March 31, 2024

Happy Easter 2024!


Happy Easter from the Yelm Community Blog.

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March 31, 2024

Trump gets closer to being tried as a criminal!

Former President Donald Trump selling God Bless America Bibles on Truth Social.
Former President Donald Trump selling God Bless America Bibles on Truth Social.
Source: Truth Social via CNBC.

Trump is 2 weeks away from our first President being tried as a criminal

+ CNN: Federal judge warns of Trump’s attacks in extraordinary rebuke

+ Newsweek: Former Republican Congressmen Warn Donald Trump Inciting Violence


+ USA Today: Donald Trump is selling $60 Bibles as he seeks funds for for campaign, legal bills


+ CNBC: Trump’s campaign trail promotion of Bibles and sneakers is unprecedented, experts say


+ Richard Painter on MSNBC: The last Trump stock was a disaster for investors. The new one could be a disaster for the country. The new company could give Trump a remarkable conflict of interest in a key way Americans get their news.


+ Slate: Trump’s Secret Weapon – Billionaire GOP megadonor Jeff Yass was a prominent Never Trumper. This year, he’s leaving all that behind. [Editor’s note: Major money player behind Truth Social merger.]


+ Truthout: Fox News Poll Shows Majority of Voters Reject Trump’s 15-Week Abortion Ban – The poll’s results come just one week after Trump expressed support for a 15-week national abortion ban.


+ The Washington Post: Records confirm Trump’s mother-in-law came to U.S. through process he derided. The new one could be a disaster for the country. The new company could give Trump a remarkable conflict of interest in a key way Americans get their news


+ Truthout: Liz Cheney Calls Trump and the Republican Party “Dangerous”


+ Newsweek: Jared Kushner Called to Face the Music


+ Glenn Kirschner on MSNBC: An important lesson from a dramatic new whirlwind of Trump legal news – There are too many examples of the federal government, in particular, refusing to hold Trump accountable for his misconduct.


+ Eugene Robinson in The Washington Post: Trump’s Bible grift is going to backfire – If the MAGA faithful do buy those Bibles and look inside, they will find myriad reasons to forsake their profoundly flawed political hero.


+ Rolling Stone: Colorado Elections Chief Sees 600 Percent Spike in Threats Since Trump Challenge


+ VOX: Could this be Trump’s orange makeup? A long, confusing beauty mystery.


+ Truthout: Trump Is Turning the January 6 Coup Leaders Into Fascist Martyrs – Trump’s heroization of those who led the attack on the Capitol is eerily similar to tactics used by Hitler in 1923.


+ Deadline White House: Liz Cheney urges the Supreme Court to stop aiding Donald Trump’s delay tactics


+ Andrew Weissmann in The Atlantic via MSN: The Supreme Court Is Shaming Itself


+ MSNBC’s Deadline White House: Judge Luttig on Trump’s mobster tactics: ‘Nobody in a position of responsibility has addressed it’


+ Newsweek: Donald Trump’s Lawyers Have Changed How They Refer to Him – “President Trump’s first term”


+ HuffPost: Paul Ryan Has A Stark Prediction For Down-Ballot Republicans On Donald Trump


+ Rolling Stone: Trump unleashes rant aimed at daughter of judge overseeing his hush money case


+ CNBC: Trump shares video with image depicting Biden tied up in the back of a pickup truck

[Editor’s note: Is Trump mentally ill? If any other person did this, they would be arrested immediately citizen for a threat to The President of the United States. Decent people do not do such a thing. No former President has ever done such a thing. No Presidential candidate has ever done such a thing. How totally childish! Grow-up!]


+ The Washington Post via MSN: Trump asked if U.S. was better off in his last year. In many ways, the answer is no. – In many ways, the answer is no. A look at the third week of March 2020 reveals a nation that was plunging into a pandemic, and a leader exhibiting the erratic characteristics that his supporters love and his detractors revile


March 30, 2024

Two former Alabama governors pen regrets in overseeing executions!

Credit: The Washington Post via iStock.

This is an important story with lessons for America!

