December 31, 2020

Last day of 2020’s news report:
* Yelm included in The Chronicle’s 2020 iconic photos,
* Culp lists Thurston in “voting anomalies” lawsuit,
* “Tell me the story about the virus” best describes 2020 in hindsight!
Yelm included in The Chronicle’s 2020 iconic photos
Two Boeing C-17 Globemaster cargo planes fly above the Yelm Family Medicine Plaza Friday, May 8, 2020 as part of a regional salute to frontline workers.
Credit: Jared Wenzelburger, The Chronicle, [Centralia].


McClatchy News: Losing candidate for Washington governor now sues over unsubstantiated voter fraud – includes citing Thurston County for allowing “voting anomalies” in the November election. [Ed note: Following in Trump’s footsteps with more lawsuits and no credible evidence.]

Reuters: One country, one picture, one year [Ed. note: 151 pictures from 151 different countries. A BEAUTIFUL year-end expose’!]

Reuters: Notable deaths in 2020

Tomfoolery: “Tell me the story about the virus” is one of the best videos describing 2020 in hindsight (4 minutes)


Office of Gov. Inslee: Gov. Gov. Inslee announces one-week extension to January 11th of statewide “Stay Safe–Stay Healthy” restrictions

NVN: Yelm Detective Bill DeVore Prepares to Retire After Years of Dedication and Community Connections

JOLT News: Thurston County Auditor swears in newly elected and re-elected officials in first-ever all-remote ceremony

NPR: Trump’s DOJ allowed spy Pollard’s parole to expire at Netanyahu’s urging, freeing him and his wife to immigrate and be flown to Israel in the private jet of Trump contributor Sheldon Adelson, a major backer of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

NVN: Rainier Schools to Start Hybrid Learning in Late January

KING-5 TV: New, more contagious COVID-19 variant may already be in Washington, UW expert says

NVN: $10,000 Worth of Copper Wire Stolen at Fort Stevens Elementary [Ed. note: That this act of desperation has arrived in Yelm is of great concern!]

NVN Letter to Editor: JZ Rose Will Always Be Remembered in Yelm!


Trump blames states as he faces criticism for slow Covid vaccine rollout

CDC says new Covid strain in U.S. could further stress ‘already heavily burdened’ hospitals

U.S. may require Covid testing for more international passengers traveling beyond Britain

COVID-19 can leave damage to the heart, lungs, eyes, and even the mind that may be permanent

WaPo: This is what more than 330,000 coronavirus deaths look like – “One out of every 1,000 Americans alive at the beginning of the year has died of covid-19. 2020 is poised to be the deadliest year in the country’s history.”


Trump uses photo of wrong medal to falsely imply he received Nobel Prize

Federal judge in Iowa: No surprise ‘criminal like Trump pardons other criminals’

Appeals court sends lawsuit over Trump financial records back to lower court

Hotel Harrington cancels Proud Boy reservations as pro-Trump fascists plan latest descent on D.C. – On Jan. 4-6, the hotel plans to completely close down.

WaPo: Trump is growing smaller before our eyes [scroll down to read text]

Trump facing multiple lawsuits upon leaving office

December 30, 2020

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen applied for Yelm location!
Credit: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

“Looks like Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is coming to Yelm…I got a ‘notice of application’ that Popeyes submitted an application for ‘Construction of a new 2,333 s.f. fast food restaurant with site improvements.’

“If you want to make an official comment to the city about it, send an email to by January 15th. They are applying for the spot right across from KFC and AM-PM at 1405 E Yelm Ave [SW Corner of 5 Corners].”

Read more

December 30, 2020

* Loren Culp’s campaign spending draws questions,
* Thurston breaks monthly virus cases,
* NY’s Trump criminal probe escalates, forensic experts hired!
America in 2020 – This is a food line. One food line!
Federal eviction moratorium gets extended, but that’s only delaying the inevitable crisis Credit: AP via The Daily Kos


Washington Post: N.Y. prosecutor hires forensic accounting experts as Trump criminal probe escalates

Seattle Times: As he lobs fraud claims, losing Republican candidate Loren Culp’s own campaign spending draws questions

The Olympian: Thurston adds 28 virus cases, no new deaths Tuesday as December breaks monthly record

JOLT News: Providence and Valley View have begun vaccinating healthcare providers


The Olympian: Olympia Farmers Market open Saturdays only for winter season

The Seattle Times: Spanaway tops list of toughest places in the U.S. to buy a home – Lacey, Tacoma tie for 2nd place

CNBC: Boeing 737 Max returns to skies after crashes, grounding and a reckoning

Airliners Watch: Boeing plans to use Everett factory for Dreamliner checks only

Truthout: Purge of 4,000 Georgia Voters Violated Federal Law, Judge Rules – U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner (who is also the sister of former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams) issued a decision on Monday

Kansas City Star: He’d ask naysayers to consider the meaning of ‘socialism’ before pointing fingers [Ed. note: A brilliant observation by Columnist Charles Hammer.]

