March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Updates and Tips making headlines include:
* Yelm businesses working to serve customers,
* Coping with anxiety, isolation, and loneliness,
* Where to get help for domestic violence during shutdown!
Credit: University of Miami (FL)

Important stories in the news:

NVN Roundup: Yelm Businesses Working Hard to Serve Customers

Yelm Community Services Food Bank Adapts Under Significant Pressure

Fishing temporarily banned in Washington state over coronavirus and crowded docks

Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety, Isolation and Loneliness

Hertz is offering free rentals to healthcare workers

Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

In the age of COVID-19, the dead are going without funerals, memorials, cultural rituals

How Panic-Buying Revealed the Problem With the Modern World

WA. Manufacturers Urged to Shift Operations to Address COVID-19 Supply Shortages

Here’s where you can get help if you are experiencing domestic violence during shutdown

Coronavirus Shock Is Destroying Americans’ Retirement Dreams

5 Mistakes You Keep Making When Cleaning with Bleach

Average Sleep Time Drops, Increasing Health Risk

March 26, 2020

Gov. Inslee says stay-at-home order, business closures may extend beyond Apr. 9
Credit: Office of Gov. Jay Inslee

“Coronavirus stay-at-home order and business closures may be extended, Inslee says”

The stay-at-home and business closure orders that are in effect for Washington may need to be extended, Gov. Jay Inslee said Thursday [March 26].

“‘The reason is we simply cannot allow this virus to be slowed, then spring back upon us. We’ve got to pound it and we’ve got to pound it until it’s done. I’m glad that Washingtonians are pitching into what is really a warfare against what is a fatal disease in our state,’ the governor said at a press conference.

“The emergency proclamation that Inslee signed on Monday bans all public and private gatherings of people until 12:01 a.m. April 7. The closure of all non-essential businesses expires at 12:01 a.m. April 9.

“If extended, Inslee did not say how long the orders would last,” by James Drew, The Olympian. Read more

March 26, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci: America needs to be ready for virus returning this fall!
The United States has now been warned!
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Credit: © getty

“Fauci says US needs to be prepared for coronavirus to be cyclical”

“Fauci told reporters during a White House briefing that more cases of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus have begun to appear in the southern hemisphere, which is transitioning into colder seasons.

“If there is an outbreak in the southern hemisphere, Fauci said ‘it will be inevitable’ that the disease will make a comeback even if it is temporarily stopped. 

“New studies show that warm, humid weather might slow the virus – which could mean the pandemic might ease during the coming summer months for North America and Europe.

But Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a prominent member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, said America needs to be ready in case it comes back in the fall,” by Nathaniel Weixel, The Hill. Read more

Anthony Fauci: “You don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline” on relaxing public health measures

Medical experts weigh in on potential for ‘cyclical’ coronavirus reappearance

March 26, 2020

Twister Donuts moves in with Shiplap Coffee House this Tuesday!
Credit: Yelp

“Twister Donuts and Shiplap Shop Coffee House Join Forces to Counter Economic Uncertainty”

  • Editor’s note: This is a very wise move for both Twister and Shiplap – best wishes to them both!
  • Another prominent Yelm Ave. storefront will now become vacant.

“Twister Donuts, a small franchise based out of Olympia, has satellite stores in Yelm and Centralia. Brenda Campbell, owner of the Yelm and Centralia locations, is moving her Yelm store a couple blocks north on Yelm Avenue to Shiplap Shop and Coffee House to team up with its co-owner Gary Rurup.

“Before the coronavirus hit, Campbell had already outgrown her current location at 305 E. Yelm Ave. and was looking at moving to a bigger storefront in town. When Gov. Jay Inslee announced restrictions to in-house dining at restaurants, she decided to be proactive, call Shiplap Shop and Coffee House and move Twister Donuts into its store.

“Campbell expects no disruption of service during the move, as Twister Donuts will close at its usual time at 4 p.m., Monday, March 30, and reopen at the new location at its usual time at 6 a.m., Tuesday, March 31, ” by Eric Trent, The Chronicle, Centralia. Read more

March 26, 2020

Virus Updates and Tips for March 26 include:
* Astronauts sharing their tips on self-isolation.
* WA state radio won’t air Trump briefings due to misinformation.
* Neil Diamond sings “Sweet Caroline” with virus lyrics!
Credit: CNBC analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University

Washington state radio station won’t air Trump briefings because of ‘false or misleading information’

Neil Diamond changes lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” in coronavirus PSA

What Is the Best Disinfectant for Surfaces?

COVID-19: What older adults need to know suggested by

Astronauts Share Insightful Tips On Self-Isolation During Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus deaths in the US could reach peak in three weeks, epidemiologist says

How to protect your retirement savings during the coronavirus scare

How the World’s Richest Country Ran Out of a 75-Cent Face Mask

McDonald’s is pulling its all-day breakfast menu as it limits options amid pandemic

Satellite photos show how much air pollution has dropped after cities implemented lockdowns in response to the coronavirus.

What Is the Best Disinfectant for Surfaces?

