June 19, 2018

Prairie Days Parade inaugurates new parade route and terminus

Photo credit: Yelm Chamber

– Yelm Prairie Days Parade is Saturday, June 23, 9am.
The Yelm Prairie Days Parade begins Saturday, June 23, 9am, at the Olympia Federal Savings lot and terminates at the new Prairie Days carnival site, the Yelm Community Schools bus barn behind the Middle School.

The Prairie Days parade is planned/facilitated by the Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce, the carnival is coordinated by the Yelm Lions Club, and both functions dovetail with the City of Yelm and the Yelm Police Department guiding traffic.

June 18, 2018

You should change your default settings right now, without delay!

“Clicking ‘like’ can say a lot about you.”
Photo credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images

– Editor’s note:
Have you updated your data privacy settings yet?
Read this and you will want to do so immediately!

– “15 default privacy settings you should change right now”
“On the internet, the devil’s in the defaults.

“You’re not reading all those updated data policies flooding your inbox. You probably haven’t even looked for your privacy settings. And that’s exactly what Facebook, Google and other tech giants are counting on.

“They tout we’re “in control” of our personal data, but know most of us won’t change the settings that let them grab it like cash in a game show wind machine. Call it the Rule of Defaults: 95 percent of people are too busy, or too confused, to change a darn thing.

“Give me 15 minutes, and I can help you join the 5 percent who are actually in control. I dug through the privacy settings for the five biggest consumer tech companies and picked a few of the most egregious defaults you should consider changing. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple offer links that allow you to tap, click and toggle your settings, by the Washington Post.
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– “Hands off my data! 15 more default privacy settings you should change on your TV, cellphone plan, LinkedIn and more”
By Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Washington Post / WP Bloomberg.
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– “The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook”
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June 18, 2018

City of Yelm holds Parks Open Houses, June 20 and 21

Credit: City of Yelm Government

– From the City of Yelm:
“Everyone is invited to an informal open house about our parks and the proposed new amenities we are working to build this year, including a ‘pump track,’ which is an outdoor recreation area for bikes, boards, and inline skates. A video about this type of facility is below. Other updates will include details and next steps about the spray park, community garden, playground equipment, memorial wall, and a grant we’ve applied for to fix and re-turf the soccer/football field at Longmire Park. To accommodate your different schedules, we will hold one open house in the morning and another in the evening. Here’s a link about the ‘pump track’ and the flyer with the dates/times/location of the public meetings. See you there!
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June 17, 2018

Happy Father’s Day to all of our dads

Father and his newborn son
Photo credit: Velvet Moth, Australia

– This story has been published here every Father’s Day since June 15, 2008.
“Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries and on other days elsewhere. It complements Mother’s Day, the celebration honoring mothers,” quoting Wikipedia.

– Father’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in Spokane, WA., June 19, 1910.
Sonora Smart Dodd originally thought of the idea while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon the previous year.
Read more from Visit Spokane.com.

Click here for Father’s Day Fun Facts from Chiff.com.

– “A Look Back at Father’s Day Throughout the Years”
Amanda Garrity, Good Housekeeping.
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June 15, 2018

Thurston County leaders declare public health crises

– “Thurston County Board of Health Declares Homelessness and Opioid Crises”
Click here for the News Release from Thurston County.

– “Thurston County leaders declare homelessness, opioid epidemic public health crises”
“Thurston County leaders took two official steps forward Thursday and pledged to do more to end homelessness and opioid addiction, calling the issues public health crises.

The Thurston County Board of Health — which is made up of the three county commissioners — made the declarations at a special meeting Thursday. There is no new funding attached to the moves, but officials say county staff will now make responding to the crises a priority,” by Abby Spegman, The Olympian.
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June 15, 2018

Kenny Peck “Homeless Children in Yelm” Benefit Concert, Sat, June 16, 8pm

Photo courtesy: The Triad Theater

Click here to purchase tickets.

June 14, 2018

Two worthwhile Thurston County initiatives:
Hope Thurston, an initiative/offshoot of Thurston Thrives,
Thurston Youth WIN! Program

– “Measuring Hope in Thurston County”
“Hope Thurston, an initiative and offshoot of Thurston Thrives, will use hope theory to measure hope and improve lives in Thurston County.”

