October 23, 2019

The Olympian to cease Saturday print editions, access online instead

“The Olympian announces digital-only Saturdays, expanded Friday and Sunday newspapers”

  • From Rebecca Poynter, President and Publisher of The Olympian to readers:

The Olympian is changing to make sure we are able to meet the needs of our readers and the communities we serve long into the future. Providing the news that’s essential to your life — be it breaking news, coverage of our local governments and sports, or watchdog journalism that holds public officials accountable — remains our primary focus.

While that mission hasn’t changed, we are seeing shifts in how our readers are engaging with this valued content. More and more of our customers are engaging with our local journalism online. This is not only a trend in the South Sound, it is a widespread trend in the media industry, and in fact, all industries.

As reader habits change, we are adapting to serve them in new ways. To support these shifts, starting on Jan. 25, 2020, we will no longer produce a printed newspaper on Saturday and will launch a Weekend Edition that includes expanded newspapers on Fridays and Sundays. Many of the features that you enjoy on Saturday such as comics, puzzles, TV listings and local sports coverage will appear in expanded editions in print on Friday and Sunday. On Saturdays, we will continue to publish breaking local news to our website and social media platforms, and we invite you to visit our website or eEdition, which replicates the experience of a printed newspaper online.

While a printed newspaper once was the sole means of accessing news and information, we now offer many different ways to connect with The Olympian beyond print — on theolympian.com website, on mobile apps, on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and through video and newsletters. These digital platforms are accessible wherever you go and whenever you want.

We are making this strategic change to invest in our future and to continue to be your source of news and information on all the platforms you choose.

As we make this transition together we want to thank you for your loyalty and investment in The Olympian. We are dedicated to providing this community, one we care deeply about, with independent, fact-based news and solutions for local businesses that help us all thrive and grow for many years to come. This is another step to make progress toward this goal.

Thank you.

October 23, 2019

Protect your own body from effects of EMFs and cell phone radiation

Credit: Shutterstock / Halfpoint

“iPhone Radiation Emissions Are ‘The Chernobyl of the Cell Phone Industry’, Lawyer Says”

“News broke that the Apple’s iPhones may be exceeding allowed radiation limits, prompting an investigation by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Not surprisingly it also seems that the sharks are beginning to circle as a Chicago-based law firm decides to launch its own “investigation” into the matter.

“The issue came to light when the Chicago Tribune conducted its own independent testing into the radio-frequency (RF) radiation being emitted by the iPhone and other popular smartphones. Engaging the services of an accredited testing lab, the Tribune determined that many of Apple’s iPhones exceeded the legal limits of radiation allowed by the FCC, with the 2016 iPhone 7 being the worst offender,” by Jesse Hollington, iDrop News. Read more

“Effects of electromagnetic fields on human health”

Story at-a-glance

  • Peter Sullivan is the founder of Clear Light Ventures, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the health effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure
  • For years, Sullivan struggled with declining health; eliminating magnetic field exposure and cleaning up sources of dirty electricity helped enormously
  • Four main types of EMFs are electric fields from house wiring and corded appliances; magnetic fields from power lines, motors and transformers; radio frequencies from cellphones, smart meters, Wi-Fi and other wireless devices; and dirty electricity from transient voltage spikes
  • While you can measure all of these, there’s no one single meter that can provide you information about all of these EMFs. For a comprehensive assessment of your exposures, you will need more than one meter
  • EMF exposure appears to be a significant contributor to autism, and many children improve when EMF exposures are addressed and minimized

By Dr. Joseph Mercola. Read more

October 22, 2019

Public hearing tonight on County Courthouse plan,
Commissioner Menser talks county issues Thursday


Courthouse public hearing: Thurston County Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on a proposed property tax increase to fund a new courthouse and county office complex. Voters will be asked to approve the plan in an April 2020 special election. The public hearing will be 5:30 p.m. at Thurston County Courthouse, Building 1, Room 152, 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia. Information: thurstoncountywa.gov/bocc/Pages/courthouse-civic-project.aspx.

