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Yelm council member Molly proposes a Yelm “Public Welfare” Dept.
Councilor Molly Carmody
Credit: City of Yelm

From the Facebook page of Molly Carmody – Yelm City Council:

June 7 at 7:34 PM  · Shared with Public Let’s talk. Is this what we want for Yelm? In Yelm, we have no probation officers, no social workers, no community outreach programs, no dispute mediators, and no mental health workers for the public. Should we rethink what we mean by “public safety”? Should we create a department called “Public Welfare” and set the police under the PW dept along with other community workers?”

  • Editor’s Note: this story is pertinent:

“U.S. spends twice as much on law and order as it does on cash welfare, data show”

“It didn’t used to be this way, and current tensions over the funding differential is at the heart of many calls for police reform,” by Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post. Read more

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