Releasing inmates, screening staff: U.S. jails and prisons rush to limit virus risks

March 25, 2020

Yelm is facing a major crisis – loss of revenue streams,
Yet council votes 5-2 for $1.9 million in water/sewer design,
While new home building, B&O, sales and property taxes all set to decline,
And Mayor Foster has yet to declare an emergency!
  • Editor’s note: Yelm is on the precipice of a financial tsunami!
  • Closed businesses/unemployment mean lower tax revenues,
  • Mayor Foster said last night, “We hope this crisis will be over soon.”
  • Very short-sighted, while neighboring jurisdictions prepare for a cash shortage, each declaring emergencies.
  • Many cities have discussed new measures to support businesses, including deferring quarterly taxes and licensing fees. NOT here!
  • Last night, the Yelm city council authorized 5-2 for Mayor Foster to sign a contract with Parametrix, Inc. for $1.89 million, for engineering design services for the Water Reclamation Facility Phase 2 expansion.
  • The $1.89m will come out of the $2m sewer reserve fund.
  • So what happens when there is a sewer breakdown and there is only $110,000 in the sewer reserve fund?
  • While I have supported Public Works updates previously, that was prior to the coronanvirus emergency. The city will not be able to support this contract with the severe and impending loss of tax, building permit, and businesses revenue.
  • Last night when the council discussed a pause on water bills to assist customers during this crisis, Mr. Foster said, “I need a revenue stream to pay our employees.”
  • Mr. Foster: as mentioned on this blog recently, this city must cut expenses to conserve cash, and now!
  • Yelm needs decisive leadership to declare a cash emergency!
  • After the NVN published yesterday Foster would not declare an emergency, he then closed all city facilitates today.
  • Mayor Harding did not conserve city cash during the 2008-2009 economic downturn and deferred water/sewer maintenance and upgrades, for which this city is still paying the price.
  • Community Development Director Grant Beck was here in 2008-2009 and knows what occurred when housing values dramatically fell and the city did not plan for the property tax revenue loss.
  • The COVID-19 crisis is exponentially worse than the 2008-2009 downturn and will take years from which to recover!
  • By the next public council session on April 14, this city’s cash crisis will be in full view!
  • Inslee suspends parts of open meetings, public records laws

Read more from of last night’s council agenda.

Editor’s note: These stories should be Mayor Foster’s guide:

Fauci predicts Americans will likely need to stay home for at least several more weeks

Seattle and Other US Cities Are About to Experience the Mother of All Economic Crashes

Editor’s note: When Seattle sneezes, Yelm will catch a cold!

The upcoming job losses will be unlike anything the US has ever seen

As coronavirus wrecks the economy, Thurston local governments prepare for revenue declines Yelm not one of them!

Yelm Mayor Takes Measured Approach to COVID-19 Locally (does not call for a city emergency)

State is preparing for long-term school closures, including ‘the rest of the school year’

March 25, 2020

City of Yelm finally takes more aggressive actions –
City closes all facilities until further notice![1].JPG
Splash Park
Credit: City of Yelm

“All City facilities are closed until further notice”

  • From the City of Yelm:

“All City facilities are closed until further notice due to the coronavirus. We continue providing essential public services like police and utility services. There are a number of online services available for our residential and business customers.

“Police, fire, and emergency medical response services are available as usual. Emergency? CALL 911
For water emergencies, call 360-704-2740
For sewer emergencies, call 360-458-8411″

Read more

March 25, 2020

Rumors and false virus information flourish at an astonishing rate!

How to Spot Fake News: Lesson Plans

In the coronavirus era, rumors, misinformation, conspiracies spread faster than contagion

“No, Washington state is not going to be quarantined by the federal government. No, the National Guard is not imposing martial law.

“Those were just the latest, and some of the most outrageous false rumors, to be spreading across social media and word of mouth during this ongoing coronavirus crisis.

“False information is inciting worry, panic and leading people down paths that could, in the long run, make them ill-equipped to fight the virus.

“‘The volume of information — good and bad — is like nothing we’ve ever seen,’ said Jevin West, director of the Center for an Informed Public and an associate professor at the University of Washington’s Information School. ‘The misinformation on this topic is massive’

“Rumors thrive on uncertainty, and there’s plenty of that surrounding the coronavirus.”

Stopping the rumors

When you are presented with a rumor, there are steps you can take to verify it, West said.

First, use a handful of reliable sources: CDC, WHO, National Institutes of Health and local government officials.

“Check to see if they’re saying the same things,” West said, by Craig Sailor, Tacoma News-Tribune. Read more

March 25, 2020

Virus updates for March 25 include:
– Planning for school closures thru end of school year,
– Boeing plans to restart 737 MAX production in May,
– NY hospitals treating coronavirus patients with Vitamin C!
Credit: University of Miami (FL)

State is preparing for long-term school closures, including ‘the rest of the school year’

State parks and wildlife areas to close Wednesday following the governor’s order

Boeing plans to restart 737 Max production by May, sources say

3 new cases of COVID-19 in Thurston County brings total to 14

Yelm Schools Jump Into Action, Offer Food for Children as Coronavirus Cancels Class – Total of 2,504 Meals Handed Out Over First Three Days

Doctors warn coronavirus deaths could ‘skyrocket’ if restrictions are loosened as Trump wants

New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C

Does Tuesday’s huge rebound mark the bottom for markets? Investors says one key piece is missing

  • The market has received help from monetary policy and looks on its way to aid from the fiscal side.
  • However, market experts see no clear path forward without signs the coronavirus is passing.
  • “We’re going to need to have to see the infections pass an inflection point,” said Vincent Reinhart, chief economist at BNY Asset Management. From, CNBC.

Blogger Klein is a graduate and post-graduate of the University of Miami (FL.)

March 24, 2020

Mt. Rainier closes to all visitors, whether on foot or via any vehicle!
Mt. Rainier
Credit: Visit Rainier
  • From Mt. Rainier National Park’s Tweet:

“As of today [March 24, 2020], Mount Rainier National Park will close all park roads to public vehicle access including cars, buses, motorcycles and non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles from entering the park. Open to backcountry use. More -pw”

“The health and safety of our visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners at Mount Rainier National Park is our number one priority. The National Park Service (NPS) is working with federal, state, and local authorities to closely monitor COVID-19. We will notify the public when we resume full operations and provide updates on our website and social media channels.”  

Read more from the statement!


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