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Trump’s demands for DOJ to release more is even more damning –
Trump does little to help his cause, embraces inciting violence if indicted.
QAnon accounts now get a boost on Trump’s Truth Social!

“The legal filing included a photo of documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.”
Credit: Department of Justice via The New York Times

Trump shoots self in the foot with more lies after DOJ’s latest filing last night

Andrew Weissman Tweet: “MAGA can also mean ‘Making Attorneys Get Attorneys'” – @AWeissmann_ with the lawyer jokes [Editor’s note: More Trump lawyers need to lawyer up after last night’s DOJ filing!]


+ FOX News sister The Wall Street Journal: DOJ Points to Likely Obstruction in Investigation of Documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago – Assertion comes in government filing opposing Trump’s call for a special master to vet seized materials for privilege

+ VOX via MSN: The DOJ’s latest filing has even more damning claims against Trump

+ MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Following DOJ filing, Trump does little to help his own cause – In response to the latest Justice Department filing, Donald Trump issued a written statement that doubled down on a lie his lawyers are afraid to echo.

+ MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes: With no excuses left, Trumpworld turns to threatening violence amid docs probe [Editor’s note: All Republicans have is to use threats of incitement of violence when they perceive elections will not go their way. That is fascism!]

+ Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on why TFG took the docs (On Tik Tok August 30, 2022): This is all about him. And I stand firm when I say that Donald wants to use this to hold the country hostage. . . . He knows his ass is in the grinder right now. . . . He’s going to use this to ensure that he doesn’t spend of his natural life behind bars charged with treason.

Trump goes all-in to embrace QAnon conspiracy theories

+ NBC News: Trump shares barrage of QAnon content and other conspiracy theories on his social media platform – Facing numerous investigations, Trump shared posts promoting conspiracy theories, including from the account that originated QAnon, as well as a fake quote from his daughter.

+ People Magazine: QAnon-Focused Accounts Banned on Twitter Now Flourish — and Get a Boost from Trump — on Truth Social – Dozens of Truth Social accounts with more than 10,000 followers are spreading slogans, images and beliefs connected to the sprawling conspiracy theories that make up QAnon

+ MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Trump works to reactivate dangerous QAnon conspiracy – Former President Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning posting inflammatory messages on social media, including many explicitly promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory.

+ The Daily Beast: Trump Demands Either New Election ‘Immediately’ or Make Him ‘Rightful’ President Now – Trump’s latest rant came shortly after his pal Lindsey Graham warned of “riots in the streets” if the ex-president was indicted.

+ Truthout: Trump Demands to Be Reinstated as President, Citing Hunter Biden, Mar-a-Lago

+ Daily Kos: Trump’s meltdown on Truth Social rips away façade as he embraces QAnon conspiracy theories

+ Truthout: Trump Loyalists Plan to Impeach Biden If GOP Wins Control of House in Midterms – Rep. Bob Good, a Republican from Virginia, has said that Congress has a duty to act “on day one.” “I have consistently said President Biden should be impeached for intentionally opening our border and making Americans less safe,” he said to The Hill.

Puget Sound experiencing more intense heat this summer,
Sea-Tac tied record for the most 90-degree days in a year at 12 on Tuesday!

Credit: The Seattle Times

Seattle ties record for most 90-degree days in a year

[Editor’s note: Continued dry with no rain in the forecast.]

From KING-5 News:

The temperature hit 90 degrees around 3 p.m. at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). That makes for the 12th 90-degree day this year.

The record for the most 90-degree days in a year in Seattle was originally set in 2015, with 12, according to KING 5 Meteorologist Chris Nunley.

The Seattle area had a record six straight days of 90-plus degrees at the end of July. That was the longest stretch of days at that temperature in the 77 years records have been kept.

A daily high record was broken in Olympia and Shelton. In Olympia, the high was 91 degrees and the record was 90 in 1987. In Shelton, the high was 94 degrees when the record was 89 degrees in 2003.

U. S. dropped nearly two years in life expectancy in 2020,
Washington recorded one of the lowest life expectancy declines!

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta.”
Credit: Dreamstime/TNS via The Chronicle

Life Expectancy in U.S. Dropped by Nearly Two Years in 2020, CDC Says

From The New York Daily News via The Chronicle:

Life expectancy dropped in 2020 by nearly two years across the United States — mostly due to COVID-19 and drug overdoses, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics on Tuesday released its annual report looking at mortality in the U.S. The report analyzed death data in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.) for 2020, the last year for which data is available.

