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* Michelle Obama tells young women ‘it’s OK not to know who you are’,
* FBI chief calls Jan. 6 ‘domestic terrorism,’ defends intel,
* Sarkozy’s conviction in France has echoes for Trump!
Rachel Maddow on the set of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” in New York,
Most watched cable TV show 2 months in a row.
Credit: Nathan Congleton, NBC via Forbes


Forbes: Rachel Maddow Is Most-Watched In February, As MSNBC Leads All Cable Networks as the most-watched network not just in cable news, but in all of cable television [Ed. note: an amazing achievement, however after 4 years of lies, so many are turning to real news shows that present well-researched facts!]

KING-5 TV: FBI chief calls Jan. 6 ‘domestic terrorism,’ defends intel

The Hill: Prosecutors allege Proud Boys plotted to breach Capitol from multiple points

CNBC: Michelle Obama tells young women ‘it’s OK not to know who you are’


The New York Times: How Pro-Trump Forces Pushed a Lie About Antifa at the Capitol Riot

Business Insider: Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox News [Ed. note: Trump hired her in The White House from FOX News.]

Politico: House fight for Trump’s financial records poised to stretch into the summer

The Washington Post: Sarkozy’s conviction carries echoes for Trump [scroll down for text]

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