October 19, 2018

Fabulous Autumn outing idea in our own ‘backyard’ rain or shine –
Limited, last of the season Sunset and Bioluminesence Tour openings!

Kayak Nisqually

Story Highlights
* Kayak Nisqually, a south Puget Sound eco-tourism company, offers various tour options,
* All skill-sets welcome – you do not have to be an experienced kayaker,
* Owner-operator Sam Kaviar is a dedicated biologist and experienced sea kayaker,
* Tours paddle near wildlife, dynamic scenery in the South Sound.
* No better way to experience the marvels of our region than on the water’s surface.
* Read this great Kayak Nisqually article published last May in South Sound Talk.

– Editor’s note:
As a repeat customer, I joined a Sunset and Bioluminesence Tour last week on an evening with clear skies and a half moon waxing above a mirror-glass surface on Puget Sound.

The patrons met at the assigned location at the Boston Harbor boat-ramp in Olympia, where we met Kayak Nisqually owner/operator Sam Kaviar, who is from my hometown, Louisville, KY. After a very thorough technique and safety demonstration, we were ready to go for our paddle. This kayaking experience is very different from canoeing in that one must paddle and use a rudder to turn the boat, where paddling is only used to turn in canoeing. Seeing the luminescent plankton sparkle in the dark waters was spectacular, something I had never seen so close-up. The 3 1/2 hour trip passed by way too fast, yet everyone left with wonderful experiences viewing the stars without distracting light, variety of birds, fog forming on the waters surface, and the beauty of the Olympics. We’re looking forward to our next tour on the South Sound with Sam during the misty, rainy Autumn.
What an outstanding kayaking tour guide!

Limited Availability remain on the Sunset and Bioluminesence Tour!
An evening tour as the day transitions to an impressionist painting and Mt. Ranier illuminates in orange and purple.
Last of the season available dates = Nov. 5-10.

Kayak Nisqually
Puget Sound Adventures
Sam Kaviar, owner/operator
Email: adventure@kayaknisqually.com


Steve & Yael Klein in the Billy Frank, Jr. National Wildlife Refuge. Sept. 28, 2017.

October 18, 2018

Introducing 2 area authors recently published books:
* “Knappy and Jas in the Unifield Generator” by Neil Kaber,
* “Parsing the Dragon: A Memoir…” by Susan Lampe.

Credit: Neil Kaber

– From author Neil Kaber:
“I am happy to announce that I have just published a humorous children’s book, Knappy and Jas in the Unifield Generator, about the end of pollution on Earth utilizing the Unified Field Theory and Free Energy. The book is available in Yelm at JZ Rose and on Amazon.”

“I have had an active interest in science, in particular electronics, since age five. Over the years I have done many experiments. In 1970 I was introduced to the concept of Free Energy, creating usable power from the Quantum Field . From then on I was driven by the excitement of this discovery to learn as much as I could.

“Most of my inspiration came from the experiments of Wilhelm Reich, Edwin Gray, Stanley Myer, Troy Reed, Nikola Tesla, the Testatika Machine from Methernitha, fifty other inventors, and the Unified Field Theory of Bruce Cathie, and Ramtha. I understood that the same mechanism for gathering power from the Quantum Field was present in both the micro and the macro, in humans and machinery. A superconducting atom has the same spins as a person in a focused state of mind. Both are Free energy as they feed themselves and have no entropy.

“I wanted children to have knowledge of this discovery and have a fun adventure reading about it. Then I discovered the fabulous artwork of Kyoko Nakano on Facebook. She is a fellow RSE student with art that draws you right into that child within. I couldn’t have found a better match. We spent many months on Skype from Yelm to Japan conquering our language barriers to complete this beautiful and inspiring book.”
Read a description and order.

Credit: Susan Glenn Lampe

– From author Susan Glenn Lampe:
About Parsing the Dragon: A Memoir, The Butterfly ChaSu, Tiny Shooting Stars, and Butterflies and Other Dimensions.

“The author’s world shifts in 2006, when her father’s illness summons her back to her hometown, Decatur, Illinois, from her current home in the Pacific Northwest. She finds her father on the mend but his illness unmasks the hidden diagnosis of her mother’s dementia. Sensing the end of her mother’s life is imminent, Susan confronts her on their relationship, one fraught with so much criticism and cruelty, that the author secretly sees her mother as “The Dragon.” Throughout the next eight years, the Glenn children struggle to keep their ninety-year-old parents comfortable while they downsize the family’s unwieldy estate.

