February 22, 2022

* Nisqually Tribal Council, Yelm City Council hold joint meeting,
* A February cold snap this week arrives tonight,
* Introducing Gilham Mercantile & Bakery in McKenna – amazing!

May be an image of 11 people, people standing, outdoors and tree
The Nisqually Tribal Council and Yelm City Council joint meeting Feb. 17.
Credit: Nisqually Indian Tribe’s Facebook post

+ Nisqually Indian Tribe: The Nisqually Tribal Council and Yelm City Council met in a government to government meeting [Feb. 17] that was live-streamed from the tribe’s Nisqually Medical Center in a first-attempt at doing so. It will be the first of many meetings with the city of Yelm and the two councils discussed many projects that would be mutually beneficial from contracts for Nisqually business, education, tourism, water security and youth centers.”Nisqually isn’t going anywhere and Yelm isn’t either – we need to work together,” said Nisqually Chairman Willie Frank III. [Ed. note: Bravo to Mayor DePinto for enacting Yelm’s long-overdue commitment in working with the Tribe on issues of mutual interest.]

+ The Olympian Get ready for a cold snap this coming week — February weather is back with a vengeance click here for Yelm’s daily forecast this week.

+ Gilham Mercantile & Bakery: Local bakery in McKenna, WA. We serve cupcakes, cakes, cinnamon rolls, breakfast & lunch. [Ed. note: Excellent hand-crafted treats!]

+ Organic Consumers Assn.: HB 1684, the bill intended to force Washington cities to take the initial steps to fluoridate their water – at their own expense – has now passed the House. It’s in the Senate Environment, Energy and Technology Committee and scheduled for a hearing and vote next Tuesday, February 22. 

+ The Olympian: Yelm’s Logan Platt wins state title at Mat Classic XXXIII

+ KING-5 TV: Here’s why Gov. Inslee is ending Washington’s mask mandate on March 21 and not sooner – The state’s goal is to reach just five hospital admissions per 100,000 reside

+ McClatchy Newspapers: As we lift our masks, each of us must assess the risks of the new normal we create – Starting March 21, Washingtonians will have to decide for themselves how much risk to take and how many deaths are OK.

+ Airliner Watch: American Airlines suspends Seattle-London Heathrow flights due to Boeing’s ongoing incapability to deliver its 787-8 Dreamliners.

+ Bloomberg: Shock Gas, Grocery Price Hikes Spur States to Pursue Tax Relief – Washington joins other states considering offering quick but temporary relief to taxpayers crushed by…inflation


Daily Kos: D.C. police lieutenant being investigated by FBI in possible tie to January 6 Capitol attack

The New York Times (accessible text): After Trucker Protest, Canada Grapples With a Question: Was It a Blip, or Something Bigger

Daily Kos: It’s Not NATO That Worries Putin – “it’s democratic ideas infecting Russia. It’s not missiles and tanks on his borders, it’s the thought of a democratic Ukraine and Belarus on Russia’s borders.”

MSNBC Opinion: A Trump judge just put the Voting Rights Act on life support – The Supreme Court will probably agree with a ruling that only the attorney general can sue under the VRA.

FAIR: Billionaire Trump Donor John Malone Could Soon Be Calling Shots at CNN, [which] will soon be under the control of someone who appears to want it to follow the “interesting trajectory” of Fox News.

Dr. Robert Malone: “Free speech is subject to arrest in this fascist state of Canada.”


The New York Times: The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects – The agency has withheld critical data on boosters, hospitalizations and, until recently, wastewater analyses.

CNBC: UK PM Boris Johnson to lift all remaining Covid restrictions in England

Josh Guetzkow, Senior lecturer at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: The Israeli Ministry of Health Actually Did a Survey of Adverse Events after The Booster Dose. Findings: COVID Shot Reactions Are ‘Absolutely Devastating’

Kathy Dopp, MS Mathematics and Stephanie Seneff, PhD – Abstract Paper: COVID-19 and All-Cause Mortality Data by Age Group Reveals Risk of COVID Vaccine-Induced Fatality is Equal to or Greater than the Risk of a COVID death for all Age Groups Under 80 Years Old as of 6 February 2022.


Daily Kos: FIONA HILL: There’s No Team America for Trump. Not Once Did I See Him Do Anything to Put America 1st

NBC News via Yahoo!: Surrounded on all sides: Trump now faces several criminal and civil suits

February 21, 2022

President’s Day 2022 is today!

