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“We’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a truth-teller and a healer in the White House”

“President Barack Obama helped ease the nation’s pain after a mass shooting at a South Carolina church in 2015.”
Credit: David Goldman/Associated Press
  • Editor’s note: People have asked me why I do not support Trump when he is committed to eliminating The Federal Reserve, putting the U. S. on a gold standard to free America from the grips of shadow rulers, bring about UFO Disclosure, release the fully unredacted JFK Assassination and 9/11 files, protect LGBTQ and workers rights, balance the budget, eliminate the debt in 8 years, hold the political elite accountable, and tell the truth to America about freeing us from external forces.
  • Trump has not done any of those things in his 4 years, except to release a highly redacted JFK Assassination file. He has attempted to hold Democratic political elite accountable, yet supports and encourages Republican malfeasance on a massive scale.
  • Trump has never been President of the United States, rather has divided the states, and is President only to his “Red States,” denigrating the others and their mayors and governors.
  • Why would I give up my principles to support what this man might do in the next term?
  • To do so would be to surrender my principles in supporting a woman’s right to choose, a national health insurance plan, respect for our environments and Mother Earth, transition to renewable energy, unite with the planet via the Paris Accords to work on climate change, collaborate with our allies, put our adversaries on-notice their behavior is not tolerated, and unify instead of dividing the country.
  • I will not relinquish my principles for this man that has generated so many lies, that he relinquished his oath to protect the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and allowed a pandemic to have unfettered access in this country by not having a national plan. No, I will not do this!
  • Tom Freidman’s commentary excerpt below underscores clearly why!

When my president sang ‘Amazing Grace’

“We’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a truth-teller and a healer in the White House”

Obama Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ During Pinckney Eulogy | msnbc video

The New York Times Commentary by Tom Friedman:

This is my last regular column before Election Day, so what is there left to say? Instead of giving you an answer, let me leave you with a question, which I think is the question. What would you do if your kid came home from school and said:

Mom, Dad, my teacher said President Obama ordered the killing of the U.S. Special Forces team that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden. My teacher said Bin Laden is actually still alive, that the guy the Navy SEALs killed was a ‘body double.’ He also claimed that Obama’s aides got Iran to send Bin Laden to Pakistan so Obama could have a ‘trophy kill.’ What’s a trophy kill? My teacher said he had heard all of this somewhere on the internet and he just thought he’d pass it along to our class. Mom, Dad, is this true?”

I know how I’d respond. I’d immediately call the school principal and ask how someone peddling such vile and fraudulent conspiracy stuff could be teaching in any classroom in America. Who wouldn’t? It violates the most basic judgment and norms of decency that we expect of anyone teaching in public school or serving in public office.

And that is really the question Donald Trump’s voters can’t ignore: Why would you be ready to fire your kid’s teacher for passing along such disgusting nonsense but be willing to rehire the nation’s teacher in chief — our president, the man with the most-read blackboard in the world — after he peddled exactly these crazy conspiracy theories to some 87 million people on Twitter the other day? Is there anything more warped?

Read more of the full commentary.

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  1. It has been hard to reckon that this man was elected President in the first place, let alone live through an Administration filled with lies, cruelty, cowardice, and childish, if not psychotic behavior. And though it really seems possible Trump will be defeated, it is still hard to reckon that the election is so close — that more than 45% of the country supports him no matter how crazy or dangerous his rhetoric is. For me, that is the hardest part to reckon with. And it does not get solved in one election. I pray for the common values, and common sense of America.

    Comment by Shelley Lucus on November 1, 2020 at 10:47 am

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