October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween – Be safe, watch for children at dusk!


Happy Halloween – Be Safe, watch for our children out at dusk!

  • First published here in 2007:

  • “Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, primarily in Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the United States. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saints’ Day, but is today largely a secular celebration.

    “Common Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, ghost tours, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, committing pranks, telling ghost stories or other frightening tales, and watching horror films…

    Origin of name
    “The word Halloween is first attested in the 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Even (“evening”), that is, the night before All Hallows Day. Although the phrase All Hallows is found in Old English (ealra hlgena mssedg, mass-day of all saints), All-Hallows-Even is itself not attested until 1556,” quoting Wikipedia. Read more

    October 31, 2021

    Editorial cartoons sum up the news from last week!

    Cartoon: Facebook stokes hate
    Edward Snowden on Facebook’s name change: Facebook is Facebook. Don’t write about the name, write about what they do, because that’s what matters. Paperwork doesn’t change the nature of a thing.
    Credit: Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Free Press
    Jack Ohman: Acme lawmaking ...
    “Acme lawmaking”
    Credit: Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee
    “The Eager Beaver Centrists”
    Credit: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer
    “Kim Wyman: Truth Seeker”
    Credit: David Horsey, The Seattle Times
    Wyman is a former Thurston County Auditor and most recent WA. Secretary of State, leaving her post to take a job with the Biden administration as senior election security lead for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    “Honor and loyalty turned on their heads”
    Credit: David Horsey, The Seatt
    le Times
    Jamie Herrara Beutler is District 3’s Congressional Rep., which includes the Bald Hills and areas south of Rainier and Tenino.
    “Firing up engagement”
    Credit: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer
    “The scariest man on earth”
    Credit: David Horsey, The Seattle Times
    “A different kind of inoculation”
    Credit: Steve Sack, The Minneapolis Star Tribune

    October 30, 2021

    Northern lights could put on a Halloween weekend show for WA.!

    A large solar flare erupted Thursday and is set to reach Earth Saturday, which could result in a strong geomagnetic storm and cause the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, to be visible across large parts of the US and Europe.
    Photo: Via CNN

    Look up at the night skies tonight and Sunday night

    + KING-5 TV: Northern lights could put on a Halloween weekend show for many in U.S. – It’s possible the northern lights will be visible over Washington state, with clear skies in western WA.

    + The Weather Channel: A strong solar flare may produce a coronal mass ejection that spawns aurora displays in states as south as Pennsylvania this weekend.

    + CNN: A large solar flare erupted Thursday and is set to reach Earth Saturday, which could result in a strong geomagnetic storm and cause the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, to be visible across large parts of the US and Europe.

    October 30, 2021

    * Record rainfall totals in areas of Puget Sound,
    * Aurora displays visible with this weekend’s clear skies,
    * High nationwide prices to impact WA. gas utility customers!


    + KING-5 TV: Sun fires off powerful solar flare – The Space Weather Prediction Center says Thursday’s solar flare could cause aurora displays this weekend to be visible as low as Pennsylvania to Iowa to Oregon. [Ed. note: Clear skies forecast over Thurston County should provide great viewing.]

    + KING-5 TV: Inslee could appoint Democrat to replace Washington Secretary of State

    + KING-5 TV: Seattle recorded on Thursday, Oct. 2, the wettest October day since the all time wettest day in Seattle history (5.02″ Oct. 20th, 2003).

    + JOLT News: Port Commissioners discuss public vote to add two more commissioners

    + The Olympian: Former Gov. Gregoire to speak at Thurston Chamber forum

    + JOLT News: Latinx Youth Summit – supported by Timberland Regional Library

    + Alaska Airlines: Announces nonstop service to Cleveland in 2022, adds double daily flights to Columbus, Cincinnati

    + McClatchy News: High nationwide gas prices to impact Washington gas utility customers starting Nov. 1

    + CNBC: [Redmond-based] Microsoft passes Apple to become the world’s most valuable company

    + CNBC: Seattle-based Starbucks CEO defends wage hikes as stock falls 7% on coffee chain’s weak earnings outlook [Ed. note: those companies that invest in their employees will be the ones that do well in uncertain times, regardless of Wall Street’s expectations!]