“Hope Thurston is an initiative that focuses on improving the lives of Thurston County residents by recognizing the importance of hope in a person’s ability to thrive. The project, which is based on concepts put forward by hope theory, scientifically furthers the mission of Thurston Thrives to improve public health and safety in the county, by South Sound Business.
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– “Thurston Youth WIN! Program”
“The Thurston Youth WIN! (Work Involvement Now!) Program was initiated by the Stormwater Utility in 2012 to help pair up youth groups looking for service projects with activities that would benefit our local communities and water resources.

“All of us—our neighborhoods, farms, businesses, fish and wild animals—depend on clean streams, lakes, and drinking water sources.

“The Stormwater Utility firmly believes that youth participation in Thurston Youth WIN! service projects is beneficial to the residents of unincorporated Thurston County and to the participants involved. Youth groups have the opportunity to earn a stipend upon completion of approved stormwater-related community projects,” quoting Thurston County.
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June 13, 2018

Puget Sound in the cross-hairs for sizzling temperatures early next week,
Warning for dangerous wildfire season for both sides of Washington

– Editor’s note:
Yelm begins a pre-summer roast this Sunday into the mid-80’s, then forecast models show temperatures well into the 90’s here as spring ends mid-week.
Click here for the Yelm forecast form NOAA.

– “Seattle could hit 90 degrees next week”
“Warm weather is headed our way for the last weekend of spring, but it may turn hot for the start of summer.”

“The long-range models keep a large, warm ridge of high pressure over the west coast through most of next week. This should push us well into the 80’s and may give us some 90’s in time for the official start of summer Thursday [June 21]. This will depend on offshore flow, etc. As always, the devil is in the details!

“The warm weather will last through most if not all of next week, which is in line with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center that is calling for a June with above normal temperatures and below normal rainfall for Washington state,” by Rich Marriott, KING 5 TV News, Seattle.
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– “State predicts dangerous wildfire season for both sides of Washington”
“75 percent of wildfires are human-caused, but the public can take precautions to reduce fire risks.”

“Prepare for another hot, dry summer. That’s the warning from Washington State Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz.

“Preparation may save your home from wildfire this season — whether you live in Eastern or Western Washington.

“‘It’s hot, and right now we’ve already had 315 fires across the state,’ said Franz, adding that the risk of fires is ‘more significant’ on the west side of the state than years past,” by Drew Mikkelsen, KING 5 TV News, Seattle.
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June 13, 2018

Net Neutrality will remain the law in Washington state

– “Washington … to keep net neutrality”
“After the FCC repealed net neutrality rules, Washington became the first state to pass its own requirements.”
“Net neutrality is officially a thing of the past – but not in Washington state.”

“Washington became the first state to set up their own net neutrality requirements in March when Governor Jay Inslee signed a measure with bipartisan support. Oregon followed in Washington’s footsteps in April, passing its own net neutrality law.

“A new set of rules at the Federal Communications Commission went into effect Monday, ending consumer protections that assure equal legal broadband access that doesn’t slow or block certain sources. Some consumers fear a slower Internet and higher costs for broadband delivery.

“The FCC changes were passed last December, shepherded by Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who says the new lighter-touch rules are more market-friendly than the “utility-style regulation” in the Obama-era,” by Mike Snider and Shelby Fleig, USA TODAY.
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June 13, 2018

Masonry Cafe has a spiffy new website: www.YelmCafe.com

Masonry Cafe Logo
Photo credit: Masonry Cafe, Yelm

– Editor’s note:
My wife and I have been checking-out the take-away fare from Yelm’s newest purveyor of fine foods, Masonry Cafe and Catering, located in the former Simply Organic storefront on Yelm Ave. E. Check-out their fine foods including and not limited to unique hand-made breads, pastas, deserts, wraps and dinner entrees.
Read more from their new website.

Masonry Cafe and Catering
105 Yelm Ave. E., Simply Organic’s former location
Yelm, WA 98597
Phone: (360) 400-0522
Hours: 10:30am-7pm Monday thru Saturday

Tell owners Leroy and Shelly you read about them on the Yelm Community Blog!