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Leonard Peltier of our First Nation’s people has a parole date June 10th – U.S. has incarcerated him for 49 years. ENOUGH – President Biden: Let this Elder go home!

Leonard Peltier
Credit: Photo courtesy of the Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee) via ICT + Rapid City Journal.

Dear readers;

I have heard the requests and pleas to learn about and support the release of Leonard Pertier of the First Nation’s people. He was convicted in 1975 in what was known as the “Second Wounded Knee.”
Leonard Peltier has a parole date one month from today, June 10th 2024.
I am told that those who were with him know the truth and that “49 years is more then enough time to serve in prison. Let our elder be free!!!!!”

I agree!

Click here to read this compelling story!


Leonard Peltier: ‘I hope I make it to June 10’

Excerpt from Amelia Schafer and Kevin Abourezk, ICT + Rapid City Journal

RAPID CITY, S.D. – At 80 years old, Leonard Peltier is approaching what may be his last attempt at freedom.

On June 10, the Anishinaabe elder will participate in what may be his final parole hearing. Peltier is currently serving two consecutive life sentences after being convicted of killing two FBI agents in 1975 at the Jumping Bull Ranch in South Dakota.

Peltier is asking for the public to spread the word about his parole hearing, said Dawn Lawson, secretary of the Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee.

“For a long time, people have been dying in that prison and the (Federal Bureau of Prisons) is out of control,” Lawson said. “They’re (U.S. Penitentiary Coleman 1) currently on indefinite lockdown, not because anybody has done anything, just because they can. They (prisoners) are living in their own filth. Leonard is making an appeal to his people to please get anybody’s attention.” READ MORE — by Amelia Schafer and Kevin Abourezk, ICT + Rapid City Journal

In the past few months, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa citizen’s health has taken a turn for the worse, so much so that his attorneys say they’re concerned he won’t make it to the June parole hearing.


“At a time when democratic values are being challenged, DOJ should take action as he nears the end of his life and allow him to return to his family on his ancestral homeland,” LeBlanc said in a statement. “We implore the DOJ to grant Peltier’s compassionate release.”

Tilsen called on the Biden administration to take action.

“This administration, the Biden Administration, has said that Native American rights are a priority to them, and yet they’ve got the longest sitting Indigenous political prisoner locked up and we’ve seen no action from the federal government,” Tilsen said. “If he dies in prison this will forever be a part of that administration’s legacy as it relates to Native people.”


A chance to tell his story

Within 30 days after the June 10 parole hearing, the parole commission will issue its decision. A recommendation will be delivered to the commission for a final decision to be made.

Since Peltier is a federal prisoner serving a sentence of 30 years or more, he is eligible for a parole hearing within 9 months of his eligibility date as determined by the Bureau of Prisons. This hearing may be his only shot.

“The parole hearing on June 10 is the most important parole hearing of Leonard’s life,” Tilsen said. “He won’t live long enough for another parole hearing to come around.”


+ The Guardian (UK) posted Feb. 6, 2023: Indigenous activist Leonard Peltier in plea for clemency after 47 years in jail – Peltier, 78, convicted of murdering two FBI agents in 1975, tells Guardian of desire to return home to tribal land

+ Indian Times: Leonard Peltier Set for Parole Hearing in June

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  1. Susan Christopher
    The man has done his time. Let him return to his homeland and his family for his final days. He is not a threat to anyone.

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