+ The Hill via MSN [March 18, 2024]: In 2024, executions ‘in the heart of Dixie’ still rely on Jim Crow 

Opinion by Don Siegelman, opinion contributor

Alabama’s death penalty laws are indefensible, not only because they are unconstitutional but because they are based on an 1870 Jim Crow law allowing non-unanimous death verdicts. Moreover, judicial overrides affect Black defendants almost twice as frequently as white ones. 

Don Siegelman served as Alabama’s first progressive and last Democratic governor, from 1999 to 2003. He is an author and a lawyer focused on the criminal justice system. 


+ The Washington Post [May 23, 2023]: Opinion We oversaw executions as governor. We regret it.

Sentencing an innocent person to die is a brutal injustice. Sentencing someone to live can be, too.

Former Alabama governors Robert Bentley and Don Siegelman each oversaw executions during their tenures, and they write now that they’ve come to regret them. A system that condemns an innocent person at least 1 out of 9 times, they explain, cannot be counted on to dispense justice.

Their op-ed analyzes how the abuses of emboldened prosecutors, the caprices of non-unanimous juries and the excesses of elected judges all work together to make a mess of capital punishment.

Do what we should have done but didn’t, they urge sitting governors: End executions.


Blogger Klein was a long time supporter of Gov. Siegelman.

March 29, 2024

The Yelm Community Blog is 18 years old –
Yelm’s longest serving publication with the same owner!

The Yelm Community Blog has served our area since 2006

Dear readers,

Today, on March 29th, the Yelm Community Blog has been operating with virtual daily posts for 18 years, since 2006. This blog has been complied by the longest serving writer in Yelm, compared to any other online or print publication staffs. I have been proud to provide the community with stories that give you, the reader, public documents to read and discern news stories for yourself, and without any paid advertisements.

The first blog post was about Yelm Community Schools enrolling the 5,000th pupil, doubling their student numbers in 25 years.

Follow on Twitter or subscribe to the e-list on the right side of the home page.

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your interest and support all of these years.


Steve Klein

March 29, 2024

Lou Whitaker, who founded Rainier  Mountaineering Inc., passed away this week. 

Jim Whittaker, right, and twin brother Lou pause after descending from Camp Muir on Mount Rainier in June 1981. The brothers were part of a rescue party that searched for the bodies of 11 missing climbers buried by a wall of ice. Lou Whittaker died Sunday at age 95. Credit: AP AP file photo via The Olympian.

Lou Whittaker, among the most famous American mountaineers, has died at age 95

From the Associated Press via Tacoma’s News-Tribune:

Lou Whittaker, a legendary American mountaineer who helped lead ascents of Mount Everest, K2 and Denali, and who taught generations of climbers during his more than 250 trips up Mount Rainier, the tallest peak in Washington state, has died at age 95.

RMI Expeditions, the guide company he founded in 1969, confirmed that he died peacefully at home Sunday.

“Mountains were the source of his health, the wellspring of his confidence, and the stage for his triumphs, and he was one of the first to make mountaineering and its benefits accessible to the broader public,” the company said in statement posted to its website Wednesday. “His leadership made mountain guiding a true profession, with many of the world’s premier mountaineers benefiting from Lou’s tutelage.”

Whittaker and his twin brother Jim Whittaker — who in 1963 became the the first American to summit Everest — grew up in Seattle and began climbing in the 1940s with the Boy Scouts. At 16, they summited 7,965-foot (2,428-meter) Mount Olympus, the highest peak in the Olympic Mountains west of Seattle, Jim Whittaker recounted in his memoir, “A Life on the Edge.” When they reached the town of Port Angeles on their way home, they found cars honking and people celebrating: World War II had ended.

Read more

March 29, 2024

NVN: Yelm Chamber Executive leaves for another job

Credit: NVN

Yelm Chamber of Commerce executive director steps down

Excerpt from The NVN:

Amanda Muñoz, executive director of the Yelm Chamber of Commerce, has stepped down from her role. She departed to assume the position of development director at the Thurston County Food Bank.

Muñoz spent just over one year as the chamber’s executive director, beginning her job on Feb. 27, 2023. She replaced Madison Cahoon, who worked in the role for just three months. Muñoz previously worked in the fields of school administration and health care.


