April 30, 2021

Introducing the eye-opening audiobook: Stealing Our Democracy,
The epic true story of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman.
How political assassination threatens our nation!

Stealing Our Democracy - autobiography
Credit: Stealing Our Democracy, Don Siegelman

From former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman

+ Editor’s note: I have always admired this man’s sterling leadership as Governor of Alabama, and his courage in the face of one of the most horrific abuses of political power in modern times. Gov. Siegelman’s story is a “must read” and instructive for what this country is experiencing even to this day!

“Help Change Our ‘justice’ system”

My book, Stealing Our Democracy, is now available as an audio book on Amazon.
It took a while because I wanted you to hear it in my voice.
Funds from the book will go to help press for badly needed changes in our “justice” system.

Now, I need your help to promote Stealing Our Democracy as a “must read” this summer.

Please join me in furthering the cause of justice by sharing the following through social media:
Don Siegelman was a rising Democratic star who, like Southern Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter before him, threatened to breach the Republican’s Southern Strategy. It was then that the forces of Karl Rove descended on Alabama and, in that instant, Alabama became a brutal political battleground. Governor Siegelman’s book, Stealing Our Democracy, more than a political expose-a powerful page turning memoir, is now available as an enthralling Audible book in Governor Siegelman’s own voice. Join me in helping to save our democracy. Please, order your copy and promote this cause by clicking this link.

Don Siegelman
Governor of Alabama, 1999-2003
Lt. Governor, 1995-1999
Attorney General, 1987-1991
Secretary of State, 1979-1987

Click here for the movie trailer: Atticus v. The Architect: The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman (2017).

Blogger Klein is a long time supporter of Gov. Siegelman and of the movie about his journey: Atticus v. The Architect

April 30, 2021

* Despite snow, rain, Pacific Northwest faces drought,
* C.D.C. Eases Rules for Cruise Ships in U.S. Waters,
* GDP first-quarter gain rose to 6.4%!

US President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress as US Vice President Kamala Harris and US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi listen at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on April 28, 2021. (Photo by JIM WATSON / POOL / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
An historic photo – 2 women in succession on the House dais, April 28, 2021.
The Vice President and Madam Speaker
Credit: The Daily Kos

Editor’s note: What happened to America’s sense of fairness, compassion, and understanding? I meean, REALLY! The recent ruling of the “Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Guts Protections Against Sentencing Kids To Die In Prison” – what a travesty!

Neal Katyal Retweeted: Nearly a decade after he won a case in SCOTUS providing a new sentencing hearing for himself and 1000s of other juveniles sentenced to LWOP [Life Without Parole], Evan Miller, serving LWOP for a crime he committed at age 14, resentenced to LWOP, after a newly reactionary SCOTUS guts the precedent.”


+ KING-5 TV: Despite snow, rain, Pacific Northwest faces drought – NOAA’s Northwest River Forecast Center said low precipitation is forecast to continue through July…rainfall isn’t keeping pace with normal levels.

+ The Olympian: Washington state creates permanent rental assistance program

+ KING-5 TV: Western Washington business owners, industry leaders fear return of Phase 2 restrictions

+ The News Tribune: Former Madigan commander officially relieved of duty – Warner was relieved of duty after an I Corps investigation into allegations “unrelated to Madigan or its personnel”

+ JOLT News: Why is Thurston County so desirable for buyers?


The Hill: Florida joins Georgia in passing new voting restrictions, including limits on vote-by-mail, drop boxes

The New York Times: Firing of U.S. Ambassador Is at Center of Giuliani Investigation

The Washington Post: At the 100-day mark, has Biden kept his campaign promises? [Ed. note: An impressive list of accomplishments!]

