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Yelm Community Blogger’s 2018 election results take-away

– Editor’s Note
This is my take-away from last night’s election results:

– Nationally
One thing is very clear – the urban and suburban voter had key influence in the House elections nationally and cast their ballots to bring checks and balances to President Trump’s unbridled power from a feckless and complicit Republican Congress. The Congressional House of Representatives “flipped” to Democrats by a comfortable margin of 30 votes (they needed 23), and in my view, there now will be an ideological civil war in this country and the President will unleash a tirade of unsubstantiated claims, he’ll fire Attorney General Sessions & then put in-place his immunized by-Executive-Order Solicitor General (an Executive Order issued last April to negate the Solicitor General’s conflicts of interest) after he fires Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein overseeing the Mueller investigation. I expect many more firings or resignations. Trump will be in a mode to “burn down the building” of government and cause even more chaos before the House Freshman Representatives are inaugurated. Mueller will begin releasing his obstruction data, possibly indict Roger Stone, Trump Jr., etc., and then we’re off to what this country has never faced, ever. A “Blue” House Foreign Intelligence Committee will force subpoenas on witnesses in the Russia probe that Rep. Nunes stopped, the Ways & Means Committee will subpoena Trump’s tax returns, he’ll refuse, and this will go to the Supreme Court, he’ll still refuse even their ruling causing a Constitutional crisis. And the House will immunize Mueller in the Russia probe. Right-leaning “Q” and Trump will cry Deep State stranglehold, Soros, Hillary e-mails, lock her up, fear, etc., and all that Eatonville, WA. writer Bruce Smith wrote will ensue, which beautifully describes fascism taking root in America. To most, that is a term from their history class and most have zero idea what that means. And what about the President’s oath to uphold The Constitution of the United States? Will that be damned by him, too?

All of this is not going to be pretty, Mother Nature WILL have her way and the next 2 years with more intense weather, volcano, earthquake, melting ice-caused disasters and are going to make the last 2 look like a cake walk. This is the burning of the past, both literally & figuratively. The morals of America will be under assault even more so, as the white, Christian male dominance in this country comes to an end, which is the fear that President Trump has stoked since his 2016 election with his rants that the change in this country’s demographics needs to be feared. His rural “base” that supports him voted that point of view, however that is from pure lack of education, for the urban and suburban voters know differently from experience!

Now that the House of Representatives “flipped” to the Democrats, the voters spoke there has to be an “adult in the room” to check this President’s massive debt increase, which has become 50% greater than when Obama left office. Remember, Trump campaigned in 2016 to eliminate the debt, get the U. S. out of Afghanistan, and “drain the swamp,” and none of that occurred, instead just the opposite. Any observer can see things as they are. Forget Trump’s proposed 10% tax cut pledged 2 weeks ago, which was nothing more than another of his campaign election ploys, especially when Congress was not even in session to consider such in Trump’s timeline on this.

While Trump’s impeachment is not possible with the Senate firmly in Republican control unless, like Nixon, the President is unquestionably proven to have committed crimes, Trump will now turn his sights to his 2020 re-election, which if past is prologue, we can expect his attacks against the Democrats to ratchet up exponentially especially with the House putting his affairs under checks and balances. There will be a further divide in this nation, for Trump is not the leader to engender any national consensus and be a unifying force. Trump’s methodology is to strike out at a common enemy, whether real or imagined, to stoke fear in his base to get them to follow him. Beginning today, Trump will up the ante of his war against the media (except his mouthpiece Fox News), Democratic subpoena power, Mueller, and anyone critical of his actions. Will he craft a “Wag the Dog” scenario to retain power as the 2020 election gets closer? Stay tuned!

The “elephant in the room” is the massive debt and the money the government has to borrow to pay the interest on that debt, the exact issue Republicans decried under Obama, yet Obama left office with the trends of decreasing the debt. Watch for Trump to attempt to discredit Democrats by declassifying docs and try to get Hillary locked up that will embarrass them mainly as a distraction, however I do not see he has the backbone to release UFO info the government has, nor free energy details, nor do away with the Federal Reserve banking system. If Trump got rid of the Fed, his family empire’s whole house of debt-supported cards comes tumbling down, and in my view, he is too much of a narcissist to risk his family’s fortunes to save his country. Though if he does, I’ll be firmly in his corner.

* “Women Lead Parade of Victories”
Click here for The New York Times story.

* “Colorado moves left, electing 1st openly gay governor in U.S.”
Click here for the Chicago Tribune story.