The chamber board was slated to select its next executive director by Friday, March 22, but, as of Tuesday, March 26, it had not chosen a replacement.

March 29, 2024

Yelm man arrested in connection to March 5th’s fatal shooting,
Another Thurston man’s bail set from road rage incident.

Credit: The Chronicle

Thurston detectives arrest homicide suspect in connection with shooting outside trailer

Excerpt from The Olympian via MSN:

Deputies arrested a 37-year-old man early Thursday morning in connection with a fatal shooting March 5 near Yelm.

Thurston County Sheriff’s detectives arrested the man while executing a search warrant at a residence in Yelm, according to a news release. The county jail log shows he was booked on suspicion of second-degree murder.

The arrest follows a three-week investigation into the death of Trever Miller, a 31-year-old man who was shot multiple times the evening of March 5. Deputies found Miller after being dispatched to a trailer on the 11600 block of Morris Road Southeast, south of Prairie Elementary School.


Bail set for Thurston County man accused of shooting at driver

Excerpt from The Chronicle:

A 22-year-old Tumwater man accused of shooting at a driver Saturday [March 23] is being held in Thurston County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Christian Joseph Olivencia attended his preliminary appearance in Thurston County Superior Court on Monday.

Deputies arrested Olivencia Saturday evening on suspicion of first-degree attempted murder following an apparent “road rage” incident on Yelm Highway Southeast, Thurston County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Brooks previously told The Olympian. Deputies believe Olivencia retrieved a gun to confront another driver but fired at the wrong car, Brooks said.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has accused Olivencia of first-degree assault while armed with a firearm and drive-by shooting instead of attempted murder, according to court records.


March 28, 2024

Last call to switch out your studded tires – before April 1!

Four car tires rolling on a snow-covered road. 3d illustration. Credit: iStock/laremenko.

WA drivers are running out of time to switch out their studded tires. Here’s the deadline

Be kind to the roads — and your wallet — by removing your studded tires on time

From The Tri-City Herald via MSN:

It’s that time of year again for Washington state drivers: Before April 1, people with studded tires on their vehicles must replace them with regular tires.

The last day to make the switch, which protects Washington state roads from damage, is March 31. If you don’t replace your tires by then, you could be fined $137.

Since the last legal day for studded tires falls on Easter Sunday this year, the Washington State Department of Transportation is recommending drivers get their tires changed early.

Studded tires are driven in harsh winter conditions to provide extra traction against the perils of snow and ice.


In Washington state, studded tires are legal between November 1 and March 31. Outside those dates, the Washington State Patrol can ticket drivers with studded tires, even if it’s visitors from out of the state.

March 28, 2024

Late winter warmth records were set at Olympia Airport!

Credit: Rory Siegel Photography & Fine Art, ©2024.
Used with permission.

Olympia Regional Airport notes three late winter 2024 temperature records

+ The Olympian: Olympia did break the record-high temperature on Friday [March 15] when it reached 64 degrees, the NWS said on the social-media website X. The previous record for March 15 was 63 degrees set in 1962.

+ KING-5 TV News, Seattle: Western Washington sees record-breaking temperatures amid warm and sunny weekend – In Olympia, temperatures reached 74 degrees [March 16], passing the previous daily record of 70 degrees.

+ A record high of 74 degrees was recorded on March 17 in Olympia.

March 28, 2024

Thurston County Auditor on bill to protect election workers!  

Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall.
Credit: The JOLT News.

Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall’s statement on House Bill 1241

Mary Hall, Thurston County Auditor, issued the following statement after Governor Jay Inslee signed House Bill 1241 to protect election workers:  

Signing HB 1241 makes it crystal clear: Washington State leaders are serious about keeping election workers safe.  

Democracy only works when the hundreds of election workers in Washington can do their job without worrying about their safety.  

Since 2021, auditors have been working to toughen the laws for anyone harassing election workers. A huge thank you is owed to the legislature and the governor for having the backs of election workers. 

Auditor Hall is the legislative committee chair of the Washington Association of County Auditors. 


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