Mercola: Why Facebook Is Crashing and Burning

Business Insider: Michael Cohen says the associates Trump pardoned may now be forced to testify against him because they can no longer invoke the Fifth Amendment


MSNBC’s The Last Word: Emergency medicine physician: ‘There’s nothing stopping the spread of this virus’ – “no matter how many people we vaccinate, it means nothing if the virus continues to spread exponentially.”

Bloomberg: Biden faults Trump for slow vaccine rollout, pledges faster pace

CNN: Louisiana GOP Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, age 41, dies after battling Covid-19

WaPo: Massachusetts GOP leader says he likely got covid-19 at a White House Hanukkah party: ‘I’m paying the price’

CNN: Oxygen supply issues forced five Los Angeles-area hospitals to declare an ‘internal disaster’

McClatchy News: Can the hormone melatonin play a role in the fight against COVID? Here’s what we know

CNBC: U.S. confirms first case of the new Covid strain discovered in UK


WaPo: Fact-checking more than 25,000 false claims made by Donald Trump since he assumed office in 2017.

Bloomberg: Trump Lashes Out at GOP as Defense Bill Sets Up Rebuke in Senate

Huffington Post: Trump Is Set To Violate Palm Beach Deal By Staying Too Long At Mar-A-Lago. Again.

Newsweek: Don Lemon Says Donald Trump and His Allies Are ‘Dreaming of a Coup’

McClatchy News: Trump ends Obama’s reign as most admired man in America, poll finds

December 29, 2020

Yelm Planning Commission cancelled 25% of scheduled 2020 meetings,
Why are the public’s interest not a top priority?
Credit: City of Yelm

Yelm Planning Commission conducted only six 2020 meetings

  • Yelm’s Planning Commission did not convene online April through June inclusive during the first COVID-19 wave.
  • Then, the Planning Commission cancelled their February, November, and December meetings, 25% of the total monthly sessions.
  • Therefore, 50% of the total of all monthly meetings did not occur in 2020.
  • If a January 2021 meeting is convened, the Commission will not have met for an entire 3 months straight.
  • I wrote to the Planning Commission asking for an explanation and did not even receive the courtesy of a response.
  • The city’s website states, “Planning Commission meetings are held at 4 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.”
  • “The Yelm Planning Commission advises the City Council on all planning and development issues.” How can they do so if they do not meet?
  • Why are the public’s interest not a top priority of this citizen committee? They should convene whether they have agenda items or not. The public has a right to be able to engage with them on-the-record!

December 29, 2020

Nisqually Land Trust acquires 2 major properties near Yelm!
Credit: Dennis Folk, Western Rivers Conservancy
via the Nisqually Land Trust Facebook post
, December 15, 2020.

We’re excited to announce that we have acquired the longest remaining run of wild salmon-producing shoreline on the Nisqually River — the property includes 174 acres of floodplain, upland forest, and nearly one mile of critical shoreline habitat [in the river’s Wilcox Reach along the Pierce County side of the river].

“The site was zoned for up to 34 homesites but will now remain undeveloped and permanently protected…forever.

“‘This property is the river’s crown jewel,’ said the trust’s lands committee chair George Walter in the release. ‘In terms of salmon recovery, there’s nothing else quite like it.'”]

“A long list of partners supported the Land Trust’s work on this 5-year conservation project, including Western Rivers Conservancy, Wilcox Family Farms, and the Nisqually Indian Tribe. And nearly $1 million of the property’s purchase price was secured through project funding from the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office and the state’s Department of Ecology Streamflow Protection program.” by the Nisqually Land Trust on Facebook.

“We’ve just protected another 21 acres of critical salmon habitat along one of the most dynamic reaches of the Nisqually River.