Commissioner talks county issues: Thurston County Commissioner Tye Menser will discuss issues facing the county and take questions from the audience, 7-8:30 p.m. at Thurston County Courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Drive, Room 152, Olympia. Arrive by 6:45 p.m. Sponsored by Olympia Indivisible,” by The Olympian. Read more

October 22, 2019

Yelm Senior Center Holiday Bazaar this weekend!

Credit: Yelm Senior Center
  • From the Yelm Senior Center:

“10/25-10/26: Yelm Senior Center Holiday Bazaar (Yelm)”

The Yelm Senior Center is having their Fall and Christmas Bazaar and bake sale –
Friday and Saturday, October 25th and 26th, 9 am — 4 pm
16530 103rd Avenue SE, just east of Creek St.
Yelm, WA 98597

Come one, come all!!
Enjoy lunch while you browse and buy! Christmas is just around the corner.
Lots of raffles for Seahawk stuff…Quilt, flags, etc

October 21, 2019

The Seattle Times report: Yelm becomes focal point over state’s new firearm regs.


“Discontent over Washington gun laws leads group to talk of ‘citizen’s arrest’ of Bob Ferguson”

“The talk at the Yelm Prairie Christian Center was of frustration and anger — and of what to do about Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

So intense is the distress over new firearms regulations in the state and Ferguson’s support of them that a group of 35 or so came together to discuss what many saw as a constructive next step: Go to court to file citizen complaints against Ferguson or maybe even attempt a citizen’s arrest of him.

“The meeting reflected the simmering discontent among gun-rights advocates for a slew of new restrictions approved in recent years by Washington’s voters and lawmakers. Lawmakers, judges and elected officials, they say, are violating their Second Amendment rights.”

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza and County Commissioner Gary Edwards, on hand to answer questions, said they didn’t like the many gun restrictions passed in recent years, either. And they sympathized with the objections to red flag laws.”

But at the meeting, Snaza and Edwards urged those gathered to have patience and to not take matters into their own hands. Snaza was asked if he’d sanction the formation of a militia for Thurston County.

A militia would have have to be sworn in by him, Snaza said, and he wouldn’t permit that at this time,” by Joseph O’Sullivan, The Seattle Times. Read more

October 20, 2019

Last week was Trump’s most incriminating of his Presidency to date –
Yet other important news should not be overlooked.

Credit: Kevin Siers
Charlotte Observer

“Trump says his Florida Doral resort will no longer host G7 summit”

“He reverses course after coming under fire for the choice because it could benefit him financially”

Read more from Dennis Romero, NBC News.

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano on impeachment

Click here & Click here for analysis by Brian Tyler Cohen. FOX News Judge Napolitano’s stand that hosting the G-7 at Trump’s Doral Resort is an emoluments clause violation of the Constitution of The United States contributed to the President backing down.

“Appeals court revives Trump emoluments lawsuit”

“A federal appeals court will rehear a lawsuit that challenges the president’s ownership of a luxury hotel five blocks from the White House. “

Read more from Pete Williams, NBC News.

“Trump Doubles Down on His Assault on Alaska’s Old-Growth Forests”

“US Forest Service’s multiple plans to log vast swathes of Tongass National Forest faces stiff opposition”

Read more of this really, really sad proposal. Story by Paul Koberstein and Jessica Applegate, Earth Island Journal.

“Trump Has Spent 278 Years Of Presidential Salary On Taxpayer Funded Golf Trips”

Read more by Jason Easley, PoliticusUSA.

“Trump Has Been Giving Up Ground in His Much-Vaunted “Trade War'”

Read more by Dean Baker, Truthout.

“Trump vetoes measure to end his emergency declaration on border wall”

Read more from Reuters.

“Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies”

“The president’s businesses made themselves appear more profitable to lenders and less profitable to tax officials. One expert calls the differing numbers ‘versions of fraud.'”

Read more by Heather Vogell, ProPublica.

“Intelligence Committee member [Rep. Denny Heck]: ‘Each and every’ impeachment witness ‘brings new insights’”

Ed. note: Very proud of our District 10 Rep. Denny Heck on MSNBC. Click here

“Trump outstripping Obama on pace of executive orders”

“An executive order can have the same effect as a federal law — but its impact can be fleeting”

Read more from Kevin Freking, Associated Press.