“A rare painting of Lincoln restores the emancipator to his full height”
“The 16th president is well known from black and white photos, but this re-discovered portrait adds dimension and meaning”

Credit: The Washington Post

About President’s Day
“Washington’s Birthday [Feb. 22, 1732] is a United States federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States. It is also commonly known as Presidents Day (sometimes spelled Presidents’ Day or President’s Day). As Washington’s Birthday or Presidents Day, it is also the official name of a concurrent state holiday celebrated on the same day in a number of states.”

The day is a state holiday in most states, with official names including Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, President’s Day, Presidents Day, and Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday [Feb. 12, 1809].[1] The various states use 15 different names. Depending upon the specific law, the state holiday may officially celebrate Washington alone, Washington and Lincoln, or some other combination of U.S. presidents (such as Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who was born in April).[1]” quoting Wikipedia.

[Ed. note: Most government offices, libraries, and many banks will be closed, and no U. S. Postal Services today.] Read more

Click here for George Washington’s Farewell Address read every President’s Day in Congress.

February 21, 2022

* Select national news from the weekend,
* Q unmasked – 2 teams of computer scientists identified the same two men,
* How conspiracy theorists steered Canada’s anti-vaccine trucker protest!

Linguistic Detectives Identify Two Likely People Behind QAnon Conspiracy.
Photo credit: Alamy via UNILAD (UK)


The New York Times (accessible text): Who Is Behind QAnon? Linguistic Detectives Find Fingerprints – Using machine learning, separate teams of computer scientists identified the same two men as likely authors of messages that fueled the viral movement. [Ed. note: Both men have no military intelligence connections after all: “Paul Furber, a South African software developer and tech journalist; and Ron Watkins, who earlier operated a website hosting QAnon messages. The latter is now running for Congress.]

What Biden Has Done.com: A blog dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of the 46th President of the United States and his administration [click here for the list of accomplishments.]

The Washington Post: Where Trump’s border wall left deep scars and open gaps, Biden plans repair job

Associated Press: How American cash for Canada protests could sway US politics

The Atlantic: Putin Has Made America Great Again

Becker’s Hospital Review: Viewpoint: Baby boomers are retiring in droves, worsening the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’ 

CNBC: Carl Icahn launches proxy fight with McDonald’s over treatment of pigs – in a push to require all its U.S. suppliers to move to “crate-free” pork

The Guardian: 5G and QAnon: how conspiracy theorists steered Canada’s anti-vaccine trucker protest – Canada was warned before protests that violent extremists infiltrated convoy

The Guardian (UK): Exclusive: intelligence assessments warned in late January that it was ‘likely’ extremists were involved in protests – Ottawa’s occupation was a result of unrivaled coordination between anti-vax and anti-government organizations


Title Press: Subvariant May Be More Dangerous Than Omicron: Study [click here for the study.]

McClatchy Newspapers: COVID virus may be airborne longer and spread by ventilation, shows Tri-Cities research It may help explain why someone gets COVID when they weren’t near an infected person.


The Washington Post via The Philadelphia Enquirer: Trump properties in talks to host lucrative Saudi golf events – Former president’s courses at Doral and Bedminster could strike a deal with a new league backed by the kingdom, which stands accused of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and other human rights abuses

Daily Kos: Trump’s latest financial trouble ‘explodes the national security risk by a factor of 10’ – “Legitimate banks are not going to touch him. So it expands the universe of shady characters who could offer him loans in return for favors that might include disclosing U.S. national security secrets.” [Ed. note: WHERE is the DOJ?]

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Kingmaker no more? Republicans are figuring out they can defy Trump and survive

George T. Conway III in The Washington Post: Trump’s luck may finally be running out

HuffPost: Trump Directed $375,000 In Donations To His Own Building To Rent An Unused Office – “It’s a huge scam,” said a former aide, and the total exceeds what Trump donated to Republican candidates – the supposed purpose behind his committees.

The Guardian (UK): Renewed opposition to Trump stirs among establishment Republicans

MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Why the controversy surrounding Trump’s D.C. hotel just got worse – The Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital was already at the center of multiple controversies. This week, the story got much worse.