“The newly protected property is across the river from our recently acquired 174-acre “crown jewel” shoreline property, on the Wilcox Reach – a rich webwork of forested floodplain, wetlands, and sandy gravel bars. It’s one of the river’s most productive zones for all five salmon species native to the Nisqually Watershed.

“This project was made possible by support from the Washington State Department of Ecology, the Puget Sound Acquisition & Restoration Program, Thurston Conservation Futures, a generous donation from the landowner – and you! Thank you!” by the Nisqually Land Trust on Facebook.

Please consider supporting our work by making a donation here:

Blogger Klein is a long-time Nisqually Land Trust member and contributor.

December 29, 2020

Thurston’s Auditor Office hosts online swearing-in ceremony for elected officials,
Wednesday, December 30, 10am.
Credit: Thurston County Auditor’s Office

Auditor’s Office to Host Swearing In Ceremony for Elected Officials

“Thurston County Elections will host a virtual swearing in ceremony for recently elected officials at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, December 30. Sheriff John Snaza will deliver the Pledge of Allegiance, and Judge Ann Hirsch and Timberland Regional Library Director Cheryl Heywood will address attendees. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the TC Media’s YouTube channel

“The elected officials to be sworn in include: 

  • Legislative Representatives for District 22 
  • Thurston County Commissioners 
  • Commissioner Public Utility District 3 
  • Superior Court Judge 

“This event will be held on December 30, 2020 at 10 a.m. Visit for links to the TC Media YouTube channel.” 

December 29, 2020

* Right-Wing militia plans to occupy WA. Capitol,
* More than a billion COVID masks pollute the oceans,
* “Donald Trump’s pardons must not obstruct justice,” or that is a crime!
Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper tells Trump:
Give it up, Mr. President — for your sake and the nation’s
Credit: New York Post


Militia group plans to occupy Legislative Building in Olympia when session begins – beginning the night before Jan. 11

NVN: Thurston Chamber’s ‘State of the Community’ Address Set for Jan. 19

Is a $300 unemployment boost a disincentive to work? Covid relief bill revives anxiety

Coronavirus The second stimulus check: When to expect it, how much you will get

JBLM colonel accused of beating wife, threatening suicide during police stand-off

What’s the Defense Production Act? Biden plans to use it for COVID vaccine production [Ed. note: So Trump nixed it, of course. A childish stunt to hinder Biden.]

House votes to override Trump’s veto of $740 billion defense bill – a historic first of his administration


Fauci and Other Health Officials Warn of Post-Holiday Coronavirus Spike [Ed. note: And here we are!]

CDC issues new COVID vaccination guidance for people with pre-existing conditions

More Than a Billion COVID Masks Have Wound Up in the Oceans – a new type of environmental pollution is spreading as fast as COVID-19 itself, in streets and storm drains, and oceans

Having trouble hearing people through their masks? This type might help, study finds

Black physician’s Covid-19 death demonstrates bias of U.S. health care system, peers say


WaPo: Murdoch’s New York Post urges Trump to accept defeat: ‘You’re cheering for an undemocratic coup’ [Ed. note: Look for Trump to tweet against Murdoch and his FOX News.]

Truthout’s William Rivers Pitt: Trump Is Humiliated and More Dangerous Than Ever

ProPublica: Trump and Barr Use Last Days to Execute the Most Federal Prisoners Since WWII

Harvard Professor and Leading Constitutional Scholar Laurence Tribe: Donald Trump’s pardons must not obstruct justice – Abuses of constitutional clemency power should be investigated and prosecuted

December 28, 2020

Select Regional, National News:
* Trump finally signed Pandemic Relief Bill Sunday night,
* Thurston’s unemployment rose to 6.3% in November!*3Q56bgViO8lp3zh3SmPobw.jpeg
Gov. Inlsee pictured
How federal funds helped Washington communities and families fight COVID-19 realities
Credit: Office of Gov. Jay Inslee
  • Editor’s note: President Trump waited until Sunday evening to sign the pandemic relief bill, averting a government shutdown by mere hours, and caused great distress from uncertainty for Americans during the Christmas Weekend of a pandemic.
  • That Trump’s delay in signing this bill also delayed employment benefits for a week to 12-14 million citizens, is a travesty!
  • Trump played golf all weekend while the U.S. was in crisis.
  • CNN Trump feels no pressure to be President while Americans suffer at Christmas
  • This man’s callus disregard for hurting people has no bounds!
  • And what is with President Trump calling himself “pro-life” when he has done little to lead the nation in limiting the COVID-19 crisis, with over 330,000 virus deaths in the U.S. while on his “watch”?
  • Pro-life? Hogwash!


