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2020: Year of Autocracy vs. the Constitution of the United States –
Autocracy won out last week!

The new Deep State?
Avoiders of the Rule of Law?
The Four Amigos?
Trump’s personal Attorney General Barr, Trump’s Secretary of his State Pompeo, Autocrat Trump, Sycophant Pence.
  • Editor’s note: Last week was yet filled with another dizzying array of acts that are totally against the Constitution of the United States which our leaders took an oath to uphold. Even prominent Republican supporters in the Senate and House broke ranks with Trump’s unconstitutional actions, where he unilaterally authorized the assassination of a leader of a sovereign nation who was on another country’s soil. There was no “imminent” threat, as so many congressional representatives testified after getting a security briefing. No matter what the atrocity’s that Iran’s General Soleimani committed, so have other leaders in countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Turkey and North Korea, yet Trump has not assassinated their generals.
  • Trump ran on a campaign promise to get us out of these wars and bring our troops home. Now, this is yet another one added to his list of lies. The United States of America is no longer admired around the world for upholding ethics and principles that once served as a shining beacon for billions – the curtain has been pulled back to fully demonstrate how this country’s Constitution and moral fiber has been compromised.
  • Autocracy won out last week, evidenced in the following reports:

“Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’”

By Max Blumenthal, The Gray Zone. Read more

“Reporter calls out Pompeo to his face for lying about “imminent threat” from Iran

By Brian Tyler Cohen, video on YouTube. Click here

“Fox judge [Napolitano] calls for MORE articles of impeachment against Trump”

By Brian Tyler Cohen, video on YouTube. Click here

“Did Trump Kill Soleimani to Shore Up GOP Senators’ Support on Impeachment?”

“According to two separate reports, Trump may have had the impeachment process on his mind when giving the go-ahead for the drone strike on Soleimani,” by Peter Wade, Rolling Stone Magazine. Read more

“GOP Sen. Mike Lee blasts officials for ‘insulting and demeaning’ Iran briefing”

[Trump supporters] “Sens. Lee and Paul noted that they now want to support a War Powers Resolution,” by Mariam Kahn, ABC News. Read more

“In aftermath of Ukraine crisis, a climate of mistrust and threats”

By Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe, Washington Post. Read more

“The Threat of War Inflates Stock Holdings of Military Contractor CEOs”

“As long as the top executives of our privatized war economy can reap unlimited rewards, the profit motive for war in Iran — or anywhere — will persist,” by Sarah Anderson, Inequality.org. Read more

“The Pentagon Is the Only Winner in the ‘Global War on Terror'”

By Tom Dispatch. Read more

“How Trump’s Trade War Is Making Lobbyists Rich And Slamming Small Businesses”

“Washington’s influence industry, including former Trump officials and allies, has made big money helping companies get exemptions from tariffs — sometimes by undercutting small business owners like Mike Elrod,” by Lydia DePillis, ProPublica. Read more

“White House considering dramatic expansion of travel ban

By Jonathan Lemire, Lisa Mascaro and Jill Colvin, Associated Press. Read more

“Impeachment Adds to a Long List of Trump’s Legal Headaches”

By Andrew Harris, Bloomberg. Read more

DOJ review into Hillary Clinton finds “nothing worthy of a criminal investigation”

“Rachel Maddow relays reporting from the Washington Post and CNN that a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, and other pet right-wing narratives has found nothing worthy of criminal investigation, and reviews the other such investigations and suggestive media reports that have previously failed to incriminate Clinton,” quoting MSNBC. Click here

Former Trump NSA Chief’s “Lock her up” chants of Hillary Clinton turns on him – Federal Prosecutors now recommend jail time for Michael Flynn

Read more from MSNBC. And from CNN, who broke the story.

“Putin outpaces in Trump in global trust poll”

“Most countries do not have a great deal of faith in Trump when it comes to managing international relations, particularly compared to other world leaders.,” by Meet the Press, NBC News. Read more

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  1. How about ‘The Ruling Junta’?

    If the US Constitution was an experiment in self-rule, I think we have enough evidence to declare the experiment a failure. The founders did their best to set up what is essentially an operating system built of a constitution and the laws created by the bodies defined in that document, but their assumptions about what people might then do were inadequate, and it’s been gamed to the point of failure. There are missing mechanisms for balancing power, and undefined areas that have been used to achieve whatever ends those in control have desired.

    The mechanism provided for fixing or replacing the operating system assumed things about human nature that turned out not to be universally held by all of the citizens, so we can’t usefully amend it, and calling for a constitutional convention would not result in anything useful. So what do we do?

    Comment by Philip Zack on January 12, 2020 at 9:27 pm

  2. With the Parnass interview supported by documents plus the GAO investigation revealing the Trump Admin. broke the law in withholding aid, Bolton needs to be called in to testify, along with Mulvaney. Parnass implicated Trump, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, William Barr, Mick Mulvaney, Rick Perry, Devin Nunes and said Bolton has all of the information. Pull those threads and the whole ball of yarn comes undone. We, the American Public are the jurors, too, and need to demand a fair trial in the Senate!

    Comment by Steve on January 16, 2020 at 10:43 am

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