    MSN: GOP Trump critic Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois won’t seek re-election in 2022 – CNN: Another one of the ‘Trump 10’ heads for the exits

    The Seattle Times: Air Force is first military branch to face rejection of vaccine mandate as thousands avoid shots

    The Chicago Tribune: ‘No One Knows What to Expect’: Kenosha Wary as Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial Looms [Ed. note: this will be a guide of what is to come in our country in 2022.]

    The National News: What Nasa’s $10bn ‘time-travelling’ telescope will tell us about life on other planets – The telescope, set to launch on December 18, can look back to the beginning of time

    Daily Kos: Exposed: The Insidious Cancer at the Core of Democracy that Could Take Down Biden

    Children’s Health Defense: Joins Citizens on November 3 to Kick Off Worldwide Walkouts to Demand a Return to Freedom and Democratic Principles – People around the globe are protesting loss of liberty, illegal mandates and tyrannical government overreach

    Business Insider: Denver’s airport held a job fair to plug its huge labor shortage. An exec said he’d hoped 5,000 people would come – but only 100 showed up.

    The Hill: Guantánamo Bay detainee gives first public account of CIA torture in US court [Ed. note: This describes in detail how the U.S. is like a third world country with these tactics.]


    The Washington Post via MSN: The 14 things you need to know about Trump’s letter in the Wall Street Journal

    Daily Kos: Field of violent, abusive candidates made in Trump’s image fill GOP midterm roster [Ed. note: Using authoritarians’ tried and true playbook of stoking fear and anger to divide and conquer.]

    MSNBC: A federal judge just told the DOJ what we’re all thinking about Jan. 6 prosecutions – DOJ seeking weak sentences

    MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Despite free pass from Trump DOJ, Republican senator in hot water over sketchy trades

    LATE BREAKING NEWS: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show: In new letter, tech expert’s lawyer insists Alfa-Bank, Trump server data is no hoax – They stated the data connection between the Trump Organization and Russia’s private Alfa-Bank is real.

    October 29, 2021

    Introducing InGenius! Local Artisan Gallery & Boutique in Yelm!

    May be an image of 1 person, standing and indoor
    Learn the basics of PNW native wood carving under the expert guidance of InGenius! Artist Meleno Lovato. Information and registration at bottom. Photo: InGenius! via Facebook

    From Yelm’s InGenius! Local Artisan Gallery & Boutique:

    • Ed. note: I visited with co-owner Andrea Levanti at the gallery and received a tour.
    • I encourage blog readers to stop in for an amazing view of the fine works from our local artisans

    InGenius! Local Artisan Gallery & Boutique has made it through the opening months of life and finds itself excited to celebrate the holiday season.  Twenty-four local artisans currently have work on display.  There are fine art originals, affordable framed print reproductions, fiber arts, jewelry, and leather work, down to small gift items and stocking stuffers like honey, candles, soaps, art stickers and magnets.  

    Follow @ingeniusyelm on Facebook and Instagram to see a featured InGenius! artisan post each day.  Virtual Shopping is available as the holidays approach for folks who want to stay close to home this year.  You can schedule a Virtual Shopping tour to see up close whatever piques your interest; make your purchase over the phone or by invoice and do either curbside pickup or, for a small fee, local delivery.  “We want to make it easy for people to buy special gifts without stress,” says co-owner Diego Fleitas.  He is keen to emphasize the need for us all to focus on the things that are most important right now, like connecting with family and loved ones in whatever ways possible. 

    Co-owner Andrea Levanti says, “We want everyone to have access to high quality art here in Yelm, to know they can come to InGenius! and find the perfect unique, locally-made gift for anyone on their list.  The word ‘gallery’ should never make people shy away from walking through our door.  That $1,500 original painting on our wall took the artist over 60 hours to create, but you can take home a 5×7 fine art print for $16, or a $4 fridge magnet to mail to someone special in a greeting card made by a local artist.”  