Mother Jones: More Bad News for the Trump Organization: It’s Back in the Inauguration Scandal Lawsuit – Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. could end up on the witness stand

Daily Kos: Trump’s latest financial trouble ‘explodes the national security risk by a factor of 10’ [“Legitimate banks are not going to touch him. So it expands the universe of shady characters who could offer him loans in return for favors that might include disclosing U.S. national security secrets.”]

MSNBC contributor Michael Steele: Text messages provide detailed record of Jan. 6 events – A new report from The Washington Post chronicled text messages sent before, during and after the insurrection by some of former President Donald Trump’s closest allies and advisors.

February 20, 2022

JZ Knight and Ramtha: A remarkable 45 years of collaboration –
Ramtha first appeared to JZ in Tacoma, February 20, 1977!

JZ Knight
© 2018-2022 JZ Knight.

Used with permission.


+ Editor’s note: No single person has had such an impact on Yelm’s development in the last 30+ years than JZ Knight. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) was established here in 1988 with thousands of annual visitors, many moving here, garnering the attention in the early 1990s of national fast food chains and large grocery stores setting their sights on, and fueling Yelm’s growth.

Highlights of JZ Knight’s remarkable collaboration with Ramtha

* Ramtha appeared to JZ Knight 45 years ago today
* Knight became known as a “channel” of Ramtha and 1980’s New Age movement icon
* Ramtha established his Yelm-based School of Enlightenment (RSE) in 1988
* RSE has been a Yelm economic engine for decades, thousands have come here annually
* Yelm acclaimed internationally as a spiritual hub – Ramtha teachings delivered on 6 continents
* Over 100,000+ enrollments worldwide since 1988, plus live-streaming offered
* JZ Knight and Ramtha are in their 5th decade of their remarkable journey together

– Knight recalled that Ramtha first appeared in her Tacoma kitchen on the third Sunday of February 1977 [February 20, 1977]:

From The New York Times bestselling book A State of Mind, by JZ Knight.

Click here for the audiobook.
“Einstein and I were becoming giddy and downright silly. You can only do so many pyramids, and there are only so many things you can find to go under them. Maybe that is why all those mummies died so young — they laughed them¬selves to death building their graves. At any rate, we began to laugh hysterically. In jest, I grabbed one of the rejects off the floor, held it over my head, and proclaimed, ‘Attention, attention please, you are now about to witness a miracle. We are about to place our new brain machine upon the willing victim, upon whom nature did not smile with great intelligence. Carefully we place the pyramid in the aligned position, encompassing the entire head and face. In moments, gentlemen, you will witness a truly magnificent transformation.’

“I placed it on my head, and through peals of laughter from myself and Einstein, I mumbled, ‘I sure hope it works.’ After a few moments, I lifted the end of the pyramid just to eye level and, laughing so hard that tears were streaming from my eyes, I caught the glimmer of a bright light at the other end of my kitchen. The light was blurred by the tears, so I reached for a tissue and wiped the tears away. I blinked, and to my utter shock and amazement, there stood a giant man at the other end of my kitchen . . . just standing there, aglow.

“This . . . thing . . . was made all of light, like golden glitter dropped through a ray of sunlight. His shoulders came to the top of the door, and it was as if the ceiling had dis¬appeared to make room for his head. It was beautiful. His robe seemed to be of purple light, a dazzling display of color and crystal against this strangeness of immense human form. An illuminating white overlay formed the broad mantle of his shoulders. I could not make out if jewels and gold flashed upon his heavenly robe or if they were lights. These were the brightest lights and colors I had ever seen, and yet they were not harsh. His face . . . it was the most beautiful face I had ever seen . . . eyes that shone like ebony stones with copper flashes . . . skin, if that is what it was, the coloring of olive, bronze, illuminated, and a fine chiseled nose and a broad jawline and a smile that would rival any Hollywood star’s. My eyes went glassy, like those of a sleepwalker. I could hear voices about me, but they were far away, like in a dream. The power to reason had fled my mind, and I felt pulled into the splendor of that unearthly magic. A blue light blazed and filled the room with an aura of innocence and holy peace that emanated from this stately form. A moment later — I don’t know, maybe it was an hour later — I formed an utterance of words that must have come from a feeble innocence within my being. ‘You are so beautiful. Who are you?’

“A smile so divine parted his lips to reveal glistening, immaculate teeth.

“‘I am Ramtha the Enlightened One. I have come to help you over the ditch.’ The words were delivered in a most melodious manner.”