The New York Times: C.D.C. Eases Rules for Cruise Ships in U.S. Waters

CNBC: Consumer-fueled economy pushes GDP to 6.4% first-quarter gain

Yahoo News: Transgender Troops to Serve Openly in U.S. Military effective today


The Washington Post: As Trump seizes on Arizona ballot audit, election officials fear partisan vote counts could be the norm in future elections

Washington Examiner: Trump floats 2024 run with DeSantis as possible running mate

TIME: Long Before Raiding Rudy Giuliani’s Home, Investigators Sought ‘Everything’ From His Associates

The New York Daily News: Rudy Giuliani will flip on Trump ‘in a heartbeat’: Michael Cohen

The Hill: Cohen says he warned Giuliani about Trump throwing him under the bus

Business Insider: Trump says Rudy Giuliani is a ‘great patriot’ and skewers the FBI raids on him as ‘very unfair’

TPM: After Not Pardoning Rudy, Trump Weakly Comes To His Defense

The Daily Kos: Four Seasons Total Landscaping (remember them?) trolls Rudy Giuliani after Feds raid his NYC apt.

The Hill: Trump hits McConnell again, saying GOP needs new leadership

April 29, 2021

Yelm Cinemas special screening for local director’s movie debuts today!
‘Evolution: The Genius Equation’ now through May 2nd!

Courtesy: WEGenius Minds Productions


Documentary: Evolution: The Genius Equation, by Paulina Amador of the Yelm area.

Click here TO BUY YOUR TICKETS for Yelm Cinemas showtimes April 29-May 2.

Stars: Linda Evans, Michio Kaku, Paris Reid, Norman Doidge, David Gelernter, JZ Knight, Sam Sternberg, Poppy Crum. A visual masterpiece narrated by legendary actress Linda Evans. EVOLUTION The Genius Equation inspires us to think for ourselves and explore our unlimited potential. One has to ask does everyone have access to GENIUS Whats the secret?

Do we really think for ourselves?
It’s important that people have the freedom to dig deeper and follow their curiosity. Many feel they are not allowed to think for themselves. It is the biggest problem in our current society that people don’t value their own thoughts.


From Yelm-based Director, Paulina Amador to the Yelm Community Blog:

“We are pleased to announce that the Yelm Cinemas will be hosting a special screening of EVOLUTION for our beloved local community, April 29 through May 2. Please visit the Yelm Cinemas website for showtimes.

“As always, we are committed to unfolding the Genius within us and bringing exceptional knowledge to a world on the cusp of magnificent change and EVOLUTION!

Click here to watch the trailer.

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April 29, 2021

* Pacific Northwest faces shutdowns amid rising virus cases,
* If you think Jan 6th was peaceful, watch this,
* Feds execute search warrant at Giuliani’s house, office!

a sign on the side of a building: (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)
Pacific Northwest faces shutdowns amid rising virus cases
Credit: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File


+ FOX News: Pacific Northwest faces shutdowns amid rising virus cases

+ The Olympian: Thurston adds 22 cases as COVID-19 activity rises. Could the county revert to Phase 2?

+ The News Tribune: Cocktails to-go, alcohol delivery to continue in Washington state through 2023

+ The News Tribune: What could a magnitude-9 quake do to Washington? Study predicts tsunami impact

+ NVN: State Budget Allots Area Capital Projects Over $4 Million in Tenino, Yelm, Roy

+ Associated Press: Over 200 Seattle police officers quit amid nation protests

+ Small Business Administration (SBA): SBA Administrator Guzman Announces Application Opening for $28.6 Billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund


Rep. Swallwell’s Tweet: If you think Jan 6th was peaceful, should be swept under the rug, or not a big deal, watch this.

Salon: Right-wing erupts after Biden declares Jan. 6 “worst attack on democracy since Civil War”

Yahoo: Fox News host calls out network for covering false stories about Biden and Harris

The Daily Kos: GOP rep hid on toilet and clutched sword during Capitol riot, then voted ‘no’ on impeachment

The Daily Beast: Chris Wallace Gushes Over Biden Speech, Fox News Colleague Rips Him

The New York Times: Our Homes Have Had Enough of Us, Too

The Guardian: Climate crisis has shifted the Earth’s axis, study shows


Truthout: Feds Execute Search Warrant at Giuliani’s House, Office, Seize His Cell Phone

The New York Times: Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment Searched in Federal Investigation

ABC News: What we know about the investigation into Rudy Giuliani

The Daily Kos: Reporters uncover pile of receipts that question honesty of Junior’s deposition testimony

April 28, 2021

Mark your calendars –
Bloodsworks Northwest coming to Yelm May 14, 15, 17, 18,
Urgent blood donations needed!

