmasks the hidden diagnosis of her mother’s dementia. Sensing the end of her mother’s life is imminent, Susan confronts her on their relationship, one fraught with so much criticism and cruelty, that the author secretly sees her mother as “The Dragon.” Throughout the next eight years, the Glenn children struggle to keep their ninety-year-old parents comfortable while they downsize the family’s unwieldy estate.

“On a September afternoon in 2010, Susan sorts through the last of her parents’ possessions still haunted by the question—-Did her mother truly love her? Suddenly she finds unexpected answers in a trove of letters found in a shoebox. The letters illuminate the lives of a young couple, Clarence and Adele Glenn, newly married but separated by war. Her mother awaits Susan’s birth in Chicago, while her father serves as ship’s doctor in the U.S. Navy, on the U.S.S. Natoma Bay aircraft carrier. The lives of the young family depend on the outcome of World War II.

Parsing the Dragon: A Memoir, The Butterfly ChaSu, Tiny Shooting Stars, and Butterflies and Other Dimensions is available on Amazon.com in ebook ($3) and in paperback ($10). My website is www.parsingwithsusan.com.”
Click here to order.

October 17, 2018

Weather record: 6th record high this year today at 72 degrees

Photo credit: Rory Sagner Photography & Fine Art

– Weather record – Tie for high temperature for any Oct. 17th
Olympia Regional Airport, closest official weather service station to Yelm (16 miles), tied the high temperature record for any October 17th at 72 degrees (22 C.), the previous record set in 2002. The average high for any Oct. 17th is 60 degrees (15.5 C.).
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