Ramtha’s School: A Look Within.

In it, JZ Knight describes how, on the 20th of February, 1977, Ramtha appeared as “The Enlightened One” and informed her “I have come to help you over the ditch”

These videos bring back fond memories more than 2 decades ago.

Note: The date of Ramtha’s first appearance on the first video should be Feb. 20, 1977.

Ramtha’s School: A Look Within – Part 1

Ramtha’s School: A Look Within – Part 2

February 20, 2022

The weekly view from editorial cartoonists!

“Don’t provoke me”
Credit: Steve Sack, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune
“The Russians and doping at the Olympics”
By Scott Stantis, Tribune Content Agency
Credit: Tim Campbell, The Washington Post News Service
“We’re not sending Canada our best and brightest
Credit: Drew Sheneman, The Newark Star-Ledger
“Oh, Canada”
Credit: Kevin Siers: The Charlotte Observer
Credit: Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee
Jack Ohman: It would be wrong, that’s for sure ...
“It would be wrong, that’s for sure”
Credit: Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee
Credit: Mike Luckovich. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

February 19, 2022

* Sibling Yelm wrestling pairs in boys, girls teams at tourney,
* Yelm Dollars for Scholars auction tix now available,
* Bill Gates says another pandemic is coming!

“Brothers in arms Brayden and Logan Platt will be part of a strong contingent of [Yelm High School] Tornados’ wrestlers competing at this weekend’s Mat Classic state tournament in Tacoma.” Photo credit: Steve Bloom, The Olympian


+ The Olympian: Sibling pairs highlight both Yelm boys and girls teams bound for state wrestling – Wrestling is a family affair at Yelm High School.

+ Yelm Dollars for Scholars: Purchase tickets now for our 27th Annual Auction

+ The Center Square: Republicans [Sen. John Braun, R-Centralia, and Rep. J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm] question Inslee’s delay in ending mask mandate

+ The Seattle Times: Mysterious bubbles in Puget Sound: UW researchers track hundreds of seeping gas plumes

+ The Olympian: Best Buy is saying goodbye to Lacey, but not Olympia.

+ Airliner Watch: The head of the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday the agency needs a “systemic fix” from Boeing to address 787 Dreamliner production issues

+ South Sound Business: Evergreen Faculty Member Receives Highest U.S. Award for Science and Math Teachers

+ KOMO-TV 4: 12 more laser strikes reported near Sea-Tac Airport, per FAA


The Washington Post: Pence defends RNC’s Jan. 6 resolution, avoids criticism of Trump in Stanford speech

Constitutional Scholar Laurence Tribe: Little is left of Sec. 2 of the Voting Rights Act now that the Supreme Court has gutted it; if this district court ruling is upheld, it’s curtains.


CNBC: Bill Gates says Covid risks have ‘dramatically reduced’ but another pandemic is coming [Ed. note: Is he funding this one, too?]

The Defender: Why Aren’t We Investigating Surge in Sudden Deaths of Athletes?​​​​​​

The Washington Post: The pandemic did what the anti-vax movement couldn’t: Powered skepticism of vaccine rules

The Defender: Nearly 24,000 Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS, Data Show​​​​​​

The Defender: Autopsies of two teenage boys who died days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine prove the vaccine caused their deaths. Pathological findings suggest there may be a way to distinguish SARS-COV-2 infection-induced myo/pericarditis from vaccine-induced cardiac injury.


NBC News: White House records taken by Trump contained classified information, National Archives confirms

CNBC: Trump loses fight to toss lawsuits accusing him of sparking Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Daily Kos: Hillary: Fox News is ‘getting awfully close to actual malice in their attacks’

Truthout: January 6 Committee Is Considering Subpoenaing Ivanka Trump

Business Insider: Trump claims all New York judges hate him after one ruled he and his kids can be deposed in investigation of business practices

February 18, 2022

* COVID-19 trends give leaders confidence,
* Natural disasters hit roughly 1 in 10 American homes in 2021,
* Was Thursday the worst day yet for Trump and His Kids?

“COVID-19 trends give leaders confidence to look towards next phase of pandemic response”
Credit: Office of Gov. Jay Inslee


+ The Olympian: Expect delays on Yelm Highway, Vail Road due to the start of road projects – Traffic is limited to a single lane controlled by flaggers at both sites. Click here for Vail Rd. Project overview.