Click here to schedule your appointment.

Click here to schedule your appointment.
Courtesy: Bloodworks Northwest

April 28, 2021

* Spruce up your garden from Gordon’s and Jason’s Greenhouse,
* Insider’s Guide to Thurston County Photo Opps,
* Counties with Oregon’s biggest cities at extreme risk – is WA. next?

Locally grown plants right here in Yelm.
Credit: Jason’s Greenhouse


+ Thurston Talk: Spruce up Your Garden with These Plant Nurseries and Garden Centers in Yelm: Gordon’s Garden Center, Jason’s Greenhouse

+ NVN: Police Search for Suspect Who Stole Equipment from Longmire Park – your help is requested

+ The Seattle Times: Washington grew but not enough to get another House seat, census figures show

+ Experience Olympia and Beyond: Area ideas for Spring outings at county’s water attractions

+ Bounty For Families: Now seeking a Power of Produce (PoP) and Community Garden Program Manager

+ Experience Olympia and Beyond: Insider’s Guide to Thurston County Photo Opps

+ Associated Press: Counties with Oregon’s biggest cities moved to extreme risk


+ The Washington Post: CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors, except in crowded settings

+ NBC News: Oct. 1st Deadline for Real ID for air travel pushed back due to Covid pandemic

+ The Wrap: NY Post Reporter Resigns, Says She Was ‘Ordered to Write’ False Kamala Harris Story

+ The Washington Post: Facebook now has to ask permission to track your iPhone. Here’s how to stop it.


Bloomberg: Trump Must Testify in Protester Assault Suit, Appeals Court Says

Business Insider: The Trump Organization charged taxpayers for undisclosed stays and luxury-car rentals at his foreign golf resorts

Daily Mail: Trump tears into the Oscars for ‘promoting the Democrats’

NBC News: After 100 days out of office, Trump’s support softens in NBC News poll

The Daily Kos: More evidence that the former guy is fading away, even among Republicans

MSNBC Opinion: Trump wanted unlimited power. Biden and Congress can ensure no president gets it.

April 27, 2021

Yelm council told a Finance Director has accepted the city’s offer.

The Yelm city council was told this evening by City Administration Graham that a Finance Director has been selected and accepted the position. Interestingly, Mr. Graham and Mayor Foster referred to the “candidate” in the third-person, and did not initially announce her name. Graham said, “she has a background with the state auditor’s office,… the county auditor’s office [he did not specify which county], … as well as a seasoned, municipal Finance Director for over 10 years.” Interestingly. Mr. Graham and Mayor Foster omitted mentioning her name in this part of the meeting. Nor was her previous city’s name ever mentioned. Click here for the video, start @ 27:00.

And announcing the person’s name did not originate from the mayor nor city administrator either, rather only was publicly provided at the end when Councilor Carmody noted that the name of the Finance Director appointee had not been announced. Mayor Foster then said that Stephanie Dice-McKenzie will be starting here on May 10th. As I have noted here many times, transparency is not Mr. Foster’s strong suit. This will be the 4th Finance Director during Foster’s 5 years as mayor.

In a cursory search for Stephanie Dice-McKenzie, I located her as the Finance Director of Enumclaw, a city almost 30% larger than Yelm, based on population. What is very unusual is for a Finance Director to take a lateral position to a smaller town, unless Yelm’s pay-scale/benefits package was better, or other personal factors. However, Finance Director salaries between Enumclaw and Yelm are very similar:

  • Yelm’s former Finance Director Heidi MacDonald Roberts had an annual salary between $105,689-$126,882, according to Yelm’s 2020 final budget (note: the City of Yelm does not currently have an Adopted 2021-2022 Final Budget).
  • The City of Enumclaw currently lists their Finance Director’s salary range as $8,839-$10,870 monthly, which is $106,068-130,440 annually. Yelm’s council was told Dice-McKenzie had been Enumclaw’s Finance Director for 10+ years, so she should have been in the higher salary range there.
  • The salaries seem to be similar, although the benefits package may be slightly different.
  • This leads to question whether there something with her Enumclaw post that caused her to move?
  • A lateral job transfer to a smaller city with similar salary is odd – certainly not classified as a career promotion.
  • The apparent hesitancy to mention her name or previous city to Yelm’s council is also odd.
  • Enumclaw posted their Finance Director opening on April 27, the same day Yelm council received the news, so there was no reason for Yelm officials to be so hesitant in not mentioning her previous city.

