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Where is the national outrage over Trump’s Roger Stone clemency
and ordering federal troopers into Portland against protesters,
without a request from local, county and state officials?
Crushing protest and dissent is UnAmerican!
Using military against civilians is unConstitutional!
“Clemency goes viral”
Credit: Kevin Siers,
The Charlotte Observer
  • Editor’s note: The cartoon above relates to two important stories below about clemency for Roger Stone amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

+ “Trump’s clemency for Roger Stone is an admission of the president’s guilt in Russia probe,” by Joyce White Vance, USA Today Contributor. [After all, Trump was the beneficiary of Stone’s crimes and an unindicted co-conspirator.]

+ “We Can Still Get the Truth From Roger Stone The Justice Department should vindicate the rule of law by putting him before a grand jury,” by Andrew Weissman, in The New York Times.

Trump sends federal troopers to Portland to crush protest, dissent with no requests from the Mayor or Governor

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  1. Some Truth that you may have missed. Thanks for your perspective.
    • Steve
      I deleted your 2nd video because of the calls for attacks involving violence.

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