+ NVN: City Council Discusses Potential for Education Innovation Center

+ The JOLT News: Port of Olympia gets community pushback over airport proposals


Truthout: The Canada Truck Protest, Once Small, Now Has a Fascist Life of Its Own – certain variations of this thing will be the Hot Item on right wing calendars by March.

CNBC: Natural disasters hit roughly 1 in 10 American homes in 2021

NBC News: Feds say Oath Keepers plot went beyond Jan. 6 attack on Capitol – Prosecutors presented messages from Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes that said if Trump “fails to act” to remain in office, “we will.”

The Washington Post: The return of ‘revenge travel’: As omicron wanes, Americans eagerly book vacations – The country is on the verge of a mini spending boom just as the Federal Reserve is trying to rein in inflation


The New York Times via Yahoo! News: COVID Patients May Have Increased Risk of Developing Mental Health Problems

CBS News: Hospital refusing heart transplant for man who won’t get vaccinated.

Daily Beast: What the Hell Is Happening to COVID in Israel?

The Defender: What Would Dr. Robert Malone Do? In a letter to Dr. Robert Malone, a Vermont mother who said she believes her daughters will be coerced into getting the COVID vaccine, asked Malone what he would do. Here’s her letter, and Malone’s response.


MSNBC’s Morning Joe: A timeline of all the terrible things that happened to Trump this week

CNBC: Judge says Trump and two adult children must testify in New York attorney general probe

CNN: House committee asks government to end Trump hotel lease before Trump can sell it for $370 million

The New York Times via Yahoo! News: For Trump, a Perilous Exclamation Point to Years of Wealth Inflation

Daily Kos: New polling shows why Republicans want to move on from Trump’s continued obsession with 2020, Jan. 6

Daily Kos: Trump’s latest financial trouble ‘explodes the national security risk by a factor of 10, because now he’s going to be desperate for new loans’

Mother Jones: Melania Trump Might’ve Bought Her Own NFT

Bloomberg: Money That Won Melania Trump NFT Came From Melania Trump Wallet

Tara Setmayer, senior advisor at The Lincoln Project and former GOP congressional communications director: Mike Pence committed a cardinal sin by the GOP’s standards. He can kiss 2024 goodbye. There is no viable path to being the GOP presidential nominee without Trump’s MAGA supporters, who won’t support anyone publicly rebuking the former president.

Truthout: Miami Police Gave Out Fliers With Website Selling Trump Merch at Traffic Stops

Business Insider: Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is suing Verizon to block the release of her phone records to the Jan. 6 committee

The Independent (UK): ‘Chilling’ text sent by pro-Trump Republican before Capitol riot suggests knowledge of what was to unfold, report says

Business Insider: Trump said in court he had no ‘knowledge’ of his company’s finances a day before he issued an 1,100-word statement defending his company’s finances

February 17, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: Inslee lifts most indoor mask mandates eff. March 21

“After nearly two years of mask mandates in Washington, the governor announced Thursday that the statewide mandates will be lifted March 21.” Photo credit: Tri-City Herald

+ The Olympian: Statewide indoor mask mandates to be lifted for most places on March 21, Inslee announces – People visiting businesses, schools and places of worship will no longer have to wear face coverings.

Masks will still be required at places such as hospitals, dental offices, long-term care facilities, and correctional facilities. Additionally, vaccination proof will no longer be required for large events after March 1.

February 17, 2022

* Inslee to decide on ending mask mandate today,
* King County to end vaccine verification on March 1st,
* Djokovic set to forgo being greatest tennis player ever to avoid vaccine!

All eyes on Gov. Inslee’s news conference today on ending mask mandates.
Credit: KOMO-TV-4


+ KOMO-TV 4: Gov. Inslee deciding whether to end indoor mask mandate in Washington

+ KOMO-TV 4: King County to end vaccine verification requirement for restaurants, bars on March 1

+ The Charlotte Observer via MSN: Monstrous ‘eye’ seen staring out of northern Pacific Ocean in satellite image, scientists say – Scientists likened it to the eye of a whale.

+ McClatchy Newspapers: Senate Democrats pass legislation to limit Gov. Inslee’s emergency powers – The legislation will give lawmakers more authority over emergency proclamations.

+ The Olympian: Olympia State Rep. Laurie Dolan will not seek re-election – The 22nd District Democrat will retire from the legislature at the end of this year.