Results found that from 2019 to 2020, life expectancy in the nation declined from 0.2 to three years across all states and D.C.

Overall, life expectancy in the U.S. in 2020 was 77 years — a decline of 1.8 years from 2019.

The states with the greatest decreases include those in the Southwest and U.S.-Mexico border area — Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas — as well as Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, as well as D.C.

The lowest decline in life expectancy was registered in nearly all New England states, except for Connecticut, as well as Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska and Hawaii.

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Washington state has the second highest life expectancy at birth according to a recent report from The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

From The Bellingham Herald:

Washington state had the second highest life expectancy of 79.2 years, with the male life expectancy at 76.9 years, and female life expectancy at 81.6 years.

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The Yelm Chamber of Commerce is proud of their newly elected leadership!

The Yelm Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors attends the Chamber Business Awards event, one of the many activities that recognize and support the Yelm community’s businesses and organizations.
Photo courtesy: Yelm Chamber of Commerce via Thurston Talk.

The Yelm Chamber’s Newly Elected Leadership Supports and Strengthens Community Ties

From the Yelm Chamber of Commerce via Thurston Talk:

The Yelm Chamber of Commerce’s recently elected officers are busy with current activities and planning for future events in the area that support economic development, community involvement and connecting with government.

Chamber Executive Director Line Roy says the Chamber has weathered the impact of COVID-19 on local businesses and organizations. Its newly elected leadership is poised to continue to actively strengthen the community. “The board is very well equipped to handle any challenges in the second half of 2022 and into 2023,” she says.

The Chamber’s volunteer governing board is elected every two years. New officers and directors began their terms in May. Directors are selected from Chamber members’ nominations and represent a mix of experienced and new business and organizational representatives.

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Sheriff’s Community Outreach Utilization Team (SCOUT) program launched!

Thurston County Sheriff’s Office

Thurston Sheriff’s Office launches program aimed at helping with mental health calls

Two two-person teams of a crisis clinician and a peer specialist are now riding along with deputies.

From The Olympian:

After a year of behind-the-scenes work and planning, a new Thurston County program aimed at better responding to mental health-related 911 calls is about to be launched by the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office is launching the Sheriff’s Community Outreach Utilization Team (SCOUT) program. It’s the culmination of a partnership between the office, Thurston Mason Behavioral Health Administration, and Olympic Health and Recovery Services.

According to a news release from the Sheriff’s Office, the SCOUT program will consist of two two-person teams of a crisis clinician and a peer specialist. They will spend the next several months riding along with deputies and meeting staff before they’re deployed with their own vehicles to start answering calls.

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More 90 degree weather for Yelm mid-week.
Take precautions for you and your pets!

Credit: Rory Siegel Photography & Fine Art, ©2021.
Used with permission.

Another warm week ahead

Yelm forecast calling for Tuesday-Thursday heat near or at 90

The Department of Health is promoting tips for staying cool:

  • Stay indoors and in an air-conditioned environment as much as possible unless you’re sure your body has a high tolerance for heat
  • Drink plenty of fluids but avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine or a lot of sugar
  • Eat more frequently but make sure meals are balanced and light
  • Never leave any person or pet in a parked vehicle

Learn more hot weather safety here.


From the National Weather Service:

Drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors. Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances.

Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside. When possible reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing when possible. To reduce risk during outdoor work, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or air conditioned environments. Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location. Heat stroke is an emergency! Call 9 1 1.

For sheltering information and other human services in your area, dial 2 1 1 during business hours or visit anytime.

State Commission taking comments on 2 new airport sites in Thurston,
One location is just west of Yelm!

One of two Thurston sites in consideration for a new airport.
Credit: WSDOT
  • Editor’s note: One of the two Thurston sites in consideration a new airport is west of Yelm, as shown above.
  • See the meeting link and comment site at bottom.

State Commission gathering input on sites for major new airport and airport expansion

From The Chronicle via The Olympian:

The state Commercial Aviation Coordination Commission (CACC) invites state residents to an online open house and virtual public meetings this month to learn about and comment on its efforts to identify a suitable site for expanded aviation service.

