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President Biden should retire for the good of the nation!

Screen shot from the CNN Presidential Debate from Michael Moore’s substack

  • Editor’s note: The Democratic Party and a broad swath of the nation will support a Harris candidacy.
  • V. P. Harris has been the leading voice on the Abortion issue, the rights of women, Blacks, other peoples of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.
  • If Harris is the Democratic nominee, Trump can expect far fewer votes from women and Blacks.
  • Kamla would have access to the warchest of the Biden-Harris Campaign to take on Donald Trump.
  • Biden’s frailty, lack of vigor does not project a strong America nor does that instill confidence.
  • Joe Biden cannot have an unscripted Press Conference or another debate due to missteps.
  • Joe’s weaknesses do not get better from here, only continue to decline.
  • The succession plan is clearly enunciated in the Constitution of the United States with the Vice President.
  • If Kamala is the nominee, there is no chaos, no brokered Convention – the party will rally behind her.
  • This must be done before the Republican National Convention next week!
  • If Joe retired, he would be hailed for his 50 years of public service.
  • Trump has also shown us his mind is not all there and he should also withdraw, though that will not happen since he’s running to keep out of jail.

President Biden needs to step aside and support the success of Kamala Harris

+ Michael Moore on substack: We Are Asking the Wrong Question About Joe Biden on this Fourth of July – Maybe we should be asking what are we going to do about ourselves — and what can we do to get him [Biden] some help?


+ MSNBC: Pay attention to what Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are actually saying about Biden’s candidacy – Top lawmakers and donors are turning on the president or openly admitting he’s in a weak position.


+ The New York Times: (accessible text here): Varying Treatment of Biden and Trump Puts Their Parties in Stark Relief – Republicans and Democrats live in radically different universes, interpreting the same set of facts through radically different lenses.


+ MSNBC: ‘Not good enough, chilling’: Former Obama Cabinet Secretary [Julian Castro]says President Biden is in denial 


+ Newsweek: Joe Biden Suffers From ‘Denial, Delusion and Defiance’: Former Obama Adviser [David Axelrod]


+ The Washington Post via MSN: Business leaders, pro-Democracy activists send letter asking Biden to withdraw – The letter sent to the White House is the latest outreach from the donor and activist community pushing for a new nominee after the president’s debate performance.


+ Reuters via MSN: Could Kamala Harris beat Donald Trump in November’s presidential race?

+ MSNBC: Why Kamala Harris is a stronger candidate than you think – Stepping in to save a party in crisis and running against a dangerous GOP nominee may be her straightest path to becoming president


+ Michael Moore on substack (37 minute listen): Elder Abuse” is Refusing to Give the President a Neurological Exam — and Instead PUSHING Him to “Soldier On” – It’s Definitely a Unique Strategy: Defeat Trump by Letting Biden Have a Stroke (or worse)

From Michael Moore: Here is the podcast version of my written plea for someone to please step in and get President Biden the medical evaluation and help he so obviously needs. An amazing one out of five of our 45 previous presidents have NOT made it to the end of their term. The Founders anticipated this and created an easy solution. We all voted for her in 2020 just in case of and for exactly this reason. Stop wasting another minute! We need every one of the next 122 days for the millions of us to be out there doing the work we must do to block Trump from returning to the White House.

President Biden, thank you for the good you have done. You will be remembered throughout the ages. But not if you let your enablers hound you into doing what your body is begging you not to do. Be the one who not only stopped Trump, but also the brave man who gave us our first woman in the Oval Office. She will complete your mission — and we will stand beside her. THIS is your moment in history. Let the doctors examine you. Then do the right thing.


Blogger Klein has been a registered Democrat since 2006.

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