Further, Mr. Graham announced some anomalies had been found from the independent CPA firm’s review and analysis of the city finances, such that corrections and clarifications need to be made and issues need to be reconciled. Graham added the differences were cash positive for the city, according to him. Having 3 previous Finance Directors under Foster and more under Harding have led to inconsistencies in reports, one can imagine.

Click here to review a brief history of Finance Dept. issues for the last 5 months.

Credit: City of Enumclaw Finance Dept.

April 27, 2021

Happy 14th Birthday to Yelm’s Food Co-op!

Yelm Food Co-op’s soft Grand Opening April 27, 2007.
Photo: Official Grand Opening, original location.
June 28, 2008
Credit: Yelm Food Co-op

+ From the Yelm Food Co-op:

“This Tuesday is your Co-op’s 14th Birthday!! We want to thank all our Members, both our original members and our many many new members for a wonderful year. While the year was challenging for all, your continued support gave us the opportunity to replace and bring in some new freezers and chillers and reset the store. As a Birthday Celebration we want to offer you 10% off everything in the store on Tuesday 28th (except for red tagged items) and a piece of locally made Birthday Cake from Doodle Buns Bakery. Cake Time begins at 11am and continues till it’s gone!!!”

“We began at the Frontier Plaza on Mosman and 1st Street operating there until April 2012 when we moved to Yelm Ave, co-locating with Gordon’s Garden Center where you find us today.

“A huge shout out to all our wonderful members, Working Members, volunteers, staff, board members, committee members  and all the other customers who have supported this dream of a member owned grocery store, the Yelm Food Co-op! Without you this would not have been possible!”

April 27th, 2007 Yelm’s Food Co-op opened, 14 years later, they’re still here!

Happy Birthday Yelm Food Co-op

  • Editor’s note: Congratulations to the Yelm Food Co-op on serving the Yelm community for 14 years. BRAVO!
  • The store’s soft opening was April 27, 2007.
  • This blog covered the official grand opening the following year during Prairie Days, Saturday, June 28, 2008. Click here
  • Open to the public – do stop in and say hello.

Blogger Klein is a Yelm Food Co-op founding and current member.

April 27, 2021

* Thurston in the 10 lowest ranked COVID-19 rates in the country,
* Yelm, Rochester to get $1.49 million in state’s capital budget funds,
* Inslee signs ban on schools using Native American mascots!

Upgrades Will Increase Water Capacity and Safety at Cochrane Memorial Park.
Credit: City of Yelm


+ Thurston Talk: Upgrades Will Increase Water Capacity and Safety at Cochrane Memorial Park

+ The Olympian: How does Thurston County’s COVID-19 case rate compare to other metro areas? A new study reveals Thurston County and two other Washington urban hubs rank among the 10 lowest rates in the country. [according to the study released by 24/7 Wall Street on Sunday.]

+ Office of Gov. Jay Inslee: 2021 legislative session ends with historic wins for climate, COVID relief

+ Mason Web TV: WA’s. $6.3 billion capital budget will fund various construction projects throughout the state, including $1.49 million for grants for a range of land protection and outdoor recreation projects in Yelm and Rochester

+ Everett Herald: Governor open to special session for transportation package

+ Associated Press: Census: Washington state population increases to 7.7 million, grew 15%

+ Simple Flying: FedEx Reportedly Close To Moving Into Boeing’s Dreamlifter Center at Paine Field in Everett, Washington

+ South Sound Business: Six-Week Mass Vaccination Site to Open at Tacoma Dome This Week