“On a September afternoon in 2010, Susan sorts through the last of her parents’ possessions still haunted by the question—-Did her mother truly love her? Suddenly she finds unexpected answers in a trove of letters found in a shoebox. The letters illuminate the lives of a young couple, Clarence and Adele Glenn, newly married but separated by war. Her mother awaits Susan’s birth in Chicago, while her father serves as ship’s doctor in the U.S. Navy, on the U.S.S. Natoma Bay aircraft carrier. The lives of the young family depend on the outcome of World War II.

Parsing the Dragon: A Memoir, The Butterfly ChaSu, Tiny Shooting Stars, and Butterflies and Other Dimensions is available on Amazon.com in ebook ($3) and in paperback ($10). My website is www.parsingwithsusan.com.”
Click here to order.

October 17, 2018

Weather record: 6th record high this year today at 72 degrees

Photo credit: Rory Sagner Photography & Fine Art

– Weather record – Tie for high temperature for any Oct. 17th
Olympia Regional Airport, closest official weather service station to Yelm (16 miles), tied the high temperature record for any October 17th at 72 degrees (22 C.), the previous record set in 2002. The average high for any Oct. 17th is 60 degrees (15.5 C.).
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October 17, 2018

The Triad & SRO bring “Yell Manor” to Yelm beginning Oct. 19!

Credit: The Triad Theater

– Standing Room Only (SRO) & The Triad Theater announce their latest joint venture
* Dates: October 19, 20, 25, 26 & 27, 6pm-10pm.
* The Triad Theater becomes Yell Manor Haunted House, Monster Shop and Bar.
* And…for a separate entry fee-2 different Escape Rooms!
* Haunted House is $5 per person (discounts applied after 4) for a particular day, or buy at the door.
* Escape rooms are at scheduled times at $5 per person with a max.of 6 at a time (suggest pre-purchasing).

– More details by following these links:
* Haunted House tickets
* Library Escape Room
* Guest Bedroom Escape Room

October 16, 2018

Yelm Community Blog Endorses 2018 Candidates

Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, bluebay/Shutterstock; Edited: JR/Truthout

– Yelm’s Community Blogger endorses the following candidates:
* Maria Cantwell for US Senator.

* Denny Heck for US Rep., Congressional District 10.

* Carolyn Long for US Rep., Congressional District 3 (Clearwood).

* Annaliese Feld for Representative for LD 2.

* Tye Menser for Thurston County Commissioner, Dist. 3.

* Mary Hall for Thurston County Auditor.

* Steven Drew for Thurston County Assessor, recently appointed to replace Barbara Clarkson on SPSCC Board.

* Victor Minjares for Thurston Prosecutor.

* Andrew Saturn for Thurston County Public Utilities Commissioner.

Blogger Klein is a contributor to all of these campaigns.

October 16, 2018

As ballots are mailed this week and election season unfolds,
WA fortunately has no electronic election voting, only tabulation

Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, bluebay/Shutterstock; Edited: JR/Truthout

– “Washington’s Election Success Flies Under the Radar”
Washington has long been a leader in elections that is nationally recognized for its consistently high performance. As a mail-ballot state, Washington ensures that every registered voter gets a ballot that is easy and secure; the state also leads the country in cutting down wait times for voting, serving voters with disabilities, and accepting a high percentage of military and overseas ballots.

“These statistics are determined by the Elections Performance Index, an assessment overseen by MIT that analyzes election administration nationwide,” by South Sound Business.
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– “Want election results? On West Coast, patience is required”
“If control of the U.S. House comes down to any of the competitive congressional races in Washington state and California, the nation might have to wait days to learn the outcome.

“In both of those states, voters can put their ballots in the mail as late as Election Day, meaning the final votes do not typically reach election officials until several days later.”

Washington is one of just three states that conduct all elections by mail, and it’s the only one of those three that allows ballots to be postmarked on Election Day. The system usually leaves about half of the vote outstanding at the end of the night, making it impossible to quickly determine the winner of close races,” by Rachel La Corte, AP.
Read more

– UPDATE: October 17, 2018
“State officials brace voting systems against hacking”
“Election officials in Washington continue to bolster the state’s elections systems against cyber threats that could disrupt voting or cause citizens to lose faith in the results.

“The Seattle Times reports that sensors to detect suspicious activity have been installed in voting systems across Washington’s 39 counties, and officials have received extra security training,” by Associated Press.
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October 15, 2018

Thurston County Auditor again accepts Passports apps. – first time since 2009

– From the Thurston County News Release
“Thurston County Auditor’s Office to Begin Passport Services”
“Services will begin in October, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

“The Thurston County Auditor’s Office will begin providing passport services in October. The Auditor’s Office will become the only passport services agency in Thurston County open five days a week for full business hours.

“‘We saw a need for new passport services providers in the County given upcoming changes to state law on REAL ID and the significant increase in passport applications over the last few years,’ said Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall. Over the last five years, the number of passports issued in Washington State has increased by 51%.”