    The InGenius! artisans are already gearing up for the holidays, delivering ornaments and special gift items you’ll find nowhere else.  Andrea explains, “Because we work so closely with our artisans, they’re creating collections and pieces specifically for InGenius!  Just one example is our potter Sherry Kirk of Sidhefire Arts (pronounced she-fire), located 5 minutes up the road from InGenius!.  Her initial collection for us included flower fairy cups and other nature-inspired pieces like honey bee mugs and coffee pour overs.  She’s making pieces that match the strong nature influence of much of the art we offer.  And a little bird told me her InGenius! holiday collection arriving in early November will knock our socks off!  Keywords: “wine goblets”…

    The class/workshop schedule is growing by the week.  Already there have been yarn pottery and drawing classes led by InGenius! artisans Linda Shea and Ian Ricker, respectively.  Certified Intentional Creativity Coach and InGenius! artist Michelle Osborne has taught a popular 5-week Intentional Creativity Acrylic Painting class and will begin another class series in early November and a third in December, all with different themes.  Andrea Levanti teaches one-day Fluid Acrylic “Pour” Painting workshops periodically on Mondays when the gallery is closed.  Meleno Lovato will teach a 4-hour beginner native PNW woodcarving class where students aged 13 and up will learn carving safety and techniques and then carve their own small canoe.  On November 21st, Judy Chapman will teach a Beginning Sacred Geometry Workshop.  Ian Ricker will be back teaching a Learn to Draw People & Faces 5-week course starting November 16th.  Class sizes are very small to provide personalized instruction and allow plenty of space to work.

    As circumstances allow, the goal for Small Business Saturday which this year falls on November 27th (the day after Black Friday), is for InGenius! artisans to be on hand doing demonstrations, meeting the community, and discussing their classes.  

    InGenius! plans are in the making for December 4th to complement Yelm City Park’s tree-lighting and other festivities.  More specifics will follow but the general idea is for community members to create their own handmade ornaments to hang on the gallery’s Tree of InGenius! Dreams. This will be a drop-in afternoon workshop with our artists facilitating and with ornaments to be retrieved when the tree comes down after the holidays.  Being right across from the park makes this a fun day and evening for families.

    Andrea adds, “A big part of what jazzes me about this whole InGenius! adventure is finding that we’re quickly becoming a hub of local artistry on many levels — the community has access both to appreciate and to learn art; collectors can acquire hyper-local art and support the dreams of artists they may even know; and artists meet other artists, which everyone is, ultimately.  Watching them meet each other, seeing how one idea ignites another and then another, that’s really what art is all about–mutual inspiration to personal self-expression.”

    InGenius! Local Artisan Gallery & Boutique is located in the former JZ Rose location at 207 1st St. South, Yelm, across from Yelm City Park.


    New Workshop Now on the InGenius! Schedule!

    Learn the basics of PNW native wood carving under the expert guidance of InGenius! Artist Meleno Lovato.

    In two two-hour sessions, he will teach you how to use traditional native carving tools, starting with a detailed lesson about safety practices that allow for a worry-free carving experience. You’ll begin by practicing the techniques step-by-step on a piece of cedar. Your class project will be a small PNW-style canoe.

    DATES: Saturday November 13th and Saturday November 20th

    TIME: 1:00-3:00 PM

    TUITION: $75/person includes all your supplies Protective gloves will be available to borrow.Limit 5 students, ages 13 and up. A signed disclaimer will be required for participation.

    Click here to register.

    October 29, 2021

    * UN: ‘don’t choose extinction’ dinosaur urges world leaders in ad,
    * Andrew Cuomo charged with a misdemeanor sex crime,
    * WA. GOP presses Inslee to appoint Republican Secretary of State!

    In a UNDP short film, Frankie the dinosaur urges world leaders not to choose extinction.
    “In a UNDP short film, Frankie the dinosaur urges world leaders not to choose extinction.”
    Credit: UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
    • Editor’s note: Andrew Cuomo charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor sex crime, from NBC News.
    • “We hope that all men who abuse their power by abusing women will see this and understand that there will be real consequences to their profoundly damaging behavior,” quoting Mariann Wang, a lawyer representing two other harassment victims.
    • My hope is that at Yelm City Hall, “men who abuse their power by abusing women will see this and understand that there will be real consequences to their profoundly damaging behavior,” too!
    • Though innocent until proven otherwise, if an independent, third party investigation concludes that City Administrator Grayum abused his power by harassing and intimating women and men, there should be consequences for him, as well, including and not limited to censure from the council. This is the way this behavior can not be hidden from his next potential employer or executive search firm.


