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Trump touts authoritarian playbook if re-elected!
Plans for revenge, using military domestically.

Let everyone remember Trump’s role in overturning Roe vs. Wade.
Credit: Truth Social.
  • Editor’s note: Every American needs to take note that Donald Trump means what he says. We know that from his 4 years as President.
  • Last week, Trump told us exactly how he would begin authoritarian rule in this country, beginning Inauguration Day if re-elected.
  • The end of democracy and suspension of the Constitution of the United States of America would be at-hand.
  • The Economist, along with and conservative Judge Luttig outlined what a Trump victory for President would mean for America and the world.
  • “American democracy is in greater peril today than it has ever been in American history.”
  • This week’s blog lists stories within the last week that underscore this threat.
  • By Steve Klein, Yelm Blog Host.

Trump’s authoritarian intentions stated if he is re-elected President

+ The Economist: Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024 – What his victory in America’s election would mean [read more here]


+ MSNBC: Trump allies have hatched a plan to build a loyalist army to take over the government

Earlier this year we learned that the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank in Washington, is spearheading a project to staff a future Trump administration with tens of thousands of pre-vetted appointees, who would be tasked with “dismantling the administrative state from day one.” On Monday, Axios published details about what the vetting process looks like, and it appears custom-tailored to generate an army of mindless Trump loyalists.

Heritage’s initiative, called Project 2025, has a reported budget of over $20 million, and it is designed to help Trump transform the federal government overnight if he wins the 2024 election.


+ Society for the Rule of Law: “Judge Luttig: “American democracy is in greater peril today than it has ever been in American history.”


+ Forbes: Trump Compares Political Foes To ‘Vermin’ On Veterans Day—Echoing Nazi Propaganda


+ Washington Post: Trump calls political enemies ‘vermin,’ echoing dictators Hitler, Mussolini


+ Salon via Truthout: Trump’s Threat to Handle the “Vermin” Is Straight Out of the Nazi Playbook – Trump is planning to purge the executive branch and turn it into a patronage grift for cronies and sycophants if reelected.


+ The Messenger via MSN: Christie Responds to Trump’s Vow to ‘Root Out’ Left Wing ‘Vermin’: ‘He’s a Liar, a Thief, a Cheater’


+ MSNBC: Trump’s rhetoric was often dark. But his latest threat reveals a key inflection point. We have no choice but to take the former president both literally and seriously. Rhetoric that classifies certain people not as humans but as insects or vermin has preceded nearly every genocide in history.


+ Newsweek: Donald Trump’s Comments Could Land Him in Jail: Ex-White House Lawyer


+ Politico: ‘Travesty in darkness’: Trump backs drive to televise his D.C. election subversion trial – Trump, who is facing four criminal prosecutions as well as several civil lawsuits, has been trying in recent weeks to leverage those proceedings to amplify his message to voters.


+ MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Trump tests Republican Party willingness to follow him into fascism – Rachel Maddow looks at Donald Trump’s recent more open embrace of fascistic language and points out that the one institution that could discourage his autocratic ambitions is the Republican Party he intends to continue to lead.

+ Business Insider: Donald Trump makes a new gaffe as rivals ratchet-up challenges to his mental sharpness


+ Reuters: Trump plans sweeping undocumented immigrant roundups, detention camps – report


+ The Lincoln Project: We made this pre-election, thinking that we’d never have to release it. After the events of today, we decided to post.


+ Newsweek: Judge Chutkan Just Shut Down Trump’s ‘Mischief’—Ex-Prosecutor


+ MSNBC: Trump planning sweeping raids, detention camps, and mass deportations if re-elected in 2025, NYT reports


+ Meidas Touch: Comments made by Trump in the past few weeks echo statements from Adolf Hitler nearly verbatim.

This has to be intentional. It should be on every front page:

Hitler: I will get rid of the “communist” “vermin”

Trump: I will get rid of the “communist” “vermin”

Hitler: I will take care of the “enemy within”

Trump: I will take care of the “threat from within”

Hitler: Jews and migrants are poisoning Aryan blood

Trump: Migrants are “poisoning the blood of our country”

Hitler: “One People, One Realm, One Leader”

Trump: “One People, One Family, One Glorious Nation”


+ Washington Post: Trump’s Truth Social faces ‘substantial doubt’ following financial losses


+ Business Insider: Trump’s social media company has lost over $31 million since its launch, faces potential shutdown


+ Salon via Truthout: Former Trump Lawyer’s Revelation Is “Devastating” for Trump, Legal Experts Say – Jenna Ellis’s account may be key evidence in the Fulton case as well as Trump’s federal election subversion case in D.C.


+ Washington Post: Hunter Biden’s lawyers seek to subpoena Donald Trump in gun case – New court filing aims to uncover evidence of political direction of probe into Joe Biden’s son


+ MSNBC: Trump’s recent social media post should make him liable for incitement – The former president’s decision to share a social media post calling for the arrest of a judge and a prosecutor telegraphs his problematic strategy.


+ Salon via Truthout: Trump’s Election Interference Trial May Stretch Past Election, Legal Experts Say – Additional guilty pleas and investigations into leaks or witness intimidation are likely to push the case into 2025.


+ MSNBC’s Medhi Hasan: ‘We’re gonna put kids in cages’: Meet the man who could be Trump’s next attorney general – He has said he would toss opponents in “the gulag” and called caging migrant kids “glorious.”


+ MSNBC’s Danny Cevallos: Trump’s lawyers are following a surprising playbook. Here’s what that tells us. It’s usually in the interests of both civil and criminal defense attorneys in high-profile cases not to comment publicly.


+ Raw Story via MSN: ‘Disoriented in a new way’: Former federal prosecutor raises fresh worry about Trump

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