“The Auditor’s Office will announce the first day of passport services when a completion date for office renovations associated with the new services is finalized. For more information about passport services, please visit the Auditor’s Office Passports webpage.
Read more from the County Auditor’s office.

October 15, 2018

Introducing PUD District 1 challenger candidate Andrew Saturn,
Mr. Saturn participated in a public Q & A forum in Yelm last Friday

Andrew Saturn (Non-Partisan position)
Credit: Friends of Saturn

– From Thurston Public Utility Commission candidate Andrew Saturn (District 1, non-partisan):
I’m Andrew Saturn, and I’m running to be your Public Utility District Commissioner. I want to help lower your utility bills by being smarter about our spending and investments. This includes getting serious about conservation, offering vouchers for modernization and help with paying your bills if you can’t afford them. I also think the PUD needs to invest in public power and broadband internet, which will help us deal with the influx of hundreds of thousands of residents expected over the next decade, and ensure that corporate monopolies aren’t ripping us off when it comes to the things we depend on for our daily lives. Our PUD exists to protect the resources of the residents of Thurston County, and I am running to fulfill that promise. I’m endorsed by the Thurston County Democrats, Green Party, and others. For more information, check out www.votesaturn.com.
Read more

– The Saturn campaign’s most recent campaign ad
“Our opponent says the PUD is “a water utility ONLY.” She’s wrong.”
Click here for the video.

– Mr. Saturn’s campaign has filed a vigorous response to last week’s complaint
“More Desperate Attacks from our Fossil Fuel Funded PUD Opponent”
Click here to read the response.

– Mr. Saturn attended a public forum in Yelm last Friday night and explained his stands on issues.
Click here for the video.

October 14, 2018

Scientists issue most dire climate warning yet!
Trump abdicates America’s leadership on world’s most important issue,
While supporting coal, dismantling of environmental regs.!

Credit: Kevin Siers, McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer

– Story highlights
* While Trump focused on his Supreme Court fight, UN issued most dire climate report,
* America’s President said nothing,
* Mr. Trump dissents from an effort that has galvanized much of the world.

– Editor’s note:
While President Trump signed legislation last Thursday [Oct. 11] aimed at expanding clean-up efforts in the world’s oceans, the president dismissed the work of American climatologists and researchers studying increases in global temperatures that have impacted the planet and exacerbated natural disasters, telling CBS News 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl [Oct. 14] that ‘they have a very big political agenda’ and claimed that Earth’s climate ‘could very well go back.'”
Click here for the interview.

– “Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040”
“A landmark report from the United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change paints a far more dire picture of the immediate consequences of climate change than previously thought and says that avoiding the damage requires transforming the world economy at a speed and scale that has “no documented historic precedent.”

The report, issued on Monday [Oct. 1] by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of scientists convened by the United Nations to guide world leaders, describes a world of worsening food shortages and wildfires, and a mass die-off of coral reefs as soon as 2040 — a period well within the lifetime of much of the global population.

The report “is quite a shock, and quite concerning,” said Bill Hare, an author of previous I.P.C.C. reports and a physicist with Climate Analytics, a nonprofit organization. “We were not aware of this just a few years ago.” The report was the first to be commissioned by world leaders under the Paris agreement, the 2015 pact by nations to fight global warming,” by Coral Davenport, The New York Times.
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– “Dire Climate Warning Lands With a Thud on Trump’s Desk”
“A day after the United Nations issued its most urgent call to arms yet for the world to confront the threat of climate change, President Trump boarded Air Force One for Florida — a state that lies directly in the path of this coming calamity — and said nothing about it.”

“That bottom-up activism is a source of hope for those who have watched in despair since last year when Mr. Trump declared he would pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord. But experts say it is no substitute for the world’s largest economy, and second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide, turning its back on the fight,” By Mark Landler and Coral Davenport, The New York Times.
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October 13, 2018

Three challenger candidates impress Yelm at The Triad last night,
Issues oriented, informative discussion with participants

Click here for the event’s video recording, courtesy of South Sound Events.

Click here for the full report Mr. Minjares referenced:

– Three challengers to county incumbents came to Yelm last night,
An evening of public discussion on the issues with SE Thurston voters!

* Thurston County Prosecutor candidate Victor M. Minjares (D-Olympia), website

Victor Minjares (D-Olympia)
Credit: Victor for Justice

* Thurston County Commission District 3 candidate Tye Menser (D-Olympia), website

Tye Menser (D-Olympia)
Credit: Tye for Thurston

* Thurston Public Utility Commission candidate Andrew Saturn (District 1, non-partisan), website.

Andrew Saturn (Non-Partisan position)
Credit: Friends of Saturn