    + The Olympian: Gov. Inslee defends Climate Commitment Act veto, vows to continue this work with Tribes – “The success of the Tribal communities is the success of the broader non-Tribal communities,” Inslee said.

    + McClatchy News: Gov. Inslee defends Climate Commitment Act veto, vows to continue this work with Tribes

    + NVN: Washington GOP Presses Inslee to Appoint a Republican Secretary of State

    + CNBC via MSN: Boeing posts loss as Dreamliner flaws drive up costs, but airplane sales rise

    + Airways Magazine: Alaska Air Group Collaborating with ZeroAvia to Develop Hydrogen Powertrain for 76-Seat Zero-Emission Aircraft


    United Nations: In breach of diplomatic protocol; ‘don’t choose extinction’ dinosaur urges world leaders

    Truthout: 26 States Are Primed to Effectively Ban Abortion If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

    MSNBC’s Opinions by Joyce Vance: Democracy is dying a slow death in America. At least we have the filibuster! Fewer days for early voting? No Sundays? Strict, expensive identification requirements in order to vote? Who cares?

    CNBC: Tesla is setting the bar for electric vehicles, VW CEO admits

    CNBC: Facebook changes company name to Meta


    MSNBC’s Zerlina: Trump threatened protesters, Facebook did nothing

    Truthout: Reporters Blast Wall Street Journal for Publishing Misleading Trump Op-Ed [Ed. note: Consider the source – Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal.]

    Politico: Former lawmakers urge court to reject Trump effort to stymie Jan. 6 committee

    October 28, 2021

    Yelm’s council receives an incomplete L.I.D. briefing –
    This blog has covered the L.I.D. issue for 15+ years,
    The details are summarized here!

    Yelm City Hall public entrance.
    Photo: City of Yelm

    • Editor’s note: The council’s incomplete L.I.D. briefing last Tuesday necessitated I send a letter to the council to provide them the history of this story I have followed for 15+ years. My letter is below.
    • Story highlights: The evasive answers to my L.I.D. questions required I finally submit a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request last April for the L.I.D.’s official financial documents. This is really very simple to understand if only the council would have received the document here.
    • The city officially became the land’s title holder and responsible for the note on January 3, 2020. The current balance the city owes is a total of $2,194,320 million dollars.
    • On Tuesday, the city council was encouraged by the city administrator to consider using the American Rescue Plan Act Funds to pay off the L.I.D. debt. Hopefully, the council will seek public input on what to do with those funds.


    Dear Yelm City Council members,

    I am writing to correct some statements made at the Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021 council session.

    1. The Killion L. l. D. was approved by the Yelm city council on June 14, 2006, not around the year 2000. 

    2. The statement made by Finance Director Dice that everybody agreed with the L. I. D. is false.

    I know because I commented with others on this travesty at the public hearing on May 24, 2006.

    [Thurston Highlands developers Doug Bloom & Steve Chamberlain asked the city for help in funding road improvements necessitated by traffic impacts from their Tahoma Terra developments. Property owners in the impact zone of Tahoma Terra were forced to pay a City Council imposed L. I. D. covering 46% of the costs of road improvements to Yelm Ave. West, Killion & Tahoma Blvd. via mandated property taxes, or almost one-half of the cost of the road improvements, work that should have been borne totally by the developers. They defaulted in Autumn 2008, and subsequently went bankrupt. Click here]

    Only the Thurston Highlands/Tahoma Terra developers, and Thurston EDC President Michael Edwards, Twin County Credit Union reps., and the Yelm School superintendent were in favor of this project.

    There was much consternation and frustration from citizens, especially between property owners and these other stakeholders. The council sided against the citizens and with the cooperate interests, none of them residing in the city limits.

    One of the town’s co-founder families was represented by Roberta Longmire, who expressed their collective opposition to the L.I.D.    