+ McClatchy Newspapers: Canada is loosening its border requirements, which should make crossing easier – It could lead to an increase in cross-border traffic into Whatcom County.

+ The Spokesman Review (Spokane): Washington House OKs banning guns at ballot counts, school boards

+ Business Insider: Alaska is the first major US airline to offer a ‘flight pass’ subscription for discounted travel between 16 cities for as low as $49 a month


McClatchy Newspapers: Companies revert to more normal operations as COVID wanes – For the first time in two years for many people, the American workplace is transforming into something that resembles pre-pandemic days.

McClatchy Newspapers: No bats, no balls, no fans: Pitchers, catchers don’t report – Pitchers and catchers are not starting spring training workouts as scheduled Wednesday.

McClatchy Newspapers: Is an ‘unwanted’ Apple AirTag tracking you? Here’s how to tell — and what you can do

CNBC: The Arctic could see ice-free summers by 2035, reshaping global shipping routes

The Washington Post: Canadian truck drivers distance themselves from ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests

The New York Times: What if the U.S. did stop serving as the world’s cop? Less military spending, greater investment at home, a world that takes care of its own problems — all too good to be true. 

MarketWatch: Department of Education to cancel $415 million in student loan debt


Tri-City Herald: COVID virus may be airborne longer and spread by ventilation, shows Tri-Cities research – It may help explain why someone gets COVID when they weren’t near an infected person.

The Defender: Federal Judge Blocks Air Force From Punishing Officer Who Refused COVID Vaccine for Religious Reasons​​​​​​

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Djokovic ready to forgo being greatest tennis player ever to avoid safe, effective vaccine


Truthout: Biden Rejects Trump’s Executive Privilege Claims on White House Visitor Logs – tells National Archives to hand over Trump White House visitor logs to Jan. 6 committee

Tim O’Brien Tweet: Trump has more than $590 million of debt due within the next four years – and Mazars, his outside accountant, just walked. His in-house accountant, Weisselberg, has been indicted. So who will keep the Trump Org’s books and which banks will deal with it?

Bloomberg Opinion: Trump’s Accountants Just Quit. What Took So Long? It’s going to be increasingly difficult for the family business to continue if banks become unwilling to lend.

Daily Kos: David Cay Johnston: Mazars is Helping NYC Prosecutors Compile Racketeering Case Against TFG

Business Insider: Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke misused his position and lied to an ethics official, inspector general finds

Reuters: NY attorney general fires back at Trump’s defense of financial statements

Insider via Yahoo! News: Eric Trump s via Yahoo! Newsays he’ll prove New York attorney general Letitia James is ‘blatantly unethical’ in court showdown Thursday [Ed. note: Oh sure. NOT!]

February 16, 2022

Thurston County celebrates Black History Month –
Early settler George Bush honored with new Capitol Monument!

New Capitol Monument Honors Pioneer George Bush and Family
“Within view of the Butternut tree grown from Bush family stock, the monument sits on the lawn just south of the General Administration and Helen Sommers buildings,” by Thurston Talk. Photo courtesy: Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

Black History Month from Experience Oly & Beyond

“Celebrating Black History month gives us opportunities to learn more about local Black leaders, history, and events taking place within our region. In this month’s newsletter, we’re highlighting the pioneering spirit of one of our region’s most benevolent settlers, George Bush. If you’re planning a trip to the Capitol Campus, you won’t want to miss the new monument honoring his pioneer family.” 

George Bush – One of Washington’s Most Important Homesteaders

“The pioneering spirit of settlers in our region was fueled not only by opportunity and wide open spaces, but by the generosity and hospitality of men like George Bush—a Black pioneer who fled violent discrimination in Missouri and Oregon before crossing the Columbia River and settling in Washington. Bush headed west with Michael Simmons, leading a thirty-two-person party along the Oregon Trail. After spending the winter near Oregon City they continued north after facing government-sanctioned violence, arriving at the southern edge of Puget Sound. There they founded Tumwater, and George and his family farmed, built a sawmill, and started a small logging operation.”

Bush was legendary for his hospitality, welcoming travelers and settlers with food and a place to stay. He gave away almost his entire harvest during the famine of 1852, saving the lives of those who needed help and assistance. He contributed immensely towards the settlement of this territory, and a monument to his accomplishments can be visited today at the Capitol Campus in Olympia. (painting by Jacob Lawrence)


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