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S. E. Thurston Fire Authority recognition for 2 Lieutenants!
Retired Lieutenant Ann Grover receives recognition from Fire Chief Mark King.
Credit: S. E. Thurston Fire Authority

Recognizing ‘landmark accomplishments’ of 2 S. E. Thurston Fire Lieutenants

From S. E. Thurston Fire Authority:

[On Wednesday night] friends and family gathered at the board of commissioners meeting to formally celebrate and honor two important people in their landmark accomplishments.

Congratulations to S.E. Thurston Fire Authority Curtis Behrens on his promotion to B-Shift Lieutenant! Lieutenant Behrens son had the honor of pinning his badge.

Now retired (former B-Shift) Lieutenant Ann Grover, was the first female Firefighter hired and first female Lieutenant promoted in the history of the agency. Fire Chief Mark King presented her with a retirement plaque and helmet in recognition for her years of dedication to the agency and community.

Congratulations again to the both of you on your accomplishments and thank you for your service to the community!

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Newly promoted B-Shift Lieutenant! Lieutenant Behrens’ son had the honor of pinning his badge.
Credit: S. E. Thurston Fire Authority
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