    The L. I. D. history is important to read to provide you with context: Click here

    To council member Blair, here is the history of the subsequent Bond, to provide further understanding: Click here

    Thus, citizens learned that the Thurston EDC President Michael Edwards, an advocate for the L.I.D., was also a serving Board of Directors member of Thurston First Bank (the bank funded the loan of Ordinance 910 authorizing the issuance and sale of a local improvement district No. 2 bond in the principal amount of $10,139,000), plus Edwards had an interest in the vacant 8 acre lot behind Rosemont facing Yelm Ave. West (note: the L.I.D. passes, and this property value rises). Click here

    Bottom line:

    The evasive answers to my L.I.D. questions required I finally submit a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request last April for the L.I.D.’s official financial documents. This is really very simple to understand if only the council would have received the document attached.  

    To put in context, Mayor Foster signed a contract for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure on December 29, 2017, without council approval, leaving the city with the land plus approx. $2.1 million total in debt and interest, IF/when the land-owners defaulted per Foster’s contract. This was all set-up to get the “high profile” land owners’ out from under what they owed, so of course they were going to default! Council requested explanations from Foster repeatedly when council member Joe DePinto first questioned the mayor on this June 26, 2018, only to be told by Foster to wait until the end of 2019, to see if the land-owners would make their payments in full. If in default on December 31, 2019, the city would take the land as collateral for the loan, plus the L. I. D.’s debt/interest. That occurred and on January 3, 2020, when the city became the L.I.D. parcel and debt holder. Your Study Session of January 7, 2020, provided you with an incomplete overview by Grant Beck. To date, Mayor Foster has had no public explanation as to what he “fostered” onto the backs of the city’s budget, and taxpayers’ backs.

    The city officially became the land’s title holder and responsible for the note on January 3, 2020, which left a balance total of $2,194,320 million dollars at that time, for which the city became responsible. The city publicized this then on their website, still listed as follows: Click here

    Reading the attached document will bring the numbers into clarity. Click here


    Steve Klein

    October 28, 2021

    * Historic Yelm Water Tower to be a Beacon of Light,
    * Auditor’s Office conducting random election audit,
    * Many activities for Thurston seniors, including Yelm’s Senior Center!

    Photo: Thurston Talk


    + Thurston Talk: Historic Yelm Water Tower Renovation To Be a Beacon of Light

    + Thurston County Auditor: Auditor’s Office Will Conduct Random Audit of the November 2 General Election

    + JOLT News: Many activities for seniors in Thurston County [Yelm Senior Center: Haunted Scavenger Hunt and Halloween Decoration Contest]


    KING-5 News: US issues its 1st passport with ‘X’ gender marker

    CNBC: Retail trade group expects holiday sales to rise by all-time record, despite congested ports

    The Washington Post: Top U.S. general calls China’s hypersonic weapon test very close to a ‘Sputnik moment’

    Gizmodo: All the Fast Food You Love Contains Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals, Study Finds

    NBC News: Astronomers have spotted tantalizing signs of a planet in a star system outside the Milky Way, which, if it’s confirmed, would be the first ever found in another galaxy.

    McClatchy News: “Buy it when you see it.” Retailers dread holiday shortages

    KING-5 TV: US to appeal UK refusal to extradite WikiLeaks’ Assange, in epic legal saga

    Daily Kos: Rep. Mo Brooks walks back claims that his staff were not involved in planning Jan. 6

    Vice News: 45% of Americans Don’t Believe Humans Cause Climate Change, VICE News/Guardian Poll Shows


    The Hill: Trump lawyers ask judge to block IRS from giving his tax returns to congressional panel

    The Washington Post: [Murdoch owned] Wall Street Journal publishes letter from Trump claiming ‘rigged’ election

    Politico: Former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark splits with lawyer before Jan. 6 testimony

    MSN: A new poll shows 35% of voters think the 2020 election results should be overturned

    Associated Press: ‘America ‘on fire’: Facebook watched as Trump ignited hate

    October 27, 2021

    * The last seasonal Yelm Farmers Market is Saturday,
    * COVID-19 appears to be slowing in Thurston,
    * WA. Sec. of State Wyman resigns for Biden post!

    The last farmers market for the season is Saturday 10am-3pm, so come out for some pumpkin painting and trick or treating at the market! Photo: Yelm Farmers Market – Facebook


    + Rob Molina hosts The Yelm Podcast: Rob interviewed Blogger Steve Klein about the history of water issues [Also on Spotify.]