NYT: Trump Signs Pandemic Relief Bill After Unemployment Aid Lapses

MSNBC’s American Voices: ‘You have a president who is increasingly out of touch while Americans are dying’

AP: Trump’s presidential legacy, by the numbers [i.e. “315: Days Trump has visited a golf course as president, according to, a data analytics company.” Recall 2016 candidate Trump excoriated Obama for playing golf and said he would, instead, be our working President?]


Seattle Times: Yelm letter writer makes a valuable point: Global order: U.S. must re-enter international arena

NVN: ‘It Feels Rewarding After All the Stress’: Vaccine Administered at Yelm Family Medicine

The Olympian: Thurston County unemployment rose to 6.3 percent in November

Seattle P-I: Inslee to extend Washington’s eviction moratorium through March

Flight Global: Boeing to speed up transfer of 787 production [from Everett ] to South Carolina: reports

McClatchy News: Congress rejects Trump plan that would raise Northwest electric rates

McClatchy News: As monarch butterflies face extinction, U.S. wildlife officials opt not to protect them [Ed. note: Another Trump legacy!]

The Olympian: Oh yeah, we’ll be celebrating the end of 2020. Here are ways to do it safely at home

NBC News: In very different Christmas messages, Biden discusses Covid and Trump barely makes reference – Nearly 330,000 Americans have died from the virus, and there are over 18.7 million confirmed cases in the U.S.

The Guardian: Cambridge, Mass. to post climate change warning stickers at gas stations

AARP: 5 Financial Resolutions You Can Make Right Now

December 28, 2020

Coronavirus News: * Tribes try to shield elders and their knowledge from virus,
* Obesity common among kids in hospitals with COVID!
This op-ed by Mike Pence in June was credible and held up well, eh? NOT!
Credit: Wall St. Journal via Daily Kos


The COVID-19 curve continues to flatten, but infections remain high in Washington

Tribes try to shield elders and their knowledge from virus

Virus-killing robots move from hospitals to public spaces

8 Occupations Hit Hardest by the Pandemic in 2020

Fauci warns of post-Christmas surge in Covid infections

A Third of COVID Patients Have Persistent Symptoms

Obesity Common Among Kids Hospitalized With COVID-19

Open These Car Windows to Reduce the Risk of Getting COVID-19

Why you still need to mask up after getting COVID-19 vaccine

Flushing out the coronavirus: Universities, cities and states are testing wastewater for the virus

Cramped Kitchens Pose Covid-19 Risk for Restaurant Workers

December 28, 2020

Trump news: * Trump’s private bankers resign from Deutsche Bank,
* Trump’s 2016 tweet that Clinton should accept defeat ‘with dignity’ returns to haunt him!
This op-ed by Mick Mulvaney on Nov. 7th was credible and held up well, eh? NOT!
Credit: Wall St. Journal via Daily Kos


WaPo’s David Ignatius: Until Biden’s win is certified, the U.S. remains vulnerable [scroll down for the text]

Trump vowed to drain the swamp. Then he granted clemency to three former congressmen convicted of federal crimes.

Trump administration pushes forward on $500 million weapons deal with Saudi Arabia [Ed. note: uh-huh – and what about Khashoggi?]

Trump’s private bankers resign from Deutsche Bank

Trump’s old tweet suggesting Clinton should accept defeat ‘with dignity’ returns to haunt him

WaPo: It’s time for Mike Pence to choose: Trump, or the truth

Politico: ‘Complete clusterf—’: Trump leaves Washington in limbo

As Trump tries to overturn the election, his allies are focused on his legacy, future

Trump campaign suffers another legal setback in Wisconsin case on Christmas Eve

Trump Warns Republicans Who Didn’t Back Election Fraud Claims: ‘I Will NEVER FORGET!’ [Ed. note: This man is a thug?]

The White House emailed staff instructions on how to clear out their offices before Biden’s administration, then reversed it hours later

Judge declines to enforce subpoenas seeking access to voting machines and records in Maricopa County, AZ.

SLATE: Trump’s Coup Attempt Could Cost Republicans the Senate


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