The two current airport sites under consideration are the Bremerton National Airport for air cargo operations and Paine Field in Snohomish County for air cargo and additional passenger service.

CACC is also studying 10 sites in the Puget Sound region as an option for a new airport, according to a news release.

The commission is considering environmental effects, economic and technical criteria, public feedback and public opinion as it develops recommendations to improve Washington’s air transportation capacity. “The input Washington residents share will play an important role in the recommendations the CACC develops,” the news release says.

People can provide input through an online open house or two public meetings.

The online open house runs through Sept. 9 at and a virtual public meeting is scheduled for 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31. Visit to access the meeting link.

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Inslee: Washington to prohibit the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

“Gov. Jay Inslee, with car dealership representatives who drove electric vehicles to a news conference in Olympia in 2021.” Credit: Ted S. Warren, AP via The Seattle Times.

Washington to follow California in phasing out gas vehicles

From The Olympian:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said his state will follow California and prohibit the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

The specific regulations for Washington state are yet to be created and the public will have the chance to weigh in, The Seattle Times reported.

“This is a critical milestone in our climate fight. Washington set in law a goal for all new car sales to be zero emissions by 2030 and we’re ready to adopt California’s regs by end of this year,” Inslee said Wednesday on Twitter.

Transportation-related emissions account for more than 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in Washington.

California’s policy passed Wednesday requires 100% of new sales of passenger cars, trucks and SUVs to be powered by electricity or hydrogen by 2035, with one-fifth allowed to be plug-in hybrids. It doesn’t ban the use of gas-powered cars or the sale of used cars.

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Trump needs a team of ‘cracker-jack’ criminal lawyers after last week!

“Many theories on Trump’s secret files, but not yet one to rule them all”
Credit: David Horsey, The Seattle Times


More cartoons below

FPOTUS Donald Trump
New York Times Guest Essay: We Knew the Justice Department Case Was Righteous. This Affidavit Confirms It.
Photo credit: The New York Times

In the news

+ Politico: Intel officials to assess national security fallout from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents – Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines confirmed the review in a letter to top lawmakers.

+ The Washington Post: Takeaways from the redacted affidavit used for the Mar-a-Lago search

+ Raw Story: Trump’s lawyers are ‘scrambling and they have nothing’: legal expert

+ Truthout: 18 Former Trump Officials Say “Standing Order” to Declassify Docs Never Happened

+ Raw Story: A specific Espionage Act provision could seal Trump’s fate: Former NSA counsel

+ The Washington Post via MSN: Truth Social faces financial peril as worry about Trump’s future grows

+ NPR: The DOJ under Barr wrongly withheld parts of a Russia probe memo, a court rules

+ Business Insider: A writer who chronicled Donald Trump’s rise to fame predicted that the Trump Org will be ‘put out of business’

+ Politico: ‘We got rolled’: How the conservative grassroots lost the fight with Biden because it was focused on Trump

+ Slate: We Don’t Need a Trump-Inspired Civil War for Things to Get Real Bad, Real Fast

“Who’s a GOP boy”
Credit: Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee
Credit: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer
“Declassified indeed”
Credit: Mike Luckovich, The Atlanta Journal Constitution
“The Standing Order”
Credit: Drew Sheneman, Tribune Content Agency

Thurston Bountiful Byway public input is due by September 2,
Your suggested improvements for the byway are wanted!

Thurston Bountiful Byway map
Credit: Experience Olympia and Beyond

The Thurston Bountiful Byway Project NEEDS YOU!

From Experience Olympia and Beyond:

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the in-person town hall meetings earlier this month as we look to complete the Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for the Thurston Bountiful Byway. We had great feedback from the individuals who attended but we’d still like your input on key attractions and experiences along the byway; and perhaps most important, your suggested improvements for the byway (i.e. signage, parking, infrastructure, etc.). We want to include these items in the Corridor Management Plan document so that when we get to the state and federal grant application process, we will have done our required homework. The goal is to have our byway recognized by the State of Washington as a “Scenic Highway.”

Below is the link to the interactive map where you can add your comments. It just takes a few minutes.

Please share this with others who are interested, so we can get as much feedback as possible!

Interactive Byway Mapping Website:

Public input is due by September 2. We will plan to present all findings on October 6 virtually.

Thank you all for your support of the Thurston Bountiful Byway and this very important economic development initiative.

Click here to add your suggestions.

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