    + The Olympian: COVID-19 infection rate appears to be slowing in Thurston County

    + The Associated Press: Federal judge rejects bid to stop Washington vaccine mandate

    + McClatchy News: No shortage of toilet paper or chicken in WA. But you may need to be patient, less picky

    + The Seattle Times: Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman resigns to join Biden administration


    MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Deficit shrinks in the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency

    Springer published research paper: Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

    Salon: Virginia Democrats Sue USPS Over Delays That Could Impact State Governor Race

    The 19th: Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Texas’s First Statewide Anti-Trans Bill


    MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Trump keeps asking Biden to hide Jan. 6 materials. The White House keeps saying no.

    MSNBC’s The Reidout Blog: How a Civil War-era law could doom white supremacists on trial for Charlottesville rally

    MSNBC Opinion: Trump evading punishment for trying to steal the election goes way beyond white privilege

    October 26, 2021

    * Yelm council to approve receipt of American Rescue Plan Act Funds,
    * Biden Admin. offers WA. GOP Sec. of State Kim Wyman a post,
    * Rolling Stone: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers say they met with members of Congress!

    Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, seen Sept. 15, 2020, in Olympia, reportedly has been offered a position in the Biden administration related to voter security, according to CNN. (Ted S. Warren / AP)

    Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, seen Sept. 15, 2020, in Olympia, reportedly has been offered a position in the Biden administration related to voter security, according to CNN. Photo: Ted S. Warren, AP


    + City of Yelm: This evening, the city council will approve Resolution No. 621 to receive and utilize the American Rescue Plan Act Funds to invest in infrastructure, public safety, and COVID-19 mitigation efforts as authorized by the U.S. Treasury Department. 

     CNN: First on CNN: Biden administration expected to name WA. GOP official who challenged Trump’s lies to key election security role

    + The Seattle Times: Report: Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman will be named to Biden administration election-security post [Ed. Note: Wyman served as Thurston County Elections Director for nearly a decade and served three terms as the elected Thurston County Auditor (2001-2013).]

    + The Olympian: Eleven percent of the troopers working in Pierce and Thurston counties chose to leave the Washington State Patrol rather than be vaccinated, the second highest number of separated employees from the agency’s eight districts.

    + Thurston TalkGrammy Award-Winning Artist Melissa Etheridge Coming to The Washington Center for the Performing Arts – Pre-Sale October 26 at noon; General Public October 29 at noon

    + South Sound Business: Study: State Unemployment Claims 18 Percent Lower Than Pre-COVID Levels

    + The Seattle Times via The Washington Post: CDC director encourages kids to go outside on Halloween and ‘enjoy your trick-or-treating’

    + KING-5 TV (NBC Seattle): The National Weather Service (NWS) said the pressure hit a low of 942.5 millibars Sunday, which is the lowest pressure ever recorded off the Washington coast. The previous lowest pressure off our coast was in 1981 at 950 millibars.

    + The Center Square: Washington State Legislators Locked Out of Offices Over Vaccine Rule

    + McClatchy News: Ken Griffey Jr. purchases shares in Mariners franchise


    McClatchy News: Democrats to Biden: Start pushing back more aggressively against Trump

    CNBC: Tesla shares rise after Hertz says it will buy 100,000 electric vehicles

    KING-5 TV: United Nations says 2020 Greenhouse gas concentrations at new record

    McClatchy News: Some American workers are deciding to quit their jobs in defiance of what they consider intrusive vaccine mandates.

    CNBC: Business groups ask White House to delay Biden Covid vaccine mandate until after the holidays


    Rolling Stone: EXCLUSIVE – Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in ‘Dozens’ of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff (included Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). [Daily Kos: Two Jan. 6 rally organizers are talking, and congressional Republicans should be nervous]

    Daily Kos: Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Calls to Expel Members Who Aided January 6 Plot After Fiery Report

    Daily Kos: ‘We are determined to make the fraud of 2020 the issue of the election,’ Michigan county GOP pledges

    Daily Kos: Cowboys For Trump Founder Cuoy Griffin Turns on Trump. Griffin Is Mad He Was Arrested For Jan 6th.

    MSNBC’s The Mehdi Hasan Show: As Dems focus on Manchin, GOP ensures coup that failed doesn’t in 2024

    CNN Politics: First on CNN: Biden White House rejects more executive privilege claims by Trump


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