+ The Seattle Times: Younger people are getting sicker from COVID, Washington state hospital leaders say

+ The Hill: Inslee signs ban on [schools] Native American mascots

+ Associated Press: Feds start review of endangered Southern Resident orcas

+ CNBC: Biden’s 100-day stock market performance is the hottest going back to the 1950s

+ Common Dreams: Share Vaccine Recipes With Poor During Pandemic? One of World’s Richest Men Bill Gates Says ‘No’


The Hill: McCarthy defends Trump response to deadly Jan. 6 riot

The Washington Post: Donald Trump makes his debut in National Portrait Gallery’s presidents exhibition

New York Daily News: Allen Weisselberg, self-professed ‘stickler’ CFO at center of Trump criminal probe says he leaves ‘legal side’ of money flow to others

She Knows: Donald Trump’s Reported Move to New Jersey This Summer Could Speak to His Next Steps

April 26, 2021

* Yelm operating without an Adopted 2021-2022 budget,
* Mayor Foster’s Finance Dept. affairs again in the light,
* City hiring a 4th Finance Director during Foster’s mayoral term!

Mayor Foster addresses the chamber in 2019.
The mayor’s oft-touted transparency is lacking on Finance Dept. issues.
Credit: City of Yelm


  • Finance Director (MacDonald) Roberts resigned before 2019-2020 books were closed,
  • There has been no Finance Director on the job for at least 4 months. WHY?
  • An accounting firm was hired to close out last biennium’s books. WHY?
  • An independent CPA firm has been hired to review and analyze the city finances. WHY?
  • The city seeks the 4th Finance Director during Foster’s almost 5 years as mayor. WHY?
  • Yelm is operating without a council Adopted (final) 2021-2022 Budget. WHY?
  • These are serious issues requiring Mayor Foster’s oft-touted transparency, which is lacking here!

Special Report

  • Editor’s note: While researching the story about the city’s L.I.D. acquisition of 640 acres and debt, I sought the actual budgeted debt’s line items from the city’s currently approved budget. Yet I could only locate the city’s Proposed Biennial Budget and Budget Amendment on their website, rather than the listing of the officially adopted budget.
  • I wrote to city hall requesting the 2021-2022 Adopted (Final) City of Yelm Budget document.
  • The response: The 2021-2022 budget will only be posted once a new Finance Director is “on board….” Really?
  • Yelm Council’s must first publicly approve the 2021-2022 Adopted (Final) City of Yelm Budget.
  • What in the Sam Hill is going on at city hall with the management of the Finance Department?

The City of Yelm is operating without an Adopted, Final 2021-2022 Budget

  • The city clerk referenced me to the 2021-2022 Proposed Budget on the city’s website, and the 2020 amended budget numbers that were adopted and included in the council packet and minutes from the December 15, 2020 city council meeting.
  • Those were not sought, which I had seen prior to writing city hall. I requested the final 2021-2022 budget!
  • I was further informed of the following:
  • “We’ve hired an independent CPA firm to review and analyze the city finances. They will be providing information to the Council Finance Committee very soon. We’re also in the process of hiring a Finance Director and the final 2021-2022 budget will be posted once they are on board and have had the opportunity to look it over and make sure it’s complete and accurate.”
  • This is very disconcerting as the city is operating without a 2021-2022 approved budget!
  • Also, the city administrator informed the council 2 months ago an interim Finance Director would be hired until a replacement had been chosen. What happened with that?

An independent CPA firm has been hired to analyze city finances

Bottom Line

  • We are ending the first 3rd of 2021 this week, and none of these issues have been publicly resolved.
  • An accounting firm hired to close out the last biennium’s books, as the Finance Director “resigned.”
  • The city seeks the 4th Finance Director during Foster’s almost 5 years in office.
  • The Finance Director opening appeared in mid-March, and is now removed.
  • There has been no Finance Director on the job for at least 4 months now.
  • An independent CPA firm has now been hired to review and analyze the city finances.
  • The city is operating without a council-approved Adopted (final) 2021-2022 budget.
  • These are serious issues requiring Mayor Foster’s oft-touted transparency, lacking here!


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