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Daily Kos: “I expect Trump to get jail time, and it’s important to state it publicly.”

The Felon. Credit: Nick Anderson, RA News-Tribune via Daily Kos.

“I expect Trump to get jail time, and it’s important to state it publicly.”

By Peter Olandt in the Daily Kos:

I fully and honestly expect Trump to get a significant jail sentence AND that it will begin on July 11th, 2024.  This is different than predicting this will happen.  I am not trying to be correct and get it on record so later on I can brag I predicted it will happen.  Rather, a jail sentence beginning immediately is appropriate and therefor I wish to help others in our public discourse to set that expectation.

Our government is not just a system of rules and laws, but also a system of social contracts and societal expectations.  Judges are given a range of options during sentencing because the people who set up our laws recognized that not every situation is the same…  


The Honorable Juan Merchan has no love for Trump at this point.  Trump has violated bail conditions, shown no remorse or acknowledged guilt, has a history of public witness intimidation, violent speech, inciting others and so on.  You all know the score here.  In addition, Michael Cohen already got 3 years for participating in this crime.  The judge has plenty of reasons to assign jail time.  A slap on the wrist endangers both our democracy and our legal system by setting a precedent that cheating on a presidential election is worth it because you won’t get a significant penalty.  I trust Judge Merchan to already know this.  What we all need to do is make it easier for the judge to make the decision.

Furthermore, Judge Merchan also knows Trump’s history of delay tactics in court.  A sentence beginning immediately flips the script on Trump.  Trump starting in prison means he is the one asking for a quick appeals process.  An appellate court could stay the prison sentence until the appeal process is finished, but that is not required.  And Judge Merchan shouldn’t let that possibility dissuade him from doing the right thing.

An immediate sentence also comes at the most appropriate time for such a sentence.  This crime was committed in furtherance of illicitly affecting a national election.  Imposing such a sentence during a national election is not only appropriate, but adds to the effectiveness of the sentence.  “If you’re caught cheating, next time is made harder.”  Trump’s public use of violent language and veiled threats also play into this.  Should he be incarcerated, it will be more difficult for him to make such threats and do further damage to the process.

While the GOP and main stream media will complain that it should be up to an election, they have no case:

  • Trump is not being taken off the ballot.  People can still vote for him in November no matter what.
  • Republicans nominated Trump with full knowledge that this case and other cases could put him in jail before the election.  They chose him anyway.  This is NOT a surprise and was a bad choice on their part.  We don’t need to bail them out.
  • We have no laws stating that a presidential contender is immune to jail time.  In fact, this is why even the potential of jail time in the past usually sinks a candidate.  
  • It actually does the GOP a small favor if they wish to use it.  If Trump is in prison during the GOP convention with a jail term going past inauguration day, then they could use that convention to nominate someone else.  I have no clue if their internal structures would allow that, but that’s their problem, not mine.  I’d rather have Trump sitting in jail as the GOP candidate.

What the GOP and main stream media do want to do is shift public expectations to one where Judge Merchan finds it difficult to impose a prison sentence.  There is no legal or ethical justification here, but they are trying to win Trump’s case for him in the court of public opinion such that the actual court goes along.


I expect the Honorable Juan Merchan to sentence Trump to one month of jail for each count, served consecutively (3 years running concurrently is fine as well).  And I expect him to begin that sentence immediately as part of the legal system’s mandate to protect our country and its people from predatory criminals such as Donald J Trump.

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