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Tenino’s Community Forum this Sunday, 4pm, on the
Less Restrictive Alternative Sex Offender Housing!

Credit: Thurston County Sheriff Facebook post.

+ The Olympian: Sheriff’s Office sets up Sunday town hall on Tenino sex offender housing

Community Forum on Tenino’s Less Restrictive Alternative Sex Offender Housing

From the Thurston County Sheriff’s Facebook post:

[On Tuesday, Janauary 24], members of the executive staff at TCSO sat down with DOC, SCC, and DSHS to discuss the Less Restrictive Alternative Sex Offender Housing in Tenino.

After receiving clarification on some critical topics, Sheriff Sanders requested DOC, SCC, and DSHS engage in a community forum for discussion and Q&A. All three organizations were more than willing to participate and will join TCSO for the event.

We apologize for the short notice as we are working hard to get answers for our community. The forum will be this Sunday at Tenino High school (thank you to the Tenino School District for hosting). TCSO thanks our community for staying engaged and cordial during a time when not many answers were available, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Beatrice Coleman
    I recommend that people familiarize themselves with the characteristics of sex addiction. This often the start of sex crimes. Sex addiction is not treatable and there is no cure for it. There is no amount of jail or punishment that will help sex offenders. No one is safe from them. They are in prison for a reason. That reason is to protect society from harm. These offenders should remain behind bars.
  2. Virginia DeLeone
    I support all of you in your effort!!!! Good luck. When dealing with gov't you will need it. Lynnwood, WA residents are fighting an addiction center right across from a daycare and near residents. I HOPE WHEN IT COMES TO ELECTION TIME, EVERYONE REMEMBERS ALL OF THIS AND WHO IS ALLOWING THESE DANGEROUS FACILITIES TO BE ESTABLISHED AMONG FAMILY NEIGHBORHOODS!!!! Unfortunately we just got more of the same in the elections in November. I ALSO HOPE PEOPLE REMEMBER HOW THE POLITICIANS IN POWER ARE ALSO BEING LENIENT ON CRIMINALS AS CRIME HAS GREATLY INCREASED!!!! This just exacerbates the danger of sex offenders and addicts. We all work hard for our homes in safe neighborhoods so that we and our children are safe. We pay very high taxes and this is the kind of thing that the politicians try to foce on us!! inslee avoids the public and issues insincere statements full political BS which he hopes will pacify people and make them go away. If these politicians feel the need for these sex offenders and addicts to live in neighborhoods, let them go to the politicians neighborhoods, or maybe, even on the Capitol Grounds so that they need to deal with them when going to work each day.

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