– Locally
* Legislative District 2 – State Rep. Pos. 1 – While incumbent Andrew Barkis defeated 1st-time candidate Anneliese Feld 60% to 40%, Feld campaigned on issues that made inroads with voters here of which Barkis needs to take note. Barkis has rarely been seen publicly in the district out here in Yelm, where he has one of his businesses, and should be holding regular Town Hall Forums and engaging his constituents, which he needs to change, especially if he wants Yelm-area support as he no-doubt seeks other political offices in the future. I give stay-at-home-mom Feld alot of credit in challenging Barkis,

* Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall handily defeated challenger Stuart Holmes, who hopefully discovered that bashing a successful and accomplished incumbent Auditor in Hall is not a vehicle on which to base your platform. Did the County Republican Party apparatus coax Holmes to go after attacking Hall still stinging from her defeat of their candidate State Rep. Gary Alexander, to become the first Democratic Auditor in 71 years here 5 years ago? If so, there was too little substance from Holmes on his vision for this office for area voters.

* County Commissioner District No. 3 has challenger Tye Menser defeating incumbent Bud Blake 51%-49% in a race I say is too close to call. The Olympian Editorial Board laid out the case for Menser the best, “Tye Menser is one that can bring a little more balance to county government in the long run.” And, “As we look ahead at a fast-growing county that borders Puget Sound, Menser is the one more likely to protect the environment as our county absorbs a predicted 100,000 new residents over the next few decades.” And, “Menser can serve as a better minority voice for moderation if the conservative commission majority goes too far in the direction of deregulation.” This writer agrees. Republican turned “Independent” Blake did not articulate a clear vision for the future on these important issues facing Thurston County, and especially in the county’s budget issues for which he has been a steward for 4 years.

* County Prosecuting Attorney incumbent Jon Tunheim is defeating challenger Victor Minjares 55-45%. The Olympian Editorial Board clarified caution about Tonheim if re-elected in a headline that stated, “Jon Tunheim must modernize the Prosecutor’s Office.” Challenger Minjares raised many issues about Tonheim’s performance or lack thereof, who has spent his entire prosecutorial career in Thurston County. The Olympian said, “A 2017 report by national experts found flaws in Thurston County courts’ handling of cases. The report, which looked at the courts overall, was critical of the large number of continuances or delays in cases in this county.” The Board closed by saying, “but he should sharpen his game. Thurston County deserves more than it is getting.” I do not know if Tonheim is open to my idea, however I suggest he invite Minjares to head a task force to recommend ideas for change in the Prosecutor’s office, as Minjares brought a wealth of knowledge and campaign vigor in what had become a perfunctory election choice, and Victor’s experience should be exploited here.

* Thurston Public Utility District Commissioner, District No. 1 incumbent Linda Oosterman is defeating challenger Andrew Saturn 58-42%. Saturn’s integrity has been challenged, yet he raised several important issues during this campaign about the role and mission of the PUD, concerns which Oosterman really needs to adequately address, as she is seen as being too heavily influenced/associated with one utility.

– Bottom line:
Now, on to the future and a February 2019 Yelm Community Schools Bond vote and Fall 2019’s Yelm Council positions that will be on the ballot.

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  1. Thank you Steve for your astute assessment of the election and potential consequences of which, as of this comment, Session’s forced resignation has just occurred. That Trump has stirred the pot there is no denying. For that I give him credit. He has awakened the demons and angels of our innermost prejudices. The only swamp that has so far been cleared and indicted is that of his own hand picked cronies. I accept that a deep state does well exist within our government and that it must be routed out. But if we are truly patriots, then we must abide by the Constitution and indict the deep state with due process and not some trumped up martial/military law shenanigans (pun not intended) that are the tools of dictators and tyrants.

    Comment by Carlos Perez on November 7, 2018 at 8:10 pm

  2. Steve, I want to complement you on your astute observations about the likely consequences of the mid term elections. I agree with your analysis completely and it is a most refreshing counterpoint to the NorthStar Newsletter rants about “Q” and Trump.
    I agree with the previous comment by Carlos that yes, Trump has indeed stirred the pot which definitely needed stirring. However, the damage to the general psyche and emotional well being of the country as a whole has been enormous and the consequences will be felt for a very long time. Trump cares about no one but himself and he is the pre-eminent example of a true narcissist. What a sad example of a human being he is…although he is doing the job that he is meant to be doing.
    Thank you again for your fine appraisal.

    Comment by Jofannie Karla on November 8, 2018 at 12:33 pm

  3. My grandfather always taught my brothers and me that everything works out for the best. The silver lining in all of this is that the world is changing and that the United States is no longer the preeminent leader. That reality has been revealed under this President, and the chaos he has brought is laying siege to old paradigms that must have the light of day shined on them. After the country sees the nastiness of what lies shoved under the nation’s carpet, more which will be revealed under Trump, then cleans up the mess and stench, can we move forward into the future. The Phoenix rising from the ashes went through an excruciating process of cleansing in fire to emerge valiant. The U. S. will, too, though the process is painful!

    Comment by Steve on November 8, 2018 at 1:09 pm

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