“In ruling on Trump finances, court finds broad authority for impeachment inquiry”

“The late Elijah Cummings, as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, had a valid reason for seeking the president’s financial records, the judges said.”

Read more from by Danny Cevallos, NBC News.

“Former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he’s now for impeaching Trump”

Read more from Kaanita Iyer, CNN.

October 19, 2019

WA. hybrid/electric car owners get an annual $75 fee in car tab bills

2019 Nissan Leaf all-electric car
Courtesy: Nissan LEAF EV / USA

“Sticker shock for Washington’s hybrid and electric car owners: $75 fee in their new car-tab bills”

“Beginning this month, hybrid-vehicle owners in Washington state will start paying an annual $75 car-tab fee to finance electric-car charging stations they’ll never use.

“The little-known increase is labeled ‘Hybrid Vehicle Transportation Electrification’ on bills from the state Department of Licensing (DOL).”

“The hybrid fee was part of House Bill 2042, intended to promote electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions. Owners of plug-in electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, who already pay $150 into the state roads fund in lieu of gasoline taxes, will also pay the $75 electrification fee, for a total $225,” by Mike Lindblom, The Seattle Times. Read more

Blogger Klein purchased the first “all-electric” Nissan Leaf automobile registered in the 98597 zip code in 2011.

October 18, 2019

“Yelm University” announced to educate public about each city dept.

Councilor Molly Councilor
Credit: City of Yelm
  • First ever “Yelm University” announced by Councilor Carmody:

“All – I’m very excited to announce that the first ever “Yelm University” will occur on Dec 5, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Yelm Community Center. I’ve worked with Mayor Foster to organize a “mini-uni” for our first effort. Hopefully we can host future more extended events, but for now, we will offer presentations from each department, to describe what each department does and how it does it. Each presentation will have a 10-15 minute Q&A section after its presentation, where folks can ask questions to that department head. This is the first-ever seminar of its kind that Yelm has hosted, and I’m so excited to see it going forward! Special thanks go out to Mayor Foster for lending his staff, and the department heads for taking on this extra task. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there! PLEASE SHARE to get out the word!” via Facebook.

October 18, 2019

“Roy Yelm Prairie Line Trail receives PSRC funding”

Credit: City of Yelm

“Planning study for 4.8-mile trail linking two rural cities”

“Roy and Yelm are working together on a new bicycle and pedestrian trail that will connect the two cities.

“In September PSRC’s Executive Board approved $45,000 in Rural Town Centers and Corridors funding for a planning study of the section of the trail from Roy to the Nisqually River within Pierce County.

“The project will ultimately provide an off-street bicycle and pedestrian trail between the downtown cores of the two rural small cities,” by Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC). Read more

October 17, 2019

Adm. William H. McRaven: “Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President”

Then-Vice Admiral William McRaven testifies on Capitol Hill in 2011.
Credit: Getty Images

“If President Trump doesn’t demonstrate the leadership that America needs, then it is time for a new person in the Oval Office.”

Click here to read the full Op-Ed in The New York Times by Admiral William H. McRaven, former commander of the United States Special Operations Command:

“McRaven said he was struck by the men and women who serve — and have served — America who he said now harbor “an underlying current of frustration, humiliation, anger and fear” because of Trumps’s words and deeds.

“‘As I stood on the parade field at Fort Bragg, one retired four-star general, grabbed my arm, shook me and shouted, ‘I don’t like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic!'” he wrote.

“McRaven said America’s greatness is reflected in its ideals. ‘We are the most powerful nation in the world because our ideals of universal freedom and equality have been backed up by our belief that we were champions of justice, the protectors of the less fortunate.’

‘President Trump seems to believe that these qualities are unimportant or show weakness. He is wrong,’ he said.

And if this president doesn’t understand their importance, if this president doesn’t demonstrate the leadership that America needs, both domestically and abroad, then it is time for a new person in the Oval Office — Republican, Democrat or independent — the sooner, the better. The fate of our Republic depends upon it.